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USA vs. Poland: The Pre-Game Tailgate

Michael Bradley (JohnTeddISI( 

The U.S. men's national team is in Chicago tonight to take on Poland in the first friendly since Bob Bradley was re-signed as U.S. head coach (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

Tonight's match will likely be the first chance to see Jermaine Jones in a U.S. national team uniform, and should be the first chance to see Oguchi Onyewu in action since the World Cup.

In case you missed it, here is my preview column on tonight's match for Fox Soccer.

We will be having a live commentary on tonight's match, so be sure to tune in for that. For now, please feel free to share your pre-game thoughts on the match here.

What are you hoping to see tonight?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Bocanegra and Cherundolo…they both contribute offensively and defensively on two good European teams. We don’t need to dominate the wings. Just play safe and create through the middle.

  2. A teammate has come forward and admitted that it was in fact he, and not Davies who was driving the car, and that he asked CD to switch places with him because he was driving on a suspended license.

    So who is the fool now?

  3. I have seen all the facts provided, you dolt. Davies was in a car being driven 125mph…I don’t care if he wasn’t driving…that demonstrates a lack of sense on his part. You would think he would have gained the experience to avoid situations like that.

  4. A 4-2-3-1 against Poland at home!!?? 2 games too late and time to give young players a start. Poor choices by Bradley. Timing is everything and Bradley just ain’t got it!

    (SBI-Listen man, you’re Bradley hate campaign has grown tired. Either start offering more to the conversation than just yelling about how terrible Bradley is or stop commenting.)

  5. Big fan of this line-up. Bob-o finally gets it right. Put our playmakers out there. Interesting to see how JJ fits in.

  6. I would really like to see a 4-3-3 formation with Bradley taking advantage of the talent he has with so many center mids. He won’t, however, and we are likely to see the typical US form of not being able to create anything offensively. Jermaine Jones will not make any impact whatsoever.

  7. thank you bob bradley, there is a God. i really like this lineup. way to maximize our talent as best as we can.

  8. Relax there julio and kitten, u dopes. Get all the facts before you start callin for someone’s head. Wm is correct, he was covering for someone.

  9. If you were playing FIFA, that would be nice, but because this is real life and anybody that trots out 3 defenders is looking to have their butts handed to them, that’s not exactly an optimal formation.

  10. Regardless of whom was driving, Davies is showing remarkably poor judgment about who he gets in a car with and how safely that vehicle is driven, considering that he was lucky to be alive just last October.

  11. I think he realized that during the World Cup he forced the players into his 4-4-2 formation and some of his best players were on the bench (Holden, Feilhaber) and some of the worst on the field (we all know who).

  12. last time edu played cb was vs. czech rep. and if my memory serves me right he wasn’t that great, I’d much rather him in midfield but we’ll see how it goes I guess

  13. yeah… just in jest of course.

    I do remember you saying Edu at CB. You just liked the band before it was famous.

    (SBI-LOL, true. Actually, I need to go find the guy who gave me crap saying Edu had never been tried at CB at Rangers and just wasn’t a legit option there. He was pretty adamant about it.)

  14. Because he can play centerback? That’s what he played at youth level and we need to get all our skilled players on the pitch at once.

  15. He says the other guy was driving and he covered for him. According to the story in yahoo sports CD’s story is corroborated by the other player, Jacques Faty.

    Check out Yahoo sports–its in the queue there.

  16. I like this lineup a lot. I think Bradley has wisely chosen the best formation for the group of players he has.

  17. I would have preferred a 3-1-5-1, with Mo holding and Jones and Mikey given a bit more freedom to play a more central role and allowing Duce Stuey and Benny to attack more and find more space in the attacking third.

    But I’ll take it.

  18. has a reliable FSC feed. Although the site makes you download an application, it is safe, free, and reliable.

  19. whoa… bradley… coming out swinging with this lineup

    EDU at CB… pay me my money ives

    (SBI-You know what’s funny. There was a time before the World Cup when I was given crap for saying Edu can play centerback, and now I’m getting crap for supposedly suggesting he couldn’t play centerback? My point regarding Edu and central defense is that he’s playing so well in central midfield for Rangers that it would seem strange to move him to CB, but I can understand it given the desire to get Edu, Jones and Bradley on the field together. That much I was definitely on board with.)

  20. From USSoccer twitter: lineup tonight is a 4-2-3-1: Howard; Cherundolo, Onyewu, Edu, Bocanegra (c); Jones, Bradley; Holden, Dempsey, Feilhaber; Altidore..

  21. #USMNT lineup tonight is a 4-2-3-1: Howard; Cherundolo, Onyewu, Edu, Bocanegra (c); Jones, Bradley; Holden, Dempsey, Feilhaber; Altidore…

  22. It’s a very interesting lineup. Bradley chooses to put the best players on the field regardless of position. He should have done this during the world cup!

  23. Here’s my prediction: Jozy Altidore will start and play like his usual lazy self, botch all of his first touches as usual, fake a huge dive in the box as usual, and most of all he will NOT score. It status quo for him.

    I think Deuce and/or Stuey Holden will get us some goals and I’m really excited to see how Jones will do.

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