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SBI Stoppage Time: RBNY’s turnaround and a look at the MLS playoff field


  1. ESPN has Everton/Tottenham at 7:45 AM Saturday

    FSC has Fulham on delay at 5 PM Saturday

    Bolton I think is delayed till Sunday on FS+

    Don’t know about Rangers.

  2. Hello SBI,
    Could we get a “this weeks soccer on TV” post?
    WIll ESPN have any games and will Fulham, Bolton or Rangers (I know not Rangers, but it is Celtic) be on FSC?
    fingers crossed.

  3. Worst to first sounds great but it isn’t true. Maybe in the NFL, MLB, or NBA that might be an achievement, but if you show me a soccer fan who wants conferences I’ll show you an idiot who knows nothing about the tradition of the game.

    Congrats NY on a great turn around, but you are 3rd at best and could fall to 5th in the the table this weekend.

  4. A response so inane he sent it twice!

    Hey “This Guy” why don’t you change your name to “THE GUY-with brain damage who performs in male on male erotica”

  5. Were you guys dressed for a family portrait?

    Dane Richards stock is rising as fast as he runs. He makes me squint everytime I see him sprinting up the flank because I can hardly see his legs. I think they call that Flinstone Fast. I thought Marquez was lucky to get away with only a yellow for that tackle, especially since it was obvious retaliation. Possibly some DP bias?


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