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Moreno retakes all-time MLS goals record in final match, but D.C. falls to Toronto

                             PHOTO BY BRAD SMITH/ISIPHOTOS.COM


Jaime Moreno finished his legendary career in style on Saturday night.

Moreno scored his 133th goal of his career, but D.C. United fell 3-2 to Toronto FC. TFC defeated United, thanks to a pair of second half goals by Dwayne DeRosario to complete a come from behind victory. D.C. United took the lead when Santino Quaranta scored in the first minute of the match, but his effort was later canceled out by a strike from Maicon Santos in the 23rd minute. 

Moreno earned a penalty kick in the 39th minute and converted, but De Rosario's heroics would allow TFC to earn the victory. The goal allowed Moreno to retire as MLS' all time leading goal scorer taking the honor from Jeff Cunningham. Moreno finishes his illustrious career with 133 goals over 15 seasons, 14 of them for D.C. United. 

Here are the highlights:


  1. Haters gonna hate.

    kpugs, any claim you might make of objectivity or reasoned analysis evaporates when you say Jaime Moreno was a “lazy striker.”

    In the words of Abe Lincoln: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

  2. Dude, Moreno is not the player he used to be but he is definitely not a poacher. He is the only player in MLS with 100 goals and 100 assists. He was great at maintaining possession, changing the rhythm of the game, and distributing. He has 4 mls cups, Concacaf champions league cup, copa interamericana, mls supporters shied, 2 US Open cups. Moreno’s place in the history of MLS soccer is secure. You should listen to JoeW, he makes some good points.

  3. kpugs…what a shame you have so little appreciation.

    1. Moreno wasn’t noted as a goal scorer. Leading MLS in goal scoring is somewhat akin to Juan Pablo Angel setting a league record for assists. Moreno didn’t play in MLS and earn his rep b/c he was a prolific goal scorer. He was a super setup man who also played a critical role on a bunch of outstanding teams during his tenure.

    2. Moreno is something this league has rarely seen (but needs to see a lot more of if it’s really going to grow and become an outstanding league)
    –a foreign player who came to MLS with pedigree at a young age (Bolivian NT starter who came from the Premiership)
    –was skillful and a fine attacker yet
    –spent almost his entire career in MLS

    Think about what it would mean if Juan Toja or Fredy Montero or Stern John had decided to spend 15 years in MLS. While I don’t begrudge young foreign talent who decide to take a bigger paycheck to go overseas, MLS would be better off if some of those players decided to stay here.

    Soccer isn’t a great game for stats. You argue that his average of 9 goals a season is mediocre. Actually, he had 12 seasons with 9 goals or more per season–how many other MLS strikers can say they have even 4? He’s the only MLS player with 100 goals and 100 assists–which really gives you a true sense of his game…as a clever play with good ball skill who set up much lesser players like Roy Lassiter, Raul Diaz Arce, Alecko Eskandarian (who all had career seasons playing with Moreno).

    You don’t have to argue Jaime Moreno is the best player MLS has ever had. But your claims make you look silly.

  4. Wow! Let’s all marvel about his amazing goalscoring record OF NINE GOALS PER SEASON by a striker. A lazy striker who barely moves and poached most of his goals AVERAGED NINE GOALS A SEASON!

    Wow he is so amazing, how did he do it? How did he manage to pile up mediocrity upon mediocrity and trick people into thinking he was good? Put a wooden post inside the six yard box and it would score more than 9 goals per season.

    Enough with this illusion, there is nothing more frustrating than people being praised because they accepted a paycheck for longer than the truly great players did.


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