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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary


Domestic cups all over Europe dominate the mid-week schedule, and Spain's two headlining clubs are a part of the action.

Real Madrid and Barcelona each have road matches in the fourth round of the Copa del Rey Tuesday afternoon, with Madrid facing Real Murcia (2 p.m., GOLTV) and Barca taking on Ceuta (4 p.m.,

Carling Cup play resumes in England, where Marcus Hahnemann's Wolverhampton faces Manchester United (3 p.m., Fox Soccer Plus).

In Germany, Bayern Munich faces Werder Bremen in an appealing DFB Pokal (German Cup) second-round match (2:30 p.m., Jermaine Jones' FC Schalke 04 and Daniel Williams' SC Freiburg are also in action.

If you will be watching any or all of Tuesday's games either on television or live Internet feed, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the aciton!


  1. Oh yeah, well I don’t give a FAT rat’s *** about Chicharito.

    On a side note, why did you censor the word “rat”? Tribute to Jimmy Kimmel?

  2. Kaka does not have the right skill set for that move. He is not fast and needs to be in the middle so he can orchestrate. Problem is, he is nowhere near as good as Ozil (not saying he was not a better player at one time). Kaka will likely be sold.

    Benzema’s problems are not the result of being in the wrong formation. The guy is lazy and doesn’t seem to understand the game very well. Hard problems to fix.

  3. “does his last name name have to be Bradley? to get some recognition”

    Playing regularly would be a good start and then playing well would be even better.

    “Daniel Willilams is a regular bench maker with a few appearances at 21 for a good Bundeslgia club at the moment,”

    Just what the US needs, another player heavy on the DNP’s. A defensive midfielder no less, like we don’t have enough of them.

    What, pray tell, does this guy have to offer that even Freiburg don’t seem to want?

    Benches? We don’t need no stinking benches.

    The USSF can afford to buy pre-made benches.

  4. Good lord, Chicharito is on an unbelievable streak. Comes on late in the game to win in CL a few weeks ago in Spain. Today, same thing. Comes on minute 81, scores minute 89 for 3-2 win.

  5. That’s not a bad midfield considering the forwards who will flank and help out on D.

    Mascherano as the Center mid, Seydou Keita on the left where he’s been playing for months now and Thiago Alcantara who played on Saturday and has been a youth prospect to be one of the main “Cantera” gems soon to be a 1st team regular, I am guessing the whole WC snub has maybe taken a toll on Jonathan Dos Santos, he hasn’t even made the bench for the 1st team? Maybe he’ll see some minutes today?

  6. Damn it was very late in the match too Ughhhh well at least we don’t have nothing important till the Gold Cup but I pray he is healthy and helps his club advance to the Champions League Knock out stages, can’t hurt to have 1 of the US midfielders in that level right?

  7. Yeah I can see that but not sure how Albiol is out of that list? he is not new to Madrid under Mourinho, he was there last year and started A LOT next to Arbeloa in the middle most of the time from what I could remember.

    Benzema has flopped, but the way Madrid is playing a 4-2-3-1 he’s the wrong guy to have coming off the bench, they need a lower profile (less $$$) or maybe a young academy product I wonder what ever happened to Palanca who came in vs Barcelona in Oct 08, he seemed like a promise, but what am I thinking Madrid using their youth system? LOL

    When Kaka returns, you could see him moving to LM and C Ronaldo go up top next to Higuain, he already plays there most of the time?

  8. Tough game for Madrid. Reminded me of some of their early season draws. They out-shot Murcia by a huge margin but ran into a hot goalkeeper and, of course, squandered some chances.

    Not a disaster. The next game is at the Bernabeau.

    Benzema does not seem motivated. I could see him moving to another team and playing well just because of a change in scenery. He can’t take the pressure.

  9. yeah he did, but it’s pretty clear he was talking about Benzema. if you look at the other people on the squad, they are either new or are a bench warmer. Benzema, on the other hand, is a big name who cost a lot of money and has done nothing. JM is a smart guy, there is no way he would direct that to Canales, Leon, Albiol, or anyone like that. Possibly Granero. To me, when I read what he said, it was obvious he was directing that to Benzema.

  10. Mourinho made it clear that if Real lose this game whatever players are on that roster are DEAD to him, so I’m not surprised, he doesn’t want a Alcorcon part II episode

  11. Daniel Willilams is a regular bench maker with a few appearances at 21 for a good Bundeslgia club at the moment, is he going to get called in when he gets the passport or does his last name name have to be Bradley? to get some recognition.


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