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SBI MLS Spotlight: Dane Richards


  1. No, he really couldn’t.

    I enjoy MLS and support it but Richards is a fast version of a pub-league stand out.

    Seriously, he’s extremely average and a glaring indication of how poor Jamaica currently is.

  2. Hmm, weird comment. Richards could succeed at some great European clubs. He just needs a good ensemble, good coaching, and self-confidence. But I hope he stays in NY.

  3. i feel really uncomfortable and embarrassed when watching a dane richards interview. the guy is so socially awkward when giving an interview lol

  4. Did I mention that Philadelphia Union is the Best? And That Danny Califf has they nicest body every. OMG I just want to help him stretch before a game, and massage his hamstrings after the game… Proper footy body.


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