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Sounders drop finale to Houston

DynamoSounders (GettyImages)

The Seattle Sounders had been on a roll going into Saturday's regular season finale against the Houston Dynamo, and while losing a never a good thing, it just might help the Sounders find a smoother pass to the MLS Cup Final.

The Houston Dynamo rode goals from Geoff Cameron and Cam Weaver to post a 2-1 victory against the Sounders at Robertson Stadium on Saturday.

The loss snapped a five-match winning streak for the Sounders, who played without Colombian striker Fredy Montero. The loss also leaves Seattle in position to be passed in the standings by both San Jose and Colorado. If the Earthquakes and Rapids both win their regular season finales, the Sounders would face the New York Red Bulls in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. If the Earthquakes and Rapids fail to win, the Sounders would remain the No. 4 seed and face either Los Angeles or Real Salt Lake in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

Here are the highlights:


What did you think of the match? Wondering if Seattle lost on purpose? Still think the Sounders can make noise in the playoffs? Looking forward to seeing how Houston rebuilds for 2011?

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  1. Sorry, didn’t mean to be confusing: I know he has played a ton of left back. I just don’t think he’s starting caliber at that position.

  2. He played left back most of his career:U-17, U-20, Olympic team, LA galaxy. At salt lake, he played everywhere in the back,also play some games at defensive midfield.

  3. Well, I for one really did not want to play the Crew because I would be afraid lady luck would turn their way, after losing to Seattle all year long.

    I am surprised this brief review did not mention the officiating. That ref was horrible and really changed the outcome of the game. Lets call it when we see it because if we don’t, will things ever change?

  4. OK IVES, I’ll bite.

    Hell no, the Sounders didn’t throw the game. This was just another example of the MLS having the worst officiating on planet Earth. The Parke yellow was a joke, and we had to take him off to protect him. 30 seconds later Marshall gave up a goal.

    Zakuani getting a yellow for diving was the second worst call of 2010, falling just shy of the De jong chest kick to Xavi Alonso.

    ALSO- is there some sort of petition we can all sign so we can keep a balanced schedule and start using a league table? Given the choice, I’d prefer that over hosting the 2022 World Cup.

    (SBI-Just for the record I didn’t actually think Seattle threw the game. That’s absurd, but we all know some folks will think that.)

  5. He has surprised me as a center-mid, but it is a stretch to say he can play left or center back (I don’t recall seeing him at center back). His incompetence at LB is the main reason the FO ran out to get Leo in an emergency move last season.

  6. Any points by LA tomorrow and it’s Seattle LA in the first round. The league must be drooling over that match up. They might sell out Qwest field.

  7. There’s a short transfer period between the end of the playoffs and the expansion draft. I’ve got money on Jaqua being traded for picks or allocation cash before the expansion draft.

  8. Lets see one was the hand ball on Parke that could be called the way it was because it ws ball to hand.

    The other was a yellow to Zak for diving when the keeper clearly took him out.

    Ok so both could have been PK and the other should have been a red on the keeper. So that call completely changed the game.

    Doesn’t really matter but please don’t let us end up with Vaugn or Stott in the post season

  9. My Schadenfreude was only momentary as Colorado tanked. But, wait my glee of seeing a L on them is misplaced. Colorado’s disastrous finish means Flounders play a strong Western division team. In a twisted way it still plays out to a tougher opponent.

  10. I don’t understand why you guys don’t like Sturgis. The guy can play left back, central back, right back and defensive midfield. He started every game during Seattle’s comeback and has 7 assists.

  11. Can almost guarantee you that Portland will be taking Jaqua. Also nobody is taking Wahl. I think Sigi is going to protect Sturgis sadly.

  12. My Sounders looked like garbage today. And please Lord God Baby Jesus let Nathan Sturgis and Tyson Wahl go to Portland or Vancouver after this season.

  13. Wow. Salt Lake. They’re good, plus gifts are also welcomed. In other notes, Rapids success has a lot to do with Jeff Larentowicz. He shows why he’s the most under rated Defensive Midfielder in the league.

  14. RBNY vs. San Jose
    Columbus vs. Seattle
    LA vs. Colorado
    RSL vs. Dallas

    This is about as exciting as the first round could have been. I’m stoked.

  15. hell yea they benefitted! looks like san jose loses, colorado wins. PERFECT for us, now were a three seed with an easier opponent and atleast a shot to host the eastern conference finals.

    i hope we lost on purpose

  16. Calmed down guys, Ives never stated they threw the game. He just pointed out that there is a silver lining for the Sounders in the result of the game.
    Both teams wanted the win. When it comes to playing, I just cannot possibly comprehend how a player can go out and play to lose.
    However, it should be noted that both teams received terribly calls (or non calls). Anyone of those calls would have lead to a completely different game had they been made correctly.

  17. Seattle did not throw it but I doubt they will be to upset about losing. The Eastern conference is the easier bath. The bigger issues were we did not want anyone to get hurt and we did not want anyone suspended for the playoffs. That being said I hope we do not see that ref in the playoffs, he was awful and burned us with multiple calls today, especially the Zakuani one.

  18. Seattle lost on purpose?! Please, that’s absurd. They were in it until the final whistle, didn’t give up easy goals, and battled throughout the game. If they lost on purpose then they’re all due Academy awards for best actors in a sporting event. Did they BENEFIT from the loss in terms of first round playoff matchups, perhaps. Time will tell…


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