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USA 2, Poland 2: The Highlights


  1. I had no real interest in watching this game. Under Bradley this team has peaked no matter what new cool formation you try and trot out there.

    After the defeat to Ghana it will take me a long time to get back into this team. I will always support them but where I could sit and watch an entire US game no matter who they played, I found myself bored and did other things.

    Nice atmosphere though.

  2. Actually Gil’s first pro goal looks Donovan-esc. ball comes into the midfield in the air, makes a one touch pass out of the air, moves into space wide and ball is played to him and he finishes.

  3. not in the same style but similar difference making on the field. obviously Reyna and Donovan aren’t the same player, but they have great soccer brains and veryyyy good passing ability. From what I hear Gil’s forte is Passing and Vision.

  4. Gyau is, not sure about Renken. Martinez is with Energie Cottbus.

    I wouldnt hold my breath for Gil to turn into a Donovan-like player anytime soon.

  5. Did I count right that all 11 players played the ball on the way to Altidore’s goal, starting with Howard to Cherundolo?

    And have any of you ever seen that before? Is there a name for that? Other than just great build-up….

  6. slow day?

    Can’t wait to see Donovan back in a USA jersey come next Gold Cup, we’re a different team with him.

    With all our pretty good quality and players who play at a high level, it just isn’t the same without LD’s vision, passing, and pace.

    I really hope Gil is the one to get the torch, and we don’t have to wait indefinitely until another player like that comes around.

    Or Renken… anyone know how he is doing? Him, Gyua and Martinez are in Germany correct?


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