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SBI on the Podcast

The Soccer By Ives Podcast hasn't been created yet, and it may still be a good while before we get one off the ground. In the meantime, you can catch me on some of the top podcasts around as a guest.

I joined Jen Chang and Steve Davis on this week's podcast, where we discussed the MLS Rookie of the Year race, the mercurial Jeff Cunningham and the upcoming U.S. men's national team friendlies.

You can find the podcast here, and also on iTunes here.

Give the podcast a listen and feel free to share your thoughts on the show in the comments section below.


  1. World Football Daily is the best podcast out there. Steve Davis how do you go into a podcast and not be prepared for MLS? That is what you cover and you don’t have an idea what games are there this week. Makes me question some of these writers.

  2. wow, i had to read that twice — I cannot believe he’s still under 24! seems like he’s been around for a decade. crazy.

  3. Intereting podcast Ives, thanks for sharing. I vote Najar for rookie of the year. The fact that he could be as impactful as he has been on the worst team in the league makes one wonder how he’d perform surounded by better players!

  4. will the SBI podcast be mostly about Yanks Abroad, the US Nats, the MLS, or Euro soccer in general?

    I would prefer a Yanks Abroad podcast.


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