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2011 Copa America groups drawn

The 10 CONMEBOL countries and guest countries Mexico and Japan learned their fates for the group stage of the 2011 Copa America on Thursday, with host Argentina receiving a favorable draw. Here are the three groups:

GROUP A – Argentina, Japan, Bolivia, Colombia

GROUP B – Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela

GROUP C – Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Peru

The top two teams in each group and the two best third-place teams advance to the quarterfinals of the July, 2011, tournament. Brazil is the two-time defending champion after capturing the 2004 and 2007 crowns with victories over Argentina in the final both times.

Who do you see advancing from each group? Wish the United States had been invited as a guest nation? Do you see Mexico making it to the quarterfinals?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I guess Im one 2 then becasue Ives its pathetic that these are the types games and turnaments that we need to play with our full strength squad. Mexico sends their best team all the time. (Up until this time when they will forced by CocCrapcaf to send they u23)And look how good they have become. Its their perfomance in Copa America that got their teams invited to the Copa Libertadores. But the Morons running the US soccer fed. dont get it.

  2. You’re right, SBI. It was a great decision, so great that CONMEBOL decided not to invite us to their tournament again. Mexico is able to make it work, but we can’t? We should have followed Mexico’s lead and only used guys like Donovan and Dempsey for the final two matches of the Gold Cup. If we can’t get out of the first group of the Gold Cup with a B team, we’re in big trouble.

    As for those guys that contributed for the national team, we had Bornstein, Feilhaber, Clark, DeMerit (also GC) and Gomez. Yep, what would we have done without those guys at the World Cup.

  3. At least our coach actually went to Copa America.

    “MEXICO CITY (AP)—Mexico coach Jose Manuel de la Torre says he will skip the Copa America and send an assistant instead to handle El Tri in next year’s South American championship.”

    Mexico are only bringing a U-23 squad.

    “Mexico and Japan play as guest teams in the Copa America, joining 10 South American teams. Under CONCACAF rules, Mexico will send an under-23 team to the Copa America, where it is in Group C with Uruguay, Chile and Peru.”

  4. lol, and i just want to point out that the only veteran from that, oh so brilliant, 06′ team, would be Kasey Keller. Eddie Johnson, Jimmy Conrad, and Ben Olsen don’t belong in the same breath. Kljestan and Charlie Davies had made made their senior debuts the game against China before the tourneys and neither were factors at all. In fact Charlie only played 30 minutes the final game against Columbia…against ten men. Yea, we lost 1-0

  5. LOL

    Yea, just send Landon.

    Maybe if there was some actual veteran play making ability on the field, we wouldn’t of been such mess on it.

    Sending the biggest most credible name in our Soccer System would of gone a long ways for a little Diplomacy and maybe would’ve prevented them from, and I’m quoting, feeling “disrespected for sending a second tier team to the continents most important tournament”. Or is that concept over your head.

    And STUNADS? Yea your calling me 12, or is the word stupid not cool enough in middle school these days?

  6. Disappointed not to be invited, especially with our world cup bid, but this is the price we paid for the Confederations Cup. That was the reason we did not play our best squad in the last Gold Cup, which would have earned us a spot. I think the trade-off was worth it.

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh. Now I see. The players don’t want too. Wow, thats some pretty hard evidence you have there Lorenzo. Did you make that big, broad assertion all by your self? And you must be a pretty credible source to know what the players thought, right?

    After all, who in their right mind would of rather play El Salvador, Guatemala, and Canada, instead of Argentina, Columbia, and Paraguay. As a professional soccer player, you must of dread the thought of having to make that decision.

    Besides, like i pointed out. If every single player from Mexico’s A team could play in the COPA, even the European based ones, surely a few players from our A team could of played. Or maybe Frankie Hejduk, Frankie Simek and Jonathan Spector were to tired of riding the bench to spare us of Marvell Wynne and Drew Moor, lol!

  8. Tim M what are you 12? Just send Landon… good greif.

    It is embarrassing to send a squad with 4 2006 WC veterans and 6 2010 WC eventual players along with Kljestan and Davies?

    Oh yeah, embarassment from sending that squad wouldn’t be anywhere near the lack of professionalism in forcing players to sacrifice their small european break or miss even more of their current season.


  9. No, those are CONCACAF’s rulings NOT CONMEBOL or FIFA choosing. Jack and Chuck did not allow Mexico to take their 1st team for some reason. Wonder where these two A-holes are from.


    The players don’t want to.

    You better be prepared to point the finger at Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocangra, etc…


    Question the players then, you whiners. You think Bob can just force players to go down their and they won’t be pissed?

    Stunads. We’d love for it to happened but USA players and coaches did the right thing.

