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Donovan postpones loan decision


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If you think the Los Angeles Galaxy's season ending means Landon Donovan is ready for an offseason loan out to Europe, think again. He hasn't made up his mind yet.

Donovan told Sky Sports News on Thursday he wanted to enjoy his vacation before making a decision on whether he'll go out on loan from the Galaxy for a third consecutive year.

"Give me a few weeks and I will have an answer for you," Donovan said.

"Right now I'm four days into my vacation and I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to chill and then in a few weeks I will make a decision."

Should Donovan want to be loaned out, Everton is likely to be a team interested in acquiring him, especially after his impressive three-month stint with the club earlier this year.

What do you think Donovan will do you? What should he do? Where do you see him going should he want to be loaned out again?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. As a Galaxy fan, I want him to stay at home and rest. As a fan of Carter Daly’s “Landon Donovan’s English Adventure of Epic Broportions” on Dirty Tackle I would like to see him return to England

  2. As a fellow Toon fan, me too. But it sounds like that was just a rumor. Would have been a great shot in the arm for us though. Hughton keeps insisting we won’t go out and get anybody in January. I think the squad is fine, but would like to see us go get someone. Landon would have been great. Losing Ben Arfa was a huge blow, and he’s still another 3-4 months out yet.

  3. Again, as a RSL supporter, I think he should go stay at Everton year round. It makes LA that much easier to beat, and he get’s to play top level soccer, plus it would help the USMNT! LD you should spend your vacation shopping for a home in England.

  4. Landon running off a proper target man like Andy Carroll would be awesome!

    Ah me lads, ye shud only seen us gannin’,
    We pass’d the foaks upon the road just as they wor stannin’;
    Thor wes lots o’ lads an’ lasses there, all wi’ smiling faces,
    Gawn alang the Scotswood Road, to see the Blaydon Races.

  5. I wish I were Rip Van Winkle… so I could wake up in 50 years and not have to hear anymore about Landon Donovan. Great player, no doubt, but hopefully by that time we’ll have a handful of proven “world-class” players – not just one really good player. Okay, I’m going to sleep now… see you in half a century.

  6. How do you figure that? With a full MLS season, the Gold Cup in the summer, and group stage matches in the CCL, not to mention possible USOC games, you are talking close to 50 games next year. I’m no math expert, but thats alot, especially if he goes to Europe.

    Unless someone wants to buy him, he needs to stay put and rest.

  7. I like the idea, although I worry that part of what led to David’s injury was this amount of time playing at high levels.

    I don’t know that playing this much won’t take its toll on Landon. I’d rather if MLS just allowed him to be sold according to his international market value, not value to MLS.

  8. Wrong. Donovan wanted to go. It’s MLS who is the one with the chips.

    Donovan’s value to MLS as its top player and personality makes his sale value far higher than it actually is in the international market.

    My guess is, to MLS, Donovan is worth anywhere from 2-3$ for every 1$ of his actual international market value, making other clubs unlikely or unwilling to pay the money.

    Therefore, if he were actually valued at $5 to other teams around the world, his value to MLS is probably $10-15 million.

  9. I can’t confirm by any means, but common business sense would be:

    He’s a salaried player, salary folks, it’s not like they get paid per week that they PLAY, it’s just flat per week.

    A loan is a loan, Everton assume his wages that he will be getting paid in the off season, but no pay increase is involved.


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