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Real Salt Lake halts FC Dallas unbeaten run, closes gap for Supporters Shield


Real Salt Lake may not have the best record in Major League Soccer (at least not yet), but the defending MLS Cup champions had the look of a team ready to repeat after posting a 2-0 victory on Saturday night to halt FC Dallas' 19-match unbeaten streak.

A Ned Grabavoy header gave RSL the lead and Javier Morales added an insurance goal in the 90th minute on a night when FC Dallas provided little in the way of a test in this preview of a potential Western Conference first-round match-up.

The loss was the first for FC Dallas since June, and the victory left RSL unbeaten at Rio Tinto Stadium this year.

Here are the highlights:

What did you think of Real Salt Lake's performance? Think FC Dallas has any chance if these teams meet in the playoffs? Can you see RSL catching Los Angeles for the Supporters Shield?

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  1. Y’all can make fun of Seattle’s greatness all you want. That was never my point. I made no comparsion between fans of the two teams.

    I only expressed my opinion about what I perceived as the difference between the RSL Rio Tinto mystique and what I witnessed for myself.

    I appreciate Curtis’ comments on his Seattle experience. It IS a unique environment. I’m not some trash talking Sounders fan, but I had no idea how different and unique it was until I started traveling to other stadiums.

    We do have something special going on up there. Can’t tell you how it happened, but it makes me damned proud to be Sounders fan.

    Here’s hoping we get to host a game in the Sounders Conference Championship

  2. I totally agree with you. I’m an RSL season ticket holder (supporters section baby!), but happened to be in Seattle for the game against Chivas this weekend and was absolutely shocked at the difference in crowd intensity. Seattle has without a doubt the best crowd in the MLS, and after witnessing it myself I’ve been trying to come up with ways to get the RSL crowd more involved (maybe a more unified supporters group?)Anyway, I think that RSL just feel comfortable playing at home and that’s where the advantage comes from.

  3. And none of you are RSL fans either, you’re really Sounders fans. Which will be nice when you win the Sounders Shield. And it’ll be even sweeter for you when you can help us celebrate winning the Sounders Cup! Go Major League Sounders!

  4. The whole league was made the day before Seattle was incepted, just for them. Of course it came with a lot of false history, but what nation doesn’t these days. It’s just sad the first ever MLS Cup went to RSL… hahahaha.

  5. Exactly! Drew Carey was behind the scenes when the league was formed and waited for just the right time to reveal the Sounders and SAVE American soccer. Now all kowtow to their greatness…

    GO RSL!

  6. Unfortunately as a Real fan I have to agree. I find it kinda funny too considering the reputation the Jazz fans have. I often get frusturated because when a stadium wide chant starts I’m the only one in my section chanting. (Though you should attend a match where RSL fans are pissed off like the Columbus game or Arabe Unido game, they are pretty good then). It’s hard though with the conflicting demographics and cultures in Utah, but they get better every season, and as more people attend games, and are educated in soccer culture it will get better.

    And I agree Sounders CAN take us out, but more than likely won’t 😉

  7. Not trying to bash RSL. I was in the crowd for the MLS Cup in Seattle last year. Just trying to understand the dynamics that make them so good at home.

    I thought the crowd would be a bigger part of that experience, and I guess I was a bit disappointed that wasn’t the case.

    I believe it’s more a matter of elevation and skill.

    I still think my Sounders can take you out but I say it respectful of what RSL has accomplished.

  8. I have tons of respect for RSL but I was at the game last night as a result of a work assignment in SLC (Sounders fan) and I was stunned at the make up of the crowd and what I perceived as a complete lack of any sort of intimidating atmosphere on behalf of the fans.

    Supporters rocked. Loved the drumming and the singing but it was completely divorced from anything going on in the rest of the stadium. Fans paid no attention to them.

    My experience was tons of little kids and parents in constant motion between seats and bathroom or concessions.And the stadium didn’t fill up until about the 35 min mark in first half.

    There are definitely some good, knowledgeable fans there, but I certainly didn’t detect anything that would qualify as a stadium advantage. I think the reason RSL win there all the time is they are simply THAT good.

  9. I’ll take the MLS cup every year over the Supporter’s Shield. It’s nice that we have a chance at the SS though. I don’t see LAG losing to Dallas. At the most they get a tie.


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