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Najar named MLS Rookie of the Year

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D.C. United midfielder Andy Najar has been named the 2010 MLS Rookie of the Year. Najar beat out New York Red Bulls defender Tim Ream and Philadelphia Union striker Danny Mwanga for the honors.

Najar flourished as the best player on a terrible D.C. United squad, showing impressive attacking qualities and finishing the season with five goals and one assist. The 17-year-old D.C. United academy product wowed fans and opponents with his fearless style and dynamic qualities.

Najar edged out Tim Ream, who started all 30 games and was the best defender on a New York Red Bulls side that won the Eastern Conference regular season title.

What do you think of the selection? Who would you have voted for?

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  1. Najar was the obvious choice !
    Metro fans shouldbe used to DC playersand team to be on top of them at all times!!
    You guys will never win anything that’s the reality of your team period you can bring barcelonas whole squadans still not win the cup!!
    Sorry trut hsucks

  2. Aden, let me guess, you’re a United fan, right?

    I’m sorry but Ream made a far bigger impact on his team than Najar did with his, impressive skills notwithstanding. Take Najar away and D.C. still finishes with the league’s worst record (of course, that would be true if you take any of their other players away, as well). Take Ream away and N.Y. doesn’t win the East. Period.

    BTW, take a look at some Sean Johnson highlights. This fellow will challenge for a spot on the World Cup team in four years.

  3. Najar is a good player, so are the other candidates, but i am curious about how these three finalist were chosen. Of the three, one is in the playoffs. He started every game and was exceptional. My vote would have gone for Ream, but the best rookie in my opinion was Bunbury. My second choice is Loyd in Dallas.

  4. While most starting defenders in the league do their fair share of breaking up plays and reading the game, Ream is that rare player who can do something with the ball after he makes a play. Most defenders play it safe and blast it out of the back if they’re under and pressure, and often times when they aren’t under pressure. Ream has a knack for taking an extra touch and has some ability to dribble to ensure he gets off an accurate pass in most cases. Having had a chance to watch him all season, it really is something special.

    I think that combined with him being the lynchpin on the first place team in the east, he bagged a goal, and he’s plays a clean game which his limited his yellows to only 2-3 on the season makes him the ROTY.

    But as I posted above, Najar had a great season and was a worthy choice. But for me, Ream was more deserving.

  5. I am disappointed that Ream did not win this award. If anything, I was worried Mwanga would have taken it from him.

    Ream is really something to watch, a force on the backline, and a great distributor with the ball at his feet. I doubt that those who are denouncing him have watched him play extensively. If so, they would know how much he contributed to the Red Bulls this year.


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