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Thursday Kickoff: Altidore’s goal

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at Wednesday's finish by Jozy Altidore, who takes a nice touch around a defender at the top of the box and fires a low shot past the keeper at the end of the first half in Villarreal's Copa del Rey match against Club Polideportivo Ejido (fast-forward to 0:24 for the goal-scoring sequence):



  1. He’s got nani but other then that their midfield is their weak point and i wouldn’t get it twisted, Villarreal give their strikers good service too.

    but like you said they both get way better service then they do with the U.S.

  2. yeah chicarito is tracking back, dropping deep, on his goal in the cup that was similar hear started the play at the halfway line, then out raced the ball carrier and the defense to get in the box. plus his control is much tighter in tight space. i think he’s just a much better player, plus he’s a better finisher. this isn’t to say jozy can’t improve but at this stage i’d take Chicarito any day. That said in the U.S. national team they’d both have the same problem cause the U.S.’s strength is it’s weakiness it has midfielders just not ones that create much, dominate possession, and provide many cutting passes. They both get that central cutting service at club level.


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