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Rooney signs new Manchester United deal

Wayne Rooney ( 

Wayne Rooney isn't going anywhere.

After a week of speculation about Rooney's potential departure from Manchester United, complete with Rooney's own admission that he wanted to leave, the England striker has been convinced to stay and has now signed a new five-year contract to stay with Manchester United.

Rooney's u-turn came after days of discussions with the club's leadership, including manager Alex Ferguson. It also came as Manchester United fans grew angry and hostile toward Rooney because of the potential for a shock move to Manchester City. That possibility drove an angry mob of fans to protest outside Rooney's home on Thursday.

Now it will be up to Rooney to win back the support of fans that turned on him quickly, and it will be up to Manchester United to prove that Rooney was wrong to suggest the club wasn't willing or able to spend money to bolster the squad. As much damage as the recent events did to Rooney's reputation and standing among Manchester United fans, it just might push the club to start spending more after a summer that saw the club spend relatively little.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed he didn't leave? Think him staying is the best move for him?

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I just love the way English fans have such a great sense of Looney Tunes/Monty Python humour with their banners.

    It brightens up what would otherwise be just another dreary story about millionaires negotiating with billionaires.

  2. I am a United fan and I don’t despise him for this. I can agree, United has not kept pace with signing high quality players like the other Euro powerhouses. Indeed, they don’t have the money to spend like Cit-eh or Real Madrid, but 1 high quality signing a year is not too much for ask for. Rooney was/is right.

  3. The negative responses are hilarious.

    People do this all the time. How is he different from any person who goes to his boss and says, “I would like a raise. I have been offered more money to go somewhere else, which I will do if you do not concede”?

    This is the beauty of free markets. I bet that every single one of you calling him names would do the exact same thing if it meant being paid what you think you are worth (assuming you have jobs).

    The fans are angry, they want “commitment” . . . yeah, that will be the case until be scores an important goal. No one will care a year from now. The management of these clubs will sell players if it suits their business interests, so quit whining about “commitment.” It is and will always be a business.

  4. it is not over, Rooney will continue to struggle and it will not be pretty. I think him not scoring will be just as problematic a story line as him wanting out.

  5. I used to like him, now he’s just another Ronaldo. Sell him this summer and rebuild the midfield. United needs committed players like Scholes and Giggs, not prim donnas like this clown.

  6. It wouldn’t suprise me if Rooney went in the summer for £65-70m. The contract could be just so they don’t lose him for next to nothing.

  7. I hear that Man U was now promising to sneak prostitutes into his room on road trips so Colleen would never find out. It wasn’t about the money, he did it all for the nookie.

  8. I really hope he goes several more games for club and country without scoring just so he can really feel the burn this causes fans.

    btw I’m a Liverpool fan 😛

    england needs to play Defoe up top as a single striker. let rooney earn the spot back

  9. Very anti-climatic. Very typical of players like Rooney and John Terry. To hold so dear to their club and yet consider leaving even to rivals but quickly sign for more cash.

    I was hoping he might try and go abroad though for sure he wouldn’t start for either RM nor Barca.

    Years back Lampard was going to sign for InterMilan. Shame cause I bet he would have been great.

  10. An extension is great, but if he continues to play the way he has this season it won’t mean much. The fans will be angry until he gets his good form back.

  11. Who thought Rooney’s wife was as savvy as Posh Spice… brilliant plan…lol

    If Rooney starts scoring goals AND it appears the club spends more $ on player acquisition because of Rooney then the fans will quickly adore him again…honeymoon back on!

  12. I think it will eventually blow over but I actually think it will put some new life into ManU and Rooney as long as Rooney is cleaning up his personal life and marriage.

    I think ManU will actually start to play better. They are in great position in the Champions League to make a run but really need to tally up some wins in the EPL.

  13. The fans won’t forget this for a while. For some, they will always consider him a traitor and not committed. Too bad, actually because I detest ManU and Sir Red Nose and was enjoying the show.

    But he’s a great player and if he is settled and playing well, it’s better for those of us who love the game.

  14. Amazing turn of events. Yesterday, Manchester United’s future looked dark. Rooney was on his way out. Sir Alex was sure to be on his way out. This morning, Red Devils can rejoice. Rooney stays: Sir Alex stays. It seems they won’t go the way of their neighbor scousers.


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