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Report: Adu to play in Randers reserve match with hope of landing contract (UPDATED)

Freddy Adu 4 (Reuters)

Freddy Adu could soon land at a new club, but not for its first team.

According to Danish outlet Sporten, Adu will play for Randers in a reserve tournament game tonight and could end up with a contract with the club should he impress. He is expected to play in the last three games of the tournament for Randers, who he has been training with in order to stay in shape. 

Should Adu join the club, he would play for the reserves as he has been deemed not fit enough to play at the Superliga (Denmark's top flight) level, according to Randers' chief scout Peter Cristiansen.

Even if Adu impresses, there is a road block to him signing with Randers. Currently he is on loan to Aris Salonika from Benfica, but the former has found no use for him this season. Benfica could let Adu go out on loan, but not until the winter transfer window opens in January. There is also a chance Adu could sign with Randers on a free transfer.

(UPDATE- Adu started, played 90 minutes and hit the post twice in Randers reserves' 4-0 loss to Viborg. According to club trainer Michael Winther, Adu looked good for the first 60-70 minutes before losing some steam.)

What do you think of Adu possibly landing a deal with Randers? Surprised he'd start off with the reserves? Just happy to see another club willing to take a chance on him? Should Benfica just release him?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. He’s trying out for Randers’ reserve team? What’s the goal here? To be getting minutes for a team not much better than MLS-level a year from now? Give it up, Freddy. Come to MLS and get minutes.

  2. “The few games he has played in Europe he has impressed, google the videos if you find it hard to believe. ”

    If he was that impressive why is he scrambling around looking for anyone to give him playing time?

    “There is no way we can let a good American soccer player go to waste! ”

    What do you mean “we”? Freddy is screwing himself up quite well without our help, thanks very much.

  3. It’s fine being an Adu fan but Donovan is a poor choice if you want to talk about comparing careers.

    Donovan did not do well at Leverkusen but when he went back on loan to San Jose he was a vital part of getting them to two championships (2001, 2003). In four years of loans there he had 109 appearances and 43 goals. When he went to the World Cup( and was about the age Adu is now)in 2002 he scored two goals, was named Best Young Player of the tournament and was an important part of arguably the best US World Cup effort ever.

    These are concrete accomplishments,real production that Donovan produced or was part of. If I’m a technical director of football of a club I can look at that and say, “there’s something there”.

    In contrast Freddy’s 4 years in MLS produced 103 appearances and 14 goals. DC did win the Cup in 2004 but Freddy was sub and a bit player on that team. I lived in the DC area at the time and saw a fair amount of Freddy. I thought he looked like a kid playing with men, which of course he was. Based on what little I’ve been able to see of him lately, (not my fault) things haven’t changed a lot. Dominating at the Under-20’s is great but it’s a bit like beating up your kid brother; it doesn’t prove that much.

    And being looked at by those big teams is great but when you produce 20 appearances and 5 goals for Benifca, 11 appearances and 0 goals for Monaco, 4 appearances and 0 goals for Belenenses and 11 appearances and 2 goals for Aris, well something is wrong with you. You get credit for being asked to the dance but it gets diluted when they throw you out 5 minutes later.

    As for the USMNT the less said the better. Besides they have Mix now and he’s a better long term bet than Freddy. If I’m that Technical Director Adu’s record screams out “trouble”.

    Adu has no professional career accomplishments that can compare in any way to what Donovan has done. More to the point, ask yourself if you really believe Donovan would have done as poorly at those clubs if he had been there instead of Freddy?

    Freddy is young and still has time it’s true but everyone forgets being a professional soccer player is a privilege not a right. There are only so many clubs in the world.

    Your choice of the Galaxy is interesting.Why should Donovan mentor someone who didn’t take Landon’s advice about having to get more PT in Europe? Why should Arena, who needs goal scorers( something Freddy is not)and who has all the head cases he needs, give him a chance when there are lots of young or younger players who may be as talented, if not more so and who are hungrier, less baggage laden and definitely cheaper than Freddy? So what if they aren’t Americans? Arena’s loyalty is to the Galaxy not the USMNT.

    If Nowak will take him Philly would be my idea of his best bet.

  4. Your argument is just, until you mention “at a higher level”!!

    Donovan was struggling through and through. He couldnt make the starting 11, turned down Porthsmouth and was LOANED to the Earthquakes…Not Beleneses or Aris, Earthquakes hence in THEIR EYES he wasn’t good enough. He returned to Germany and played seven games with Leverkusen, only two of which were starts. He trained with Bayern Munich and played some games (on loan) and they declined to extend his loan, so he made the right choice by returning to MLS (or he would probably be bouncing around too).

    Adu was in MLS when proclaimed the Savior of US Soccer, He was a dominating force and captain (LEADER)with the U-20 USMNT, which included Altidore, Bradley and Rogers (crystal clear there). If you get looked at by a team like Monaco, Beleneses or Aris regardless….you’re doing something right.

