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College top 25: Louisville still top, UCLA back in top 10

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The regular season has nearly drawn to a close and everything is pretty much the same near the top of the college soccer rankings.

Louisville retained the top spot with 18 first-place votes by staying undefeated on the season with a quarterfinal victory over West Virginia in the Big East Tournament. Akron still sits at No. 2 but has narrowed the gap to 20 points and the Zips received four first-place votes of their own. The rest of the top six, Maryland, North Carolina, Southern Methodist and Butler held their places from last week.

UCLA broke its way into the top 10 with a couple of shutout victories, landing at No. 9. Princeton moved up to No. 11 after clinching the Ivy League title with a victory over Penn, who fell five spots to No. 18, and officially booking a place in the NCAA tournament.

Virginia continues its slide down the rankings to No. 20 after losing 2-0 to N.C. State in the Cavaliers' regular-season finale.  Creighton was forgiven for its loss to Bradley University, falling only two spots to No. 12.

Two teams, Georgetown and Penn State, fell out of the rankings and were replace by No. 24 Florida Gulf Coast. After a week of 26 ranked teams, the NSCAA is back to its normal compliment of 25 ranked teams.

Check out the full top 25 after the jump.

  1. Louisville (19) 571 (15-0-2)
  2. Akron (4) 551 (16-1-1)
  3. Maryland 528 (14-2-1)
  4. North Carolina 505 (14-2-1)
  5. Southern Methodist 486 (15-1-0)
  6. Butler 432 (15-0-2)
  7. Connecticut 428 (12-2-4)
  8. California 426 (11-2-3)
  9. UCLA 367 (13-4-1)
10. UC-Irvine 357 (14-2-3)
11. Princeton 334 (12-3-1)
12. Creighton 284 (12-4-1)
13. Monmouth 260  (12-1-4)
14. Brown 256 (11-2-3)
15. Charlotte 241 (13-5-0)
16. William & Mary 216 (13-3-2)
17. Notre Dame 212 (10-4-4)
18. Pennsylvania 179 (12-4-0)
19. Duke 172 (9-4-4)
20. Virginia 160 (10-4-3)
21. Boston College 146 (9-3-5)
22. UC Santa Barbara 91 (11-4-3)
23. Florida Gulf Coast 58 (13-3-2)
24. Central Florida 35 (11-3-3)
25. Tulsa 33 (9-5-2)
Also receiving votes: Loyola Marymount 29, Ohio State 27, Indiana 19, Providence 18, Penn State 17, Georgetown 13, Michigan State 8, South Carolina 4, Washington 3, UAB 2, Colgate 2, Michigan 2, Saint Mary's (Calif.) 1, West Virginia 1, Wisconsin-Green Bay 1


  1. Odd that Akron is picking up first place votes after having lost to Cleveland State and giving an intensely poor showing to HARTFORD. FREAKING TWO WIN HARTFORD. Bad games happen, especially on the road, but they can’t be happening at the end of the season… and you can’t give them extra credit for it.

  2. Odd that Brown is ranked higher than Penn, who beat them, in the rankings Princeton finally moved ahead of Brown a few weeks after beating them. Someone likes Brown who are really hard to score against, but seemingly can’t score that much themselves.
    The RPI seems to have a more rational order, Princeton, Penn then Brown. Of course, I’m not sure why the RPI likes the Big Ten so much (4 in the top 15) and the Ivy league pretty much (3 in the top 25), but seems not to like anyone from CA except UCLA and California (the next CA school is 37th).

  3. I wouldn’t jump on that Big 10 bandwagon just yet. It is a good competitive season in the conference with my Hoosiers leading the way. Penn State and Wisconsin are down this year, and Ohio State hasn’t been able to catch the same magic as it had a few years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t see any Big 10 team really going far in the NCAA tournament.

  4. How Michigan State is not ranked in the top 25 I have no idea. Those results with that schedule equal top 25 in my book. Beat Maryland at Maryland, Notre Dame in South Bend, Duke, and Providence. Overrall the Big Ten is getting screwed, Ohio State, Indiana, Penn State, MSU and (dare I say it) Michigan are all good squads whose rankings have dropped because they play in a super competitive conference. The Spartans played a top notch non conference slate featuring teams from the Big East and ACC and #2 Akron a 1-0 loss. Give me a break with Central Florida and FGCCC

  5. Cal and UCLA = very evenly matched at the top of the pac 10. Both won 1-0 OT victories against each other at each others stadiums.


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