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Edu injury not serious (UPDATE)

Maurice Edu (Reuters) 

U.S. national team midfielder Maurice Edu has had major knee surgery on his left knee before, so when he went down with an injury to that same knee that required a stretcher ride, there were fears of a recurrence, and a potentially serious setback.

As of now, Edu appears to be in the clear, though he is still awaiting definitive MRI results to confirm what Rangers medical staff already believes, that the knee injury suffered against Hibernian at mid-week was a bruise.

(UPDATE) Edu put fears to rest about the severity of the injury this morning on his Twitter feed. He posted the following message: "Had my scan this morning. Went better than expected so hopefully I'm back sooner than later."


  1. Never noticed the “T” on his shorts before. I’m not even a Terapin and I think that’s pretty cool. T before Glasgow. Edu’s like a quite Dempsey, like he has this perpetual chip on his shoulder. Like he’s gotta rep everywhere he’s come from and make sure people respect those places. I like it. I like these types playing for the US. Where every game is a matter of respect. I hope this rubs off on the young guns and not just the ones are coming out of MLS to Europe.

  2. glad it’s not too bad. would like to see him leave that league, the SPL, tho CL play is awesome opportunity at Rangers of course…as long as he can avoid injury from playing in that league!

  3. Pheeeew… Mo is a likable cat to boot.

    He’s athletic enough to warrant a jump to the EPL somewhere (if he wanted yada yada). He could make a place for himself on a lot of clubs.

    In order to rise above and actually be a “good” player on a mid or higher EPL club he needs to gain composure on the ball. He wins loose balls. But he doesn’t receive, settle and distribute well enough yet.

  4. Huge relief for Edu, I’m sure. He has become a consistent starter for Rangers, and it would be a major blow to have his progress halted by another bad knee injury.

  5. The Scottish league is crap. But Most years Celtic and Ranger would be no worse than the second ten, somewhere above relegation. In a good year, they are top ten, but probably below Europe play.

    But my comment has nothing to do with the SPL and everything to do with Edu who is on the path to become one of the top three to five field players the US has sent to Europe.

  6. Haha i love Edu’s face, it’s more like a, “Oooops, did i do that? I’m tooooo good” after his goal. Sorta reminds me of something Booby Miles would say haha. Tho Edu is nowhere near that cocky

  7. Name all the players from the SPL who came to the EPL and succeeded in recent times. Hint: You don’t need both hands.

    The Scottish league is so inferior to the EPL. Most of the Scottish league players barely make it in the Championship. Edu is a massive talent, but comparing his play for club against such minnows day in and out is hardly going to get him a starting job in half of the teams in the EPL…

  8. Rangers to, say, Wigan or Wolves a huge step up? I can’t agree with that. Better competition sure, but if you can contribute at Rangers you can contribute at a number of clubs in the Premiership.

  9. how isn’t he ready to make the move to the EPL? so regular play in MLS means youre more ready to make the jump to the EPL like Holden? but not the top team in Scotland? makes no sense to me

  10. ” He’s also young.
    Why do you think he couldn’t hack it?”


    You’ve answered my question. He’s young — and he’s not had a lot of experience. There are younger players to sure in the EPL — but they typically have more technical skill than Edu. I do think he can succeed in the EPL == his game is well-suited to the EPL or the Bundesklga — but I’d rather seee him develop a little more in Glasgow. Hold off on making the jump until he’s more certain to get regular playing time. At least a year, probably two.

  11. agreed. it’s not like we are saying he would be a stalwart on Chelsea right now, but he could easily step in and start on more than half of the teams in the EPL right now

  12. Regular Playing time? Are you kidding the guy guy is a beast on the best team in scotland. Also he has played very well in champions league against top compitition and I thought he played very well in the world cup. He’s also young.
    Why do you think he couldn’t hack it?


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