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NCAA Top 25: Akron stays on top, UConn moves to No. 2

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Even failure to win for the first time this season couldn't topple Akron from the top spot in this week's NSCAA/ Top 25. An inconsistent seven days by the top five teams allowed the Zips to receive all 24 first-place votes for the fifth-consecutive week and a tie at the bottom of the table meant 26 teams will be ranked as San Diego State and James Madison each received 41 points. 

The undefeated UConn Huskies moved up one spot to No. 2, replacing now No. 4 North Carolina after the Tar Heels suffered an upset to Old Dominion last week. But UNC answered with a road win against Virginia, who dropped to No. 7. Louisville jumped into the third spot after winning six of their past seven matches, surrendering only three goals during that span.  Rounding out the top five is Tulsa, who have rebounded well after their embarrassment to Akron a couple of weeks ago. 

With Akron's draw against Ohio State, Butler is now the only team in the Top 25 with a perfect record. But the Bulldogs sit at No. 12 because their eight wins came against unranked opponents. After failing to win either of its games last week, Duke tumbled ten places to No. 19 while South Carolina debuted in the rankings at No. 20. Joining the Gamecocks in the top 25 are No. 21 South Florida, No. 23 Pennsylvania and No. 24 Colgate. They replace Penn State, Washington and West Virginia.

As the season nears its midway point, the dominance the ACC enjoyed near the beginning of the season has faded as conference play kicks into high gear. After week one, six ACC teams occupied the top 12 spots. That number has fallen to three while Wake Forest, the preseason No. 3, has fallen out of the picture completely.

Check out the full rankings after the jump.

  1. Akron (24) 600 (7-0-1)
  2. Connecticut 559 (7-0-2)
  3. Louisville 538 (7-0-2)
  4. North Carolina 515 (6-2-0)
  5. Tulsa 494 (7-1-0)
  6. Maryland 459 (5-2-1)
  7. Virginia 450 (6-2-1)
  8. Southern Methodist 414 (9-1-0)
  9. UC Irvine 389 (8-1-1)
10. Monmouth 362 (7-1-0)
11. Creighton 334 (7-1-0)
12. Butler 322 (8-0-0)
13. Brown 304 (6-0-2)
14. California 293 (5-1-2)
15. Ohio State 290 (6-2-2)
16. UCLA 207 (7-2-1)
17. Boston College 203 (5-2-2)
18. Michigan State 198 (7-2-0)
19. Duke 189 (4-2-3)
20. South Carolina 142 (5-2-1)
21. South Florida 98 (6-2-1)
22. St. John's 90 (6-3-0)
23. Pennsylvania 57 (7-2-0)
24. Colgate 45 (5-1-3)
25. San Diego State 41 (7-2-1)
25. James Madison 41 (6-1-1)
Also receiving votes: Charlotte 18, Towson 16, College of Charleston 15, Indiana 14, Penn State 10, Portland 8, Washington 7, UAB 6, Florida Gulf Coast 6, Notre Dame 6, Michigan 6, West Virginia 4, American 3, Old Dominion 3, Central Florida 2, Sacramento State 1, Providence 1.


  1. I realize you’ll probably never read this, but Akron played, and handily defeated, a pair of ACC teams on the road AND absolutely demolished Tulsa at home. Don’t even start comparing Butler to Akron.

  2. They’ll be on the road at Indiana in a few weeks, and I fully expect them to win (this coming from a Hoosiers fan). You can say the same thing about Akron and Tulane, their competition has been about the same level as Butler throughout this season. Remember that I said this once tournament time rolls around…Butler is a top 10 team!

  3. Re: Butler… are you serious? What does a record matter when the teams they play suck? @ UW-Green Bay was probably their toughest match… I’m sure they’ll trainwreck their opposition the rest of the way, but let’s see how they do in the tournament if they have to go on the road.

  4. FGCU baby!! Knocked off Akron in the pre-season and OSU/USF during the regular season not bad for a team still in Division I, reclassification, making the transition from Div II.

  5. I stress that I’m not posting this to be a smartass…I haven’t followed NCAA soccer much but I know there are some rule changes. Substitutions, commercial breaks, forget what else I heard. Does it seem like this stuff will change?

  6. I think the 2010 Akron team is on of the best in the history of college soccer. I honestly think they’re better than some of the USSF Division 2 teams.

    How is Butler not in the top 10? They currently have the best record of any team in the nation. I could see them doing the same thing their basketball team did last season.


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