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Wizards top Fire to keep playoff hopes alive

WizardsFire (GettyImages) 

The Kansas City Wizards haven't given up hope just yet.

Needing to win their final three games and have Colorado lose its final two games, the Wizards took the first step toward making that improbable scenario take place with a 2-0 victory against the Chicago Fire on Tuesday night.

The win moved the Wizards within six points of the Colorado Rapids with two matches remaining.

The Wizards still have work to do, but now the pressure is squarely on the Rapids, who face a brutal pair of remaining games against the Los Angeles Galaxy and Real Salt Lake.

Kansas City has remaining games against New England and San Jose. The road trip to New England is a very winnable game, while a home date against KC could be made easier if San Jose is resting players ahead of the playoffs.

Either way, the final two weeks will still be interesting, especially if the Rapids lose to the Galaxy on Saturday.

Here are the highlights of Kansas City''s win on Tuesday night:

What did you think of Kansas City's performance? Think the Wizards can catch the Rapids? Starting to wonder if Colorado can hold on?

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  1. Castillo is terrible. His unibrow is also terrible. I thought McBride was going to literally murder him on the field last night for lack of effort and general stupidity. He looks awful. It is embarassing that DLC keeps putting him on the field. I agree with previous comments. The Fire need to make some big time changes.

  2. Jared, CAB is not a substandard minor league baseball field. Yes, it is a baseball field, yes it does not hold many people. However, it was voted last year as having the best playing surface in all of the MLS. It as voted this year for the same thing, but in the baseball league. Isn’t that what is really most important about soccer field? Atmosphere is great, and Qwest field has a great atmosphere, but I believe that how nice the field is, is far more important than the atmosphere. So please, do some research before you start thrashing other teams stadium.

  3. Jeremy, don’t forget the teams that blazed the trail for you. I will give the Sounders credit, they get incredible turnout, but do you honestly think you would be playing in a huge NFL stadium had you been a pioneering team in the MLS? Exactly. Seattle would probably be playing on a “baseball field”, as you say.

    Learn to appreciate what you have, rather than rubbing it in other people’s faces. You will face a lot less hostility that way.

  4. I’d say losing 4-0 to the Galaxy at home is getting ‘owned’. By the way, the wizards swept LA this year. People like you are why Sounders fans have a bad rep a mere 2 years into the league

  5. Didn’t we (RSL) kick the rapids out of the playoffs last year on the last game of the season? Wow, if that happens again I’ll kinda feel bad for them.

  6. Castillo must go as well as the coach. The look on Ljungberg’s face was worth a thousand words after he carefully set up the ball to take a FK and Nery stepped in from the right and took the kick. Freddie just stood there shaking his head in amazement. I guess Nery didn’t learn his lesson in Europe when he took a PK even though the team had a designated PK taker. The coach removed him from the game and he never played for that team again. Some people never learn.

  7. Jeremy–

    How old are you….12? nanny nanny boo boo. Jeez, at least act like you are an adult (if you are one, that is).

  8. How exactly is that being arrogant? If they top the atmosphere at Qwest, I will gladly acknowledge it and admit that we need to step it up. KC did get owned last week and they do play in a substandard minor league baseball complex. Those are simply facts. I was impressed that they managed to get more than 11k out to that silly complex though.

  9. Any time you lose at home in a must-win game, you just got owned. Getting a lucky PK was not exactly impressive after setting the record for shots in a game the previous game.

    For the record, I can and will make fun of any team that plays on a minor league baseball field. That is just pathetic. Next year when you have your new stadium, I will gladly applaud it. As far as Qwest goes, I love the stadium. I am a Sounders and Seahawks season ticket holder and I couldn’t be happier with the stadium situation. The atmosphere is unlike any other in the league and until you can top that, Qwest will always be greater than your minor league baseball complex or any other stadium you build.

  10. Jeremy – I don’t think I have ever heard anyone reference a 2-1 loss to “getting owned”, so thank you for that. Also, I’m not sure if you should be making fun of a city’s current venue when we have a new soccer-specific stadium opening next season, especially when you play on a NFL football field.

    The remaining matchups favor the Wizards, but with Colorado only neading a draw out of two results, I’m not getting my hopes up.

  11. Too bad you guys got owned by the Sounders last weekend. Winning that game would have made things much easier for you. Thanks for allowing us to clinch the playoffs on your baseball field for the second year in a row though.

  12. Even though they only need one point out of two games to clinch, Colorado couldn’t have two tougher games to play. KC’s task seems a bit easier with the way they played last night. Personally, I hope it comes down to the result of the KC-SJ game just to make it more exciting. KC will know if they still have a shot by the time they step on the field at CAB next weekend.

  13. Man I can hardly wait for the playoffs. There are going to be some great matchups.

    I think 6 different teams could win it all and not be considered upsets.


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