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Report: Aalborg’s Tracy out indefinitely


Things aren't getting any easier for Marcus Tracy.

According to a report out of Denmark, the 24-year-old United States forward prospect has returned to America for more surgery on his knee. Tracy, who suffers from chronic knee tendinitis, has been ruled out until January at the earliest, when he may resume training with the team.

Tracy hasn't featured for Aalborg since last December. He was called into the United States' January camp earlier this year, where he picked up a knee injury that sidelined him for the remainder of Aalborg's last season. The former Wake Forest star suffered a setback on his road to recovery during the first third of Aalborg's current campaign, leading him to his current situation.

What do you think about this development? Wondering if Tracy will ever fully heal and perform up to his potential?

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  1. pssssh… he’s old…

    he wont do anything for the nats for at least another 4 years… maybe never…

    let’s look to our young guys.

  2. Point on Andrews well taken Brian. Just wondering why a blog poster may assume who the best doc for Tracy to see would be. Why not see Mandelbaum, or Gill, or a doc at Kerlan Jobe, etc? We should probably leave those sorts of decisions to Marcus, his team, and the people around him.

  3. Hate that for the kid … wish him a speedy recovery, and the ability to get back to pursuing his life’s dreams asap.

    Had a high school friend who made the NFL explain to us a few years back that talent only makes up about half of what a professional sports playing career requires … the other half being the ability to either avoid injury, or still play near 100% while hurt. Then, I thought the percentages were way off … but now, I think he’s probably pretty close.

  4. Except that Torres has had a couple of years where he scores goals by the bag full and at times has been considered the best goal scorer in Europe. Tracy is pretty much a guy who was very impressive in US college soccer and at times has been considered the best goal scorer in…Wake Forest history.

    It’s probably more accurate to say that he’s a less accomplished and less experienced version of Charlie Davies–good college record, nice physical ability, some interesting potential with a little exposure at a lower level of pro soccer but just hasn’t played enough games to be able to tell if he’s going to be a force for us or not at this stage.

  5. Dr. Andrews does just as many leg surgeries as upper body. He worked on Ronaldo 1 & 2 and he’s done Brett Favre’s ankle just to name a few. No matter his age, he’s still one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world

  6. Can’t help but laugh, but Ives all of your ads on the left hand side are all about knee surgery. I know you have no control over those but man talk about bad timing.

    Good luck Tracy, God’s speed on your recovery.

    I guess it just does not pay to be an american forward.

  7. john o brien had proven himself at some of the highest levels in europe while also being injury prone. Tracy has played probably less than 500 minutes of professional soccer, and even then at a considerably lower level. Not even close to the same. You shut your mouth when youre talking about John OBrien


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