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The Special One is Back


  1. seriously, the economic downturn wasnt so bad until they cut this show. then i realized it was getting bad. and life sucked. lost my job and a few other things went sour. and it started with Special1tv getting axed.

    now it’s back.

    life is lookin’ up!!!

  2. Still not into it. Guess Special 1 just isn’t for me. (I really do want to like it!)

    Guess I can always get my laughs from re-runs of “Becker”…

  3. I was getting worried they weren’t going to bring this back. Love it. This one was OK but there are obviously some classic older ones and the World Cup themed ones were really good.

  4. Considering this is broadcast & done in the U.K. anyone find it sort of odd that they start it off with greatest “soccer” show ?


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