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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

MesutOzil (Getty Images)

The race for first place in La Liga continues today as Real Madrid looks to stay in front of Barcelona with a win against Athletic Bilbao ahead of next week's 'Clasico' against Barcelona.

Jose Mourinho's men will look to maintain its one-point lead on Barcelona, while in Italy, AC Milan will try to maintain its own lead atop Serie A with a win against a tough Fiorentina side.

In the women's game, the U.S. women's national team plays Italy in the first of two matches for a berth in the World Cup.

If you will be watching today's action, or if you watched this morning's Arsenal-Tottenham tilt (among others), please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's commentary is after the jump):


10am– Birmingham City vs. Chelsea

10am– Blackpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers

10am– Bolton vs. Newcastle United

10am– Fox Socer Channel- Manchester United vs. Wigan Athletic

10am– West Brom vs. Stoke City

10:30am– USA women vs. Italy

12pm– Fox Soccer Plus/ Roma vs. Udinese

12:20pm– Sheffield United vs. Crystal Palace

12:30pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Liverpool vs. West Ham United

12:30pm– Bayer Leverkusen vs. Bayern Munich

1pm– Rennes vs. Brest

2pm– GolTV- Penarol vs. Defensor Sporting

2:45pm– Ajax vs. PSV

2:45pm– Soccer Channel- A.C. Milan vs. Fiorentina

3pm– Nice vs. Montpellier

4pm– GolTV- Real Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao

6pm– Azteca America- Cruz Azul vs. Pumas

6:15pm– GolTV- Deportes Tolima vs. Santa Fe Bogota

8pm– Telefutura- America vs. San Luis

8:30pm– GolTV- La Equidad Bogotá vs Atlético Huila

11pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Sydney FC vs. Perth Glory



  1. Maxi header puts Liverpool up 3-0 in the 38th. Sure it’s West Ham but the Reds are missing Gerrard. Shockingly Torres has not scored.

  2. He’s good enough for the PL. I agree though, another season or 2 in the Bundesliga would be great for his game. Plus create some buzz for him.

    BMG need strikers. Good strikers who can score and score consistently.

  3. All things being equal, for the USMNT it would be better if Bradley stayed in Germany. It’s a more technical league and he should develop his skills more.

  4. USWNT did not play well at all. I did not watch them in qualifying and based on today’s performance I am not surprised that they lost to Mexico.

  5. It’s bad if you want them to do well against real powers like Brazil or Germany next summer. They looked a lot like this in Cancun against Mexico and Costa Rica, and weren’t impressive against China prior to that, either. Glad they won, in the end, but they have serious issues…

  6. God the USWNT have played terribly today, they look like they don’t even care. Just lobbing the ball up field hopefully, sloppy passing, and no effort whatsoever. I’m extremely disappointed.

  7. I’m sorry but Bradley didn’t have a good game. He had a great assist, but his turnovers led to two of Mainz’s goals. That being said he had an average game.

    People hoping he goes to the EPL are kidding themselves. BDL is a great league, so staying put is not a bad thing. He just needs to hope BMG spend some of that money they got selling their top players last year.

  8. I agree, Holden was excellent and an absolute workhorse out there. The term “box-to-box” midfielder does not do him justice; instead, the term goal-line to goal-line should be used to describe him. The commentators were suggesting he made a strong case for man of the match and I have to agree. If not for the stupid fouls by Newcastle, it would have been a high scoring game for both sides. A really fun game to match for sure and great job by Holden.

  9. Really impressed with Holden’s game. Bolton is fast becoming my favorite team to watch. They play an entertaining game and, unlike Arsenal, they know how to defend.

  10. hopefully not wigan or blackburn. horrid choices. much more suited for villa or everton, even liverpool, if hodgsdon can get it right there.

  11. Is Carroll really the best English striker since Shearer? What about Rooney?

    England have atm more or less the likes of Carlton Cole, Crouch, Defoe, Bent, Davies, Agbonlahor. Is Carroll better than all those? I’m just curious what you guys think or is this all “Hype”?

  12. Now everyone will start saying Bradley should leave BMG. He should stay. They won’t get relegated. Well okay they will not be relegated if they get a new centerback and 2 new strikers come January. Bradley should stick it out. Another season in Germany will only help him before he heads to England. I can envision him playing for the likes of Everton or AV or Blackburn or Wigan.

  13. ESPN needs to start showing some Bundesliga matches.

    Like say on Saturdays they show 2 PL and 1 Bundesliga match and Sundays they show 2 La Liga matches and 1 Bundesliga match.

    I’m just saying. we all would watch.

  14. Is it me or does it seem like Kevin Davies only score from PK’s?

    Wow Elmander. He had 5 goals his first season for Bolton and 2 last season and already 6 this season. Someone sure lit his fire. Went from flop to HERO. He’s 29 and a so-so player for Sweden but the way he’s playing he might even give Zlatan a run for his money as Sweden’s striker up top since they play a 4-2-3-1.

  15. I think that after college football season, they will probably devote more resources to streaming international soccer. They’re even showing rugby on one feed.

  16. I somewhat enjoyed watching BMG-Mainz. Nice assist by bradley. It’s really unfortunate that their defense can never hold onto the lead. and I feel the need to mention that I am very impressed with Stuart Holden, along with the commentators, he is a great fit at bolton, and this game is great to watch

  17. USA – Italy 0:0 at the end of the first. The Yank ladies look a little jet lagged; I hope they can grind out a win here.

    Gunners – Spurs lived up to its top billing. Great action, great comeback by Spurs, the Nasri – Gallas subplot…really enjoyable way to start the weekend.

  18. Carrying on over here:

    a) XBoxlive ESPN3 Rocks – we all agree.

    b) ‘Gladbach’s defense is absolutely horrible

    c) Bradley did reasonably well today but could have been a bit tighter on defense. Great assist.

    d) Arsenal-Tottenham will be a tough game to top this weekend.

    e) Stuey having a good game for Bolton? Bolton playing good football.

    That’s the status from the other post!


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