    I don’t see any teams at that level looking at our Veterans namely Buddle, Rogers, Findley, Bornstein, Casey, Pause, Carroll and they play on a regular for our National Team.

    Secondly, some of the other players we have are struggling/riding pine just as much overseas and some do Nothing extra ordinary in MLS, yet they get playing time on a regular basis but yet they are different (spector, Gooch, Clark, Findley, Bornstein, Rogers).

    Galaxy will be the team for Adu because Arena has coached the national team and has the experience to mentor and tutor him and Donovan has been there done that and will be able guide him to success….

  5. Adu is clearly talented, even if he is older than 21, that is still true. BUT!
    There are some great articles on “vision”, the kind that Gretsky has, not simply eyesight. This is something Adu seems to be almost totally lacking. He just can’t seem to see when to pass, when to dribble, when to defend, or when to take a chance. The result is he is always taking chances no matter the circumstance. Such risky behavior is not appreciated by coaches or teammates.
    Perhaps he can learn to better see what is unfolding, perhaps not. One school of thought is he needs to be in situations that punish poor decisions so he will learn, that implies he must play in games that matter. Problem is until he improves, no one will give him improtant games, he needs to take ALL games (and training sessions) seriously and force himself to improve.

  6. I know Adu and Michael Bradley are friends. You’d think Mikey and his dad would talk some sense to him. Come back to MLS. Take 75K for two years. He’ll still have his endorsement dollars. Then PROVE it. EARN it. ENJOY it.

  7. Wonder? Of course the media played a huge role. US media LOVE and thrive (make money) off prodigy stories. What 14 year old do you know turned pro and went on to have a successful career? None that I can think of. It wasn’t fair to him. I wish he would come back to MLS and not even start for a year. As someone posted above, eat a bit of humble pie and get back on track. He’s only 21, right?

  8. You have to be a phenomenal offensive player for a coach to let you have a free role and no defensive duties and Adu just isn’t good enough for that. So he needs to add new dimensions to his game or find a league where he can dominate in the offensive end of the field.

  9. Dear Freddy,

    What a way to be humbled. The future of US soccer was heaped on your shoulders before you could legally drive. You weren’t that good to begin with, but you have the potential to be a starter for the US national team. We’ve seen glimpses of your full potential, but you have to work hard to achieve it. Dig in, work hard, show up every day at practice like it’s your first day, and show us what we are missing.


  10. Nice post, I basically agree, but Adu did OK in MLS with DCU and RSL, and RSL wanted to keep him. If he returned to MLS he would start and do OK.

  11. I’ve always thought and still think Adu has the best all important first touch out of any American player in this current pool and perhaps ever. I keep hoping he someday makes an impact on USMNT, because to me that’s the most beautiful part of the game when a player can virtually catch a long ball on their foot and quickly make a move. Here is an example that by the way was like 6 months ago.

  12. lol I find it funny when folks here say Adu never impressed them, simply hilarious! Adu was amazing in the youth system. When Adu has seen the pitch in Europe whether it was with Benfica,Monaco,Aris, he was better than decent, pure fact. I really love the experts on this site claming he doesn’t hustle bla bla bla. Really? What game? The few games he has played in Europe he has impressed, google the videos if you find it hard to believe. His problem has nothing to do with his skills, it must be something beyond that. Because everytime he did something great with the teams mention above, he would ride the bench the next week. Adu maybe signing with Randers is a A++! There is no way we can let a good American soccer player go to waste! The Mexicans do a great job in keeping their bench warmers in the mix. Vela & Gio have been wack for most part this year. Adu have a better early 2010 campaign than both those bums put together and yet we take Findley to South Africa!lol When we are a power house team, then we will talk about leaving Adu alone, but for now PAPAS, we take care of our own bench warmers! 😉


  13. Either way it was meant, I noticed that the other day…he is NOT in FIFA ’11….that really says something for one’s career…700-some-odd teams, gazillions of players…and he couldn’t make it..hell, my name and face is in that game now! (thanks to the add your own face feature) 🙂

  14. I like the idea of Donovan mentoring Adu under Brucie’s guidance in L.A. sounds like the perfect solution. And no pressure, because he is not a star compared to donovan and beckham…so he can develop in their shadows.

  15. I think Adu isn’t as bad as everyone else is making him out to be.

    He still has the proper skills and creativity to be successful. But what he is lacking is confidence. His confidence is shattered because he has done nothing but fail in Europe and hes moving all over the place from club to club.

    Donovan is obviously the prime example, he “failed” 3 times in Europe before fitting right in with Everton. Some players just need to feel wanted and comfortable to succeed.

    Adu needs to come back to MLS where any team would love to have him. The fans would love him. He could get his game back on track and then try to find a team that fits him in Europe when the time comes.

  16. I am baffled at how people think so highly of Gooch.

    I actually like him, but this is what I have seen.

    He is physically and mentally strong and good in the air, but easily beaten on the dribble (by Central American players) and out of position far too often. I do not see him doing well in a top league.

