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Vasquez ousted as Chivas USA head coach after one season

Martin Vasquez (

Martin Vasquez took over as Chivas USA head coach expected to build on a tradition the team had for being a regular playoff participant under former coach Preki.

Vasquez fell well short of that, and on Wednesday he paid for that with his job.

Chivas USA parted ways with Vasquez on Wednesday, releasing him from his contract and leaving the former U.S. national team and Mexican national teamer with an 8-18-4 record in charge of the RojiBlancos.

A former assistant of Juergen Klinsmann at Bayern Munich, Vasquez struggled to steer Chivas USA through the brutal waters of the Western Conference and many believed he simply wasn't ready to be a head coach.

Who will replace him? A few familiar names should head the short list.

Look no further than former U.S. head coach Steve Sampson to be a leading candidate. There will be other names to be considered, including U.S. national team assistant and former Chivas USA midfielder Jesse Marsch, but Sampson should be considered the frontrunner. Sources told SBI last year that Sampson was narrowly beaten out by Vasquez for the position when Chivas USA chose to hire Vasquez.

What do you think of this development? Surprised Vasquez only got one year? Who would you like to see take over? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Denis Hamlett didn’t win anything in Chicago with the best team in the MLS during his tenure. He had his run in’s with players like Frankowski, Blanco and Soumare. He is doesn’t communicate with players well and he is not a good coach.

  2. Please hire Steve Sampson! He is the only one who can bring the Goats to their deserved glory! Clearly the best choice… a true soccer mind that will have a huge impact on the quality of that storied franchise.

    Did I mention I am a Galaxy fan?

  3. I have watched Colin Clarke very, very closely since he landed in Puerto Rico. People can complain about his conservative tactics (and a lot do)–in my mind, that guy has “overachieved” with both Puerto Rico Islanders and the PR National team.

    The guy has another year on his contract down in PR (if memory serves me correctly).

    He definitely deserves a look, espcially when you consider the guys that have gotten MLS gigs since he lost his in Dallas.

  4. Vasquez was a nice man, but perhaps is a lifelong no.2.

    He got his chance, but he I hope he gets another one someday.

    I see him workiing with the USMNT or the galaxy.

  5. Klinsmann would he offered plenty more money and power. Luxuries that Vasquez did not have.

    Point taken, but this ownership really goeas against the grain and logic to its own detrement.

    As fan it ouwld be great, but no realistic.

  6. I really was pulling for Vazquez to succeed…any ‘dual-citizen’ who chooses the USA over Mexico gets my vote of confidence.

    But ELAC said it best, an 8-18-4 record is not good enough.

    I think Chivas USA has other issues beyond their head coach though, starting with an identity crises. I hope Vazquez gets another shot down the road somewhere.

  7. really thought they would give him more than a year.. he really didn’t have much to work with there and he seemed like a great fit on paper; you would think that they would give him a year or two and try to build something.

  8. Anyone know how much in Rent Chivas pays the HDC? Any idea how much they make from a game?

    Believe it or not, I need this info for a fiction book I’m writing and I can’t find squat.

  9. If Klinsman’s protege couldn’t handle the job, I don’t think Klinsman could either. Not to mention it would be a total slap in the face to replace his friend.

  10. Cheap Shot Alert. Hamlet is coaching ITT as a favor to a friend. He probably doesn’t even have a contract other then an agreed amount he will be paid.

  11. He has said before that he wants Chivas USA to eventually have nothing but Americans on the team. The same way Saprissa (which he owns) has nothing but Costa Ricans.

  12. Right, I’d sure want to leave the beauty of Puerto Rico and the automatic spot in the Concacaf CL for the mess that is Chivas or DC right now.

  13. Hugo hates his own ‘race’? First of all, as someone pointed out, it would be ‘nationality’ and second of all, not sure where you get that from when he stated his dream was to coach their national team. And even after being ousted he has tried to make some changes to the way things are done.

    On another note, that guy was NASTY in La Liga. Amazingly good.

  14. But the front office let Kljestan go and didn’t really make any moves to bring anyone in except to bring Nagamara back. Letting Bornstein go is another issue.

  15. He owns the team, why wouldn’t he have a say? It just seems like he doesn’t care. He he ever gone to a game? How they didn’t make Omar Bravo their DP is ridiculous. They should try to sign Bofo Bautista and build a team around him.

  16. Transition year or not, the goats showed no promise under Vasquez. Nothing Vasquez did gave the fans a glimmer of hope. Good luck to him. If we don’t demand and fix things now we could end up in the bottom for a few years.

    brb losing 3-1 at home and subbing in a defender.
    brb starting rookies to shore up my midfield
    brb starting a 5’5 lone striker against MLS defenders
    brb playing Bornstein as an attacking midfielder
    brb playing Jazic as a center back
    brb sending away chucky and mayen
    brb “coaching” supporters groups soccer game the night before the LA derby

  17. Don’t laugh. That’s what i was thinking. Pipe dream, but you never know. This move would make bob freak out. He built chivas USA into. Decent squad in one season.

  18. If they bring Hugo I will start attending MLS games. There is a huge Latino contingent that has still not embraced MLS and if and when they do that will equal huge economic success.

  19. Oh were soooooooooooooooo ethnic compared to the Galaxy. Vanilla is spicy, too next to the bland corporateness of LAG/AEG.
    Good luck against Seattle, you’ll need it.

  20. when is CUSA going to learn . . . the source of their failure is that they are so ethnic focused that they limit themselves. not to mention that the only mexican folk that are willing to come to the MLS are FMF failures that cant get work there.

    have fun guys.

    oh yeah, . . . go galaxy. jajajaja

  21. Ives you forgot to mention that Vergara has a big saying in this club. In this article it states that they are going for a Mexican coach which might be:

    Hugo Sanchez—God no! Although the publicity he would bring to the league would be a plus and then it will make the superclasico more interesting. The guy won twice in Mexico, coached the Mexican national team and has coached in La Liga in Spain. Another plus is he won’t bring a Mexican…hehehe. He hates his own race.

    Miguel Herrera—this guy is good. Hasn’t had success in Mexico but is well respected and he is liked by his players and fans. If you listen to him talk he makes sense type of guy.

    Was a national team player with Mexico and played defense

    Jesus Ramirez—good coach. Coached and was WC champs with U-17 team which had Vela, Giovani, Barrera. Has coached Chicharito too. Had so-so success with America of Mexico which is with Chivas their biggest team down there. Really likes to have faith in their youth.

  22. I guess Chivas USA inherit the mentally of it’s parent club (and all the other Mexican clubs) of ousting it’s head coach without giving them time to build and establish something. Very bad move.

  23. Hard to understand how Sampson is still in the conversation. He never had the respect of his players. In fact the us players called him “cone man” when’ve was under Bora as that’s all he did. Manage the cones.

  24. who are you Tom? Colin’s agent. haha Just joking. You happen to be right. He has done a great job in PR. I’m sure he will get one of the three jobs that are open.

  25. I think they should hire Colin Clark (from Puerto Rico). What else does the man need to do to coach in the MLS. He was great when he coached in Dallas. What he has done in PR is unbelievable. He has beaten both Mexican and MLS teams. The man can flat-out coach.

  26. so 2010-2011 vacancies look a lot like 2009-2010 vacancies… DC, Toronto, Chivas… does anybody have patience anymore? Chicago I guess.


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