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SBI Stoppage Time: MLS Cup Preview


  1. I’ve always loved your editions of stoppage time (short lived as it may be, I hope stoppage time continues). Your insight is always incredibly on-point and succinct. I’m just an MLS/ US soccer fan with no team affiliation, but I don’t understand how you can preview the upcoming MLS Cup game without mentioning Casey and Cummings. It was your choice not to, of course, but I feel that forward tandem is worth talking about, considering a possible upset. Just my 2 cents. I don’t care who wins the game, but I’ll be watching, as always. And I’ll always be tuned in to SBI Stoppage Time as well. Keep up the good work. I find your knowledge and insight to be better than Alexi and Harkesey combined.

    (SBI-It wasn’t as thorough a preview as we would have liked to have done, but given the time constraints we did what we could. Hopefully we keep doing them and keep learning as we go. Thanks for the input.)

  2. i feel bad for ppl who purchased tickets for the final hoping to flip them. FCD or Col cant get ppl to show up to their game at home, forget about flying to Toronto

  3. ives are you suggesting twellman should be on tv at mls cup? are you deaf or just plain dumb? he was god awful during the summer friendlies. he makes marcelo balboa sound good.

    (SBI-I expect better from an SBI regular than “Are you deaf or just plain dumb.” That’s lame Kat. Not saying Twellman is a better overall analyst than McManaman. My point is that after hearing Macca TRY to talk about American soccer it’s clear he knows NOTHING about American soccer. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather hear the less polished guy who actually knows about the league he’s talking about, and the final he’s covering, than some Brit who sounds smooth but is really just speaking in empty cliches because he’s simply not informed about the league.)

  4. Thank you Ives,

    I think that Ives has gotten EVERY game/series wrong so far in the playoffs.. lets continue that trend! GO RAPIDS!

  5. Ives did you ever watch Jersey Shore season 1 because you look a lot like Julio from the t-shirt shop

    (SBI-I could see that, I won’t front, but you best believe I would have dropped some MMA elbows on the clown who punched Snookie instead of just standing there. ha ha.)

  6. Go Rapids! Underdogs they might be, it’s a solid team and has speed to match Dallas. Should be an exciting and even game even if ther are no designated players.


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