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SBI Stoppage Time: Previewing the weekend’s MLS playoff action


  1. Here is how it is going to go. Real will score a goal. Forcing the game to extra time. When Real will win in the second half or in the shootout.

    Hoping dallas crushes them, but thats what I think will happen

  2. As an RSL fan I obviously think that they’ll have enough to erase the 1 goal defecit and advance to the next round; that being said, I agree with Adub that its a shame that these teams are meeting in the first round. Its gonna be a great game!

  3. Hey what up Ives, FCD will beat or draw RSL . Yeah Pearce being out hurts us, but they young Brazilian Jackson should be able to help out there. Don’t forget about Ihmelu coming back off injury probably paired up with George John. Zach Lloyd has played very nicely (even at CB) his rookie season, so i think the hoops have a good shot at keeping Real Salt Lake to a goal or less. Rimando is the class of the league, but alot of people dont give credit to Hartman or Sala. FCD will be a tough out for RSL leading 2-1, but its too bad these teams had to play in the first round. Im very excited to see what happens though… will dallas be able to hold off RSL with there ailing defense? or will RSL take advantage and get behind the defense with there speed? We’ll know Saturday!!!!


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