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Mid-Day Ticker: Rooney could play against Montenegro, Cosmos unveil new kit, more


A combination of tabloid attention and nagging injuries has made the last four months particularly trying for Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney. But Sir Alex Ferguson said that Rooney should be fit ahead of the Three Lions' Euro qualifying clash with Montenegro despite missing Manchester United's next league match against Sunderland.

"The Montenegro match is another 10 days away," said Ferguson. "By that time I would expect Wayne to be 100%."

Rooney injured his ankle in Manchester United's 0-0 draw with Rangers in the Champions League group stages. He aggravated the injury against Bolton last weekend.

Here are some more stories to get you through the day.

Cosmos unveil new kits

They may not have players, a coaching staff or a stadium but at least the newly reborn New York Cosmos have a jersey. Umbro released a prototype of the new jersey yesterday with a December target for release. 

Pele has spearheaded a movement to return the Cosmos, the former NASL, to the MLS but even optimistic projections put that a few years down the road. The kit is based on the 1977 jerseys and will cost $75.

English player "not famous enough" to get out of jury duty

Apparently, being a midfielder for a third-tier English club is not an excuse to get out of jury duty, according to a British judge. Carl Fletcher, a 30-year-old Welsh midfielder who plays for Plymouth FC, tried to say that his celebrity status as a professional athlete disqualified him from serving, but the courts disagreed. Had he been previously convicted of a crime or suffering from a mental disorder, however, he would have been dismissed immediately. 

McBride considers post-soccer plans

Former national team striker Brian McBride told Soccer America that he will meet with former teammate, and current technical director for U.S. youth soccer, Claudio Renya about a possible role in U.S. Soccer.

McBride, who is retiring from soccer at the end of the MLS season, also said he plans to open camps for youth forwards.

"I've got a rough business plan for some attacking soccer camps, about 20 kids," McBride said. "I'd be very hands on and incorporate the whole aspect of attacking soccer."


  1. Seriously? I think the crest is oogly (couldn’t they have even slightly updated it?) and the rest of the shirt couldn’t get much plainer. And they’ve done away the the classiest part of the old Cosmos shirt – the collar.

  2. McBride is one of the American players who has the cache to coach over in Europe, which I would like to see. That said, there’s a lot of good he could do coaching younger players here.

  3. hey dummy, galaxy wasnt inspired by the cosmos. cosmos is short for cosmopolitans. like mets for metropolitans….

    There is nothing more pathetic than trying to relive the past and try to make it pick up where it left off…

  4. Becoming an MLS team is a goal for the Cosmos. Right now there is no Cosmos club so why not create a Cosmos brand and sell some great looking shirts among other things. In this case it doesn’t matter that it’s not Adidas since there isn’t anything resembling a team. It’s a much different path to professional soccer than the northwest clubs who were NASL and were kept alive in the lower division leagues and are now being “promoted” or brought into MLS.

    I can see these shirts being collectors items if and when the Cosmos do unveil an adidas kit for their inaugural MLS season.

  5. hey SBI not sure if you guys noticed but the Cosmos have been virally blitzing nyc again.
    not just stickers but huge collections of posters have been popping up around my office in soho. most are old b+w pics of pele, beckenbaur, and other mustached guys kicking it, chilling, and holding trophies. they are definately hitting the cool viral factor hardcore.

  6. Picking Umbro, what a great way to set course for MLS

    Brilliant decision when you consider MLS is an adidas-only league…

  7. Congradulations… you have found an English soccer player who has never committed a crime or had mental issues! Correction, you have found THE English soccer player who…

  8. A third reason: The history of the name, which was taken from NY’s semi-pro Cosmopolitan League (the successor to the German-American League that produced many of the early US champs.

    A fourth reason: The name, unlike any MLS name, has serious internatinal cache. The legacy of the players who played for the team is unmatched, even in Europe.

    A fifth reason: The name is freakin’ cool

  9. What a classy kit – would be the best in MLS.

    I think Umbro made their original 70s jerseys so they’re making a statement.

  10. Two reasons to hang onto the Cosmos. 1. Without them there would be no MLS in the US today and no World Cup ’94. 2. The failure of the Metrostars / Redbull to put a consistant good product on the pitch until this year.

    You do realize the galaxy took thier name to emulate the Cosmos.

  11. Yes that didn’t make much sense. Everything in MLS is Adidas, why would they even bother going with Umbro if their goal is to get into the MLS. Sounds like a publicity stunt for now!

  12. Can we please move on from the Cosmos and NASL – they had their time and failed, let’s worry about today and stop hanging on to something that happened nearly 40 years ago.

  13. Nice of the Cosmos to get Umbro (and by extension Nike) to make a kit in their bid to get into the Adidas-exclusive MLS.


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