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SBI Live Q&A set for 8pm tonight

It's that time again folks.

It's time for the newest SBI Live Q&A, and for the second time, we will be hosting the live Q&A in the evening.

Be sure check in to SBI at 8pm tonight so you can submit your soccer-related questions, as well as some pop culture questions, and I will try to answer and discuss as many of the questions that come in as possible.

The last night-time Q&A set a record for the longest Q&A we've ever done, so be sure to check in no matter what time it is, because the Q&A still might be going.

Want to discuss the MLS playoffs, U.S. national team or any other soccer-related topics? Then be sure to tune into tonight's Q&A.


  1. The FIFA rankings are a mathematical formula, and in that sense they’re objective. The U.S. tends to fade in the rankings between World Cups until we start playing more meaningful competition in the 2-year runup to the next World Cup (qualifying, hopefully the Confed Cup). The UEFA is in full swing right now, and many European countries will be earning FIFA points now through next summer.

  2. hahaha that guy is a funny guy. we are a top15 team at best. On level with say Croatia or Turkey or Paraguay or South Korea. Our WC goal should be round of 16 to quarterfinals.

  3. well, at least we’ll be spared your whining and constant reposting of the question tonight. If you think the US was ever 5th in the world, or put any merit into rankings you should reevaluate some things. The rankings are a joke, everyone knows it.

  4. I will be busy at that time with no internet access, so I leave it to the other readers of this board to ask the question: Why has the US Men’s National Soccer team fallen so far in the FIFA rankings since 2006. Today’s ranking: 25th, is down from a high of around 5th in 2006. Maybe the answer lies of when Bruce Arena resigned after the disastrous 2006 WC where the US scored 1 goal and finished ties for 30 of 32 teams. Even then, it only dropped a few points and the US droppped down to 10th/11th.

    Maybe the fall over the last four years from 10th to 25 has to do with the direction of the US team, despite having more players in major foreign leagues and more US professional players in the MLS, that we have had in our whole history of American football, we have fallen so badly because of bad coaching decision made by the USSF to hire a coach who rhymes with “Sob Sadley”


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