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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

ClintDempsey (

Fulham sits just a goal differential away from the Premier League relegation zone, making today's match against Manchester City crucial for Clint Dempsey and the Cottagers to avoid slipping any further in the standings.

Manchester City also needs a win today to move past surprising Bolton into fourth place in the Premier League and just a point behind third-place Arsenal. The Citizens have endured some disappointing results in recent weeks, but Fulham could provide the remedy today.

In Mexico, Pachuca has a chance to knock off Monterrey in the Mexican League playoffs with a win today, with Americans Jose Torres, Marco Vidal and Herculez Gomez set to be in uniform for 'Los Tuzos'.

Tonight's action will be capped by the 2010 MLS Cup, featuring FC Dallas against the Colorado Rapids. SBI will provide live coverage of the match tonight.

If you are watching today's soccer action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


8:30am– Soccer Plus- Blackburn vs. Aston Villa

9am– Fox Soccer Channel- Chievo vs. Inter Milan

9am– Parma vs. Lazio

9:30am– GolTV- Stuttgart vs. Cologne

11am– Fox Soccer Channel- Fulham vs. Manchester City

11am– DirecTV- Osasuna vs. Sporting Gijon

11am– DirecTV- Espanyol vs. Hercules

11am– DirecTV- Levante vs. Racing Santander

1pm– GolTV- Sevilla vs. Mallorca

2:45pm– Soccer Channel- Napoli vs. Bologna

3pm– GolTV- Real Sociedad vs. Atletico Madrid

3pm– Lens vs. Lyon

5pm– Telemundo- Monterry vs. Pachuca

7pm– Telefutura- Santos Laguna vs. Jaguares

8:30pm– ESPN- Colorado vs. FC Dallas



  1. Wow, thank you, thank you.. for preaching another small club supporter berating someone else because of who they support, who are you to tell me anything about struggle or loyalty every player on that team would leave in a heart beat if they knew they could make it some where else Jimmy Bullard anyone!!. You have know idea of my connections to Chelsea or what watching them means to me but I guess because I am millions of miles away my time and money spent supporting the club means little, but yours means more because your club is hard working? Yeah boo hoo cry me a river. at the rate your small club is going they couldn’t even beat the red bulls.

  2. Ok, fair point…MAYBE…but I never said what Dempsey would care or wouldn’t care for. I was just saying how it’d be nice if they did play together, for obvious reasons. At least from a fan’s perspective it’d be awesome. Plus, Bolton seem to truly be on the up and up and Fulham (which will always be my favorite team, Dempsey or no Dempsey) are in shambles. So, IF Fulham do go down, I really think Deuce should leave.

  3. I’m very familiar with Roman’s story and the raise of the Russian oligarchs. And would prefer that to a dangerous religious fundamentalist.

  4. “He scored 8 goals last season, more so in the EL and suddenly he’s “England potential”.”

    8 goals in the league last season true. 19 in all competitions. And yes he was probably better in Europa (he was excellent) than the league, but Fulham this is where Fulham’s priorities were.

    He may not have been tearing it up prior to last year, but I don’t know how you could doubt he had a great (and breakout) season.

    In last year’s form he was clearly better than Dempsey (who would occasionally not start to make way for Zoltan). Once he comes back we’ll see if he can keep it up.

    You make a good point tho that at age 30 he’s bound to slow down pretty soon.

  5. Are you referring to Anschultz?

    And how is that worse? Do you know anything about the Russian mafia? Do you know anything about organized crime in general?

  6. Tremendously foolish mentality. Clearly you understand nothing about sports or the reality of world soccer where relatively small teams like Fulham go up against mob bankrolled giants like Chelsea. For a team like Fulham to make it even to the finals of Europa league is a remarkable achievement. The loyal, largely working class fanbase deserved and enjoyed that achievement.

    It must be difficult to understand for someone who clearly thinks so little of loyalty, perseverance despite struggle, and the beauty of the resilient underdog. But please continue disparaging a team like Fulham and taking a stupid sense of pride for the achievements of a stacked, billionaire team you have absolutely no connection to.

  7. Because my family is split in two the jamaican half which resides in Manchester a province in Jamaica and the jamaican half in england and the england half is in london, so I liked chelsea no one else liked them. If they are plastic then so is everyother club that looks to having a rich owner, if any of the smaller clubs had rich owners and became a top 4 side would you then stop following them? and why not liverpool? I’d rather be dead then be a red!!!

  8. Why wouldnt you support City? Or maybe another team that was good at the time like Liverpool? I find your story a bit strange. But its fine, keep supporting your plastic club.

  9. Ah yes the mighty Everton who sit a point above Fulham and the great Aston Villa who are a full three points up!

    That would be a huge upgrade for Dempsey and a great reason to upend his family (with a newborn son 2 days old)

  10. Fulham will rebound. It’s West Ham, Wigan, Wolverhampton that are destined to be relegated.

    The question is how close will Fulham be to the drop. Dempsey should consider his options after the Gold Cup. Maybe Everton or AV come calling if his form continues to grow.

  11. The English like to say Zamora is their best player. This is the guy who scored 2 goals in his 1st season with Fulham. He missed nearly every shot, even the “sitters”. He scored 8 goals last season, more so in the EL and suddenly he’s “England potential”.

    Zamora will return in january and be 30. He is not the future for Fulham. He is merely a decent striker, same with AJ. Both are overpaid players who can only achieve so much.

    Best player at Fulham is Schwarzer followed by Hangeland than Dempsey, though Hangeland was much better 2 years ago whereas Dempsey is way better than 2 years ago.

  12. Not having Zamora is a huge blow for them. They also rely too much on some aging players: Murphy, Duff, even Gera and Davies are on the wrong side of thirty. Dembele was a good pickup, but they really need to freshen up the midfield in January.

  13. With all his talent it’s a shame that De Jong has to play so dirty.

    Guess he wants to be the new Roy Keane, but it just seems so unnecessary.

    Was kind of disappointed by Dempsey. As good as he is, Silva, Tevez, and even De Jong seemed a few notches better than him. But it is just one game.

    But judging by this match, City have very good chances of winning the title.

  14. Wow, did someone pay this official at half time?

    Kompany handball in the box not called, followed 10 seconds later by a Yaya Toure hand ball outside the box, followed 10 seconds later by Nigel De Jong straight up intentionally elbowing Gera in the face.

  15. The official is making a mockery of the match right now. The no call on Zabaleta running into AJ after he was beat, and now whistling Dempsey for a beautiful tackle.

  16. It is not at all the same.

    Fulham was top of the middle of the table last year. And now sit tied on points with the 3rd team in the relegation zone.


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