    I liken Adu’s mentality to that of an alcoholic. He needs to hit rock bottom before he actually realizes his problem. I think he may be close to it.

    I think his problem is that he was born on third base but he thinks he hit a triple. Because of his early hype, he thinks he is a superstar, which has created a sense of entitlement.

    Maybe this is his ego’s rock bottom. Maybe he will realize how much work he needs to put in to make it. Find a lower level league that he can play in and put in the work to prove himself. I dont think he has the tools to be a top player, but he definately has enough tools to be a decent professional if he works hard. The first step is for him to realize he is not a superstar, like the rest of the world has.

  17. In 2009 BB took Adu to South Africa for the Confederations Cup and then took him to the Gold Cup the same year, even though Adu had played about 20 minutes all season for his team at the time, Monaco. Clearly, he was very rusty, based on his one appearance in the Gold Cup.

    As far as I know BB hasn’t called him back to camp since so I guess he’s seen what he needs to see for now. What seems clear from that is that BB most likely told Adu he needs to get more PT and Adu clearly hasn’t done that, hence his lack of call ups. It was around that time that Donovan told the media that what Freddy need most of all was

    playing time at his club.

    I guess Freddy doesn’t listen to Donovan.

  18. How kind some people are.

    Donovan was not going to get into that Bayern squad. Not with Toni, Klose, Olic, Mueller, Altintop, Schweinsteiger, Prajnic, Ribery, Kroos (not yet on reserve at that time I believe) all ahead of him.

    It was just really bad timing.

  19. Adu has never done anyting for the USMNT. Gooch is a proven starter and while Spector is crap now, he had a great run in the Confed Cup.

  20. Your argument makes sense until you look a bit closer.

    Donovan was at Leverskusen from 2001 till 2005. During that time he had a great 2002 World Cup. So he had his evidence that he could play at a very high level. And of course he had his succesful loan periods with the Quakes. But when he went back to Leverkusen he still couldn’t get first team action so he eventually wound up back with the Galaxy.

    The point is there was plenty of evidence that Donovan could play at a higher level but for whatever reason, call it a numbers game, call it anti-american prejudice, it just wasn’t going to happen at Leverkusen.

    This isn’t the case with Adu. There is plenty of evidence compiled at DC United, RSL, Benfica, at Monaco, at Beleneses , at Aris, with the USMNT, that he does not have what it takes to be a consistent, productive high level, professional soccer player.

    He has had numerous chances to prove everyone wrong and has succeeded mostly in proving his doubters correct. Someone talked Benfica into giving him a bloated contract and he’s been hanging on to it ever since ( I sure would). I’m sure the guy who gave it to him has been fired.

  21. If you can call in Pause, Carroll, Gaven, Rogers, Bornstein and spector (the latter 2 in their current form) then making the national team isn’t really a contest for the best of the best at your position anymore. Lately its more like “who” you know than “what” you know.

    Its hard not to lose faith in Adu (and I’m a fan!!!!) but he’ll come around…..

  22. I love Freddy, I just want him to succeed. Luckliy, he is still fairly young, he’s only like 23-24?Maybe he needs to come back in MLS & start over. He needs to be in the big countries, even if its in the lower leagues-England,Spain,Italy,France, or Germany. I would like to be able to watch the games he plays.I say he should come back to MLS, he will actually be playing.

  23. C-Scott,

    There was an old story about the Emperor’s new clothes. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

    Adu won’t play in the MLS until his original Benfica contract runs out. I believe it has a year to go. When it does, he’ll be about 21-22, still young enough to come home or play anywhere that will have him.

    If he’s smart he will go to wherever they give him the most money. He has shown that he is not a very good pro. Too many respectable managers have given up on him. Clearly they know something we all don’t or don’t want to know.

    I don’t see it happening but if he can fool another team into giving him a contract so much the better for him. He has no other marketable skills so he’ll need the money.

    Personally I’d like for it to be here in the States so everyone can see for themselves how good he really is or isn’t.

    The USMNT doesn’t need him, Diskerud is a much better prospect. He can get professional managers who are paid to judge talent to put him on the field on a regular basis, something Adu can’t get them to do for him. That should tell you something.

  24. What i meant by that is that Onyewu needs games and by calling him up to play in friendlies doesn’t give him the idea that even though he isn’t getting minutes minutes he won’t lose his starting spot. Because he lost it at the World Cup. Bob tries to get Gooch back in form by giving him chances during friendlies.

  25. I still have hope for the kid. I think that hope is there because the US just has never had a player with incredible ball skills. Maybe it will end up being somebody else.

  26. Cherundolo, Frank Simek and now Eric Lichaj. Even though he plays attacking left tackle, Pearce has played as a defender and midfielder on the right and left sides under FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman so there are options. If you ride pine you shouldnt automatically be called up. You always need to prove yourself, regardless of position, something every player should be striving for. Spector, for now is a hole in our defense…..but it doesnt mean he cant get better, same with Adu…


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