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Report: Rooney ready to leave Manchester United

Wayne Rooney ( 

There was a time when Wayne Rooney was seen as the face of Manchester United, and a player who would retire a Red Devil.

Now, he may only be around for a few more months.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Rooney is ready to leave Manchester United, and it's a falling out with manager Alex Ferguson that has the England star ready to leave. Real Madrid and Manchester City are identified as potential destinations for Rooney (though Manchester City seems like the unlikeliest of suitors).

Rooney has been struggling badly since last spring, and has managed just one goal this season. Manchester United could be ready to cut ties and cash in on a player who remains highly-coveted by several of the world's top clubs.

What do you think of this development?

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  1. Its Man UNITED!!! Not ManU

    this is just because he didnt start the game like expected…the english media is never one to trust.
    this will blow over in a week.

  2. They’re different types of players. But Higuain is nasty. He’s been somewhat overlooked because he plays on such sick squads (RM and Argentina).

  3. You are correct, he was far more than potential, he was English potential which only means one thing. HE”S Overrated. He’s only got one great season under his belt, the rest have not been any better than a Darren Bent would have . He’s not the type of player Man U cant replace, like a Ronaldo . I think Chicharito will score more goals than him as a striker. When Rooney was not scoring people made excuses for him saying he’s more than a striker SMH. Man U has got Talent sitting on the bench because Rooney is too big to sit. Selling for a ton of money is the best thing Man U can do for the club .

  4. i think that’s a little nuts personally. higuain was on a tear last year and is starting to find his form this year. dont get me wrong, i would bring rooney on off the bench, but he wouldn’t automatically start.

  5. I won’t deny that he’s been sucking lately.. but do you really think an in form Rooney isn’t better than Higuain or Benzema?? I think he’s much better.

  6. i agree. especially because Chelsea are linked with Kaka. apparently that is the only place Kaka has expressed interest in going to. we’ll see…

  7. Some people on here seriously overrate Rooney’s abilities. He is not a world class player, and he does not have world class pace or quickness.

    You’re kidding yourselves if you think he is great enough to break into Real Madrid’s starting line up.

  8. Wasn’t his family Reds before he signed for Everton?

    And while it may be a little early for him to go here, don’t you think that he’d be HUGE in NY???? Would make as much money as Beckham in NY?

  9. Rooney’s problem is that he may be past his best. He’s been a starter since he was 16.

    Guess who has played more senior level club games? Rooney (24), C Ronaldo(25) or Landon D.(28)?

    Rooney has played 269 , C Ronaldo has played 257 and Landon has 251 games and that does not include internationals. That’s a lot of wear and tear given his age.

    And it appears that Rooney’s health and fitness and his dedication to maintaining them are not what they should be.

    The big boys who can afford him may be leary of investing so much money in someone who has been rode hard and put away wet.

    His best bet may be to try to patch it up with SAF.

  10. either sarcasm or ignorance.. but i think it’s the latter. AKDN, which is it??

    FYI – if Rooney recovers his form and goes to Real Madrid, he would easily be their fastest and most technically proficient striker (assuming rondaldo is a winger not a striker).


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