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Wondolowski nets hat trick in Earthquakes, 3-0 victory over Chivas USA

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Chris Wondolowski continued his MVP-caliber season on Wednesday with a hat trick in the San Jose Earthquakes, 3-0 victory over Chivas USA.

Wondolowski began the match on the bench and came on as a sub late in the first half after Cornell Glen left with an injured hamstring. In his 50 minutes on the field, Wondolowski scored three goals, in the 55th, 59th and 72nd minute respectively. The three goals brought Wondolowski's season total to 17 goals and allowed him to pull even with Los Angeles Galaxy forward Edson Buddle for the MLS Golden Boot.

In the process, the forward broke the Earthquakes single season record of 15, which was set by Ronald Cerritos in 1999. Wondolowski has the Earthquakes last nine goals and has been responsible for more than more than half of the club's goals this season (17 of 33 goals). The last time an Earthquake not named Wondolowski scored was September 5th.

The Earthquakes took the lead in the 55th minute when, Chivas USA defender Michael Umana brought down Wondolowski in the box forcing a penalty kick. Wondolowski easily slotted his effort past Chivas USA goalkeeper Kevin Guppy, who made his MLS debut filling in for starter Zach Thornton. Four minutes later, Wondolowski would score again slotting a low shot past the hapless Guppy.

Wondolowski completed his second hat trick of the season by finishing a Ryan Johnson cross on a volley from eight yards out. By earning the shut out, the Earthquakes set a team record for shut outs in a season with 13. San Jose's final match before the playoffs is Saturday on the road against the Kansas City Wizards. Following the match, Earthquakes head coach Frank Yallop stated that Wondolowski will likely not start against the Wizards, but will play some role in the match.

Chivas USA finish their dismal 2010 campaign on Saturday at home against the equally disappointing Chicago Fire.

Here are the highlights:

Should Wondolowski be considered for league MVP? Can the Quakes jump ahead of the Sounders for the 4th spot in the West?

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  1. “Wondo is not flashy, he is not the super powerful forward, nor the super fast one, nor the amazing dribbler, ”

    It’s ironic but most people would rather be blinded by a guy with most of those characteristics ( Adu minus the power and the speed) instead of taking a guy like Wondo who is actually productive.

  2. The way to get around that is to compare Holden to David Bentley, who has fared quite poorly all his soccer life being compared to Becks.

  3. Wondo is not flashy, he is not the super powerful forward, nor the super fast one, nor the amazing dribbler, but you have got to love his composure and clinical strikes, lots of them volleys, with either foot. His header Wednesday was nice, too, he really got himself completely over his man to get a head on the ball, and it was a fairly clinical finish.

    The Quakes don’t make enough good chances for my money, they don’t create enough, but when they do, Wondo is clinical if he’s there, and he often is. Oh yeah check his work rate and efforts to ensure he is in position.

    Finally in terms of his prowess as a striker, and maybe vetting as a league MVP, look at his goal-to-shot ratio. 17/34 = 50%! That could shame some famous strikers I watch on TV

    (Yes Buddle is great also at 17/42 = 40%, but that’s not quite as good, is it?)

    Quakes Hall of Fame
    World Cup victories 2014?

    All possible, hope he keeps at it

  4. Im not diminishing his accomplishments…dont get me wrong, the kid still has to put the ball into the net right? I’m just saying that it is easier to burglarize a home when the front door is left open…So iv’e heard.

    Wondo now has what? 7 goals against Chivas?

  5. There’s nothing wrong with being a very good MLS player. There’s a big gap it seems though between MLS forwards and international quality forwards. I’m very skeptical about a guy who’s 27 and been in MLS his entire career, being the answer for the US up top. The quality jump from MLS to international play is considerable.

    It seems as if MLS midfielders and defenders are more effective at the international level than our forwards.

  6. You can cross out Beckham from that analysis…truth be told, Beckham is a non-factor this season.

    Wondo has Giovanni, alvares and Convey. They are iether PL caliber or national team members. He gets just as good service as Buddle does but in a larger quantity.

  7. Nine game winners, tied for the golden boot, and over half of total team goals is hard to argue with. and when the season started, Wondo wasn’t. it took injuries, bad form from the other strikers, taking your chances, and a great attitude to make the coach take notice. he’s also started at right mid a number of games like someone else said- let’s see buddle score 17 from the wing trying to play both ways.

    oh yeah, he was still looking to pass first in the 85th minute last nite. MVP to us whatever the league/fans think.

    p.s. GO GIANTS!

  8. It doesn’t take anything away from the accomplishment. 3 of Buddle’s goals are against Chivas this year.

    And Wondo did it coming off the bench in only 50 minutes.


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