  11. Those players that “performed” in Copa could of been looked at in Friendly’s. Why do we take these players to a highly competitive tournament in which we play #3 ranked (at the time) ARGENTINA in the first game. That would be been a GREAT opportunity to test our first team.

  12. It wasn’t a for sure thing though that Japan would play in this tourney Since FIFA hates invitee nation’s being from foreign federations. Especially one like the AFC. The japanese are enamored with South American football. Especially Argentina and Brazil.

  13. I’d love to see the Copa Americas grow to include a bunch of Concacaf nations to challenge the Euro Championships for prestige. While the Gold Cup is nice, I feel like our big-fish-small-pond status implies we should field a younger team there, while bringing the best available squad or a mix of A and B members if we’re ever invited back to Copa Americas.

  14. Charlie Davies didn’t even play really. The only guys who really got experience that would help us later were Benny, DeMerit, and Bornstein and maybe Herculez, but he’s yet to do anything for on the National level that you could call substantial. Clark had his moments last cycle, but idk if id take his good over his bad (Confeds Cup play vs. WC play)

  15. @SBI: That is complete bull. If Bradley knew now how CONMEBOL was going to take his sending of complete garbage to the COPA, he wouldn’t of been so inclined to experiment.

    Mexico used all of its A team in the Gold Cup in route to a second place finish, and most of that team plus a couple of youngersters, to a 3rd place finish! Including european based players Rafa, Guardardo and Castillo.

    With our roster being so much deeper then it was then, there’s not a doubt in my mind any sane coach and federation would like to compete in the competition. We probably would be playing in the copa now if Bob would’ve just sent Landon with that team.

  16. That would actually be 6 players that were on the roster- 3 started, 2 others played as subs, and Guzan. Plus another 5-Davies, Sascha, Pearce, Califf, & Wynne-that played in the hexagonal to help us qualify (although really Davies was the only one of those 5 that did anything helpful).

  17. I’m not as excited about this tourney as I was about the last one since the US wasn’t invited back, but it should still be entertaining. I love international soccer.

  18. Since there are only 10 teams in Conmebol, they invite two teams so they can have 3 groups of 4. Mexico and another Concacaf team are usually invited but they decided on Japan who has strong relationship with Conmebol by Sponsering the libertadores, sudamericana, intercontinental and club world cup for many years.

  19. Why Couldn’t we take an A team to both the Gold Cup and the Copa??? Our guys were too tired from playing CONFED teams? Doubt it. How bout we win the Gold Cup, earning team experience playing in South African, and some confidence-building results, and THEN we take ‘mostly’ the same guys to Copa and build even more confidence.

    Come on Ives… I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed with the roster…

    “Talk about a thoroughly disappointing group. There’s getting experience for young players and there is leading lambs to the slaughter. No Landon Donovan, no Clint Dempsey, no chance.”

    YES.. that is a quote from YOUR website on June 22, 2007.

  20. 1) Ives – could you please list the “bunch of its players went on to play roles on the USA team years later”?

    2) I think this is the type of tournament that USSF is afraid to attend. They like the Gold Cup bc the US is a big-dog in it. The sad thing is, not playing against the SA teams is detrimental to the US’s development.

  21. for 2011 mexico is sending an under-23 team to copa and the head coach will not be going, he’s sending an assistant….do you think mexico will never be invited back? i wonder…..

  22. Ives I have to agree with Chicago and Barcafan on this one, you have a point and its very well documented, but we need to start taking this tournaments more seriously, Bob could have sent a B team not a C team or some senior players mixed with youngsters in order to avoid the results they had, which are pretty laughable, but i respect your opinion because we actually used some players that performed in that Copa America and they went to be an integral part of the USMNT.

  23. “Wish the United States had been invited as a guest nation?”

    After the stunt (read colossal embarrassment) that Bob Bradley pulled, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ever let the United States play as a guest again.

  24. I’m sure we weren’t invited back because of the Joke of a team that we took last time we were invited! THANKS Bradley!

    (SBI-That joke of a team was taken because USA couldn’t take A team to both Copa and Gold Cup. Win at Gold Cup clinched Confederations Cup berth, earning team experience playing in South Africa, and some confidence-building results. Oh, and that joke of a team that got whooped in South America? A bunch of its players went on to play roles on the USA team years later. So yeah, I can’t imagine anybody who is paying attention still tries to make that sound like a bad decision. Guess you’re one of them.)

  25. Argentina’s group is difficult – Japan and Colombia are very solid teams that’ll trouble them if they can’t get their act together.

    Think Brazil lucked out the most: Paraguay, Ecuador and Venezuela are all easy compared to the other groups…


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