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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

InterMilanCelebrates (Getty Images)

An Italian Derby, an MLS conference final and an American star facing a top English club headline Sunday's soccer action.

Inter Milan takes on AC Milan today in the weekend's marquee match-up, while Tim Howard and Everton play host to Arsenal. Tonight's final match will be for the right to face the Colorado Rapids in the MLS Cup Final when Los Angeles takes on FC Dallas.

Those are just some of the many matches on tap today. If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's Schedule is after the jump):


6:30am- Soccer Plus- Lazio vs. Napoli

8:30am- AZ Alkmaar vs. Ajax

9:00am- Soccer Plus- Everton vs. Arsenal

9:00am- Fox Soccer Channel- Palermo vs. Catania

9:00am- Sampdoria vs. Verona

11:00am- Fox Soccer Plus- Milwall vs. Sheffield United

11:00am- GolTV- Real Zaragoza vs. Sevilla

11:00am- DirecTV- Hercules vs. Real Sociedad

11:00am- DirecTV- Racing Santandor vs. Espanyol

11:00am- Mallorca vs. Deportivo La Coruna

11:00am- Auxerre vs. Rennes

11:00am- Lorient vs. Paris St. Germain

11:10am- Fox Soccer Channel- Chelsea vs. Sunderland

1:00pm- Azteca America- Morelia vs. Puebla

1:00pm- Telemundo- Toluca vs. Atlante

1:00pm- GolTV- Sporting Gijon vs. Real Madrid

1:00pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Tottenham vs. Blackburn (delayed)

2:45pm- Soccer Channel- Inter Milan vs. AC Milan

3:00pm- Valencia vs. Getafe

3:00pm- Soccer Plus- Lyon vs. Nice

3:15pm- FC Porto vs. Portimonense

5:00pm- GolTV- Fluminense vs. Goias

5:30pm- Telefutura- America vs. Pumas UNAM

7:00pm- Fox Sports Premium- Newell's Old Boys vs. Racing Santander

9:00pm- ESPN2/ Los Angeles Galaxy vs. FC Dallas

10:00pm- GolTV- Bayern Munich vs. Nuremberg (delayed)




  1. Again he could start. It’d be a much harder fight than playing time at Fulham (where he’s pretty much a lock starter). He could start or he could end up out of favor riding the bench and not playing for a season.

    Its pointless to argue about whether demps is as good as the likes of Cahill & Young (ludicrous statement in regards to Young IMO), because its not starstruck American fans who are going to be deciding his playing time, it’ll be European managers with (at the big clubs) loads of talent at their disposal.

    And the idea that Demps will simply “step his game up” is more wishful fan babble than actual assessment.

  2. Dempsey could start at Everton or AV. He’s just about as good as Tim Cahill. Not as talented as say Ashley Young but he’s close enough.

    Besides he always steps his game up for those around him,not just his opposition.

    Id love to see him at Everton in 2012.

  3. “Could be” is important here. Even elite stars struggle to find playing time at the biggest clubs. Just last season Demps had to fight for a starting spot when he dipped in form or when he picked up a knock. At the big clubs playing time is hard to come by and there’s always the threat of a young star or expensive transfer coming in and taking your spot.

    Demps is a great player but he’s not elite enough to where he could jump on a big club and be assured a spot (even at lesser big clubs like Villa and Everton).

    He’s fine where he is.

  4. Average clubs are like Fulham, Wigan, Sunderland, Stoke.

    Big clubs are Everton, Tottenham, Man City

    World class clubs are Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool.

    Each league has like 2-4 clubs that are in a league of their own than surrounded by say 4-6 teams that do quite well and fight for a CL or Europa League spot.

    It’s not that Americans wanna be at big clubs it’s that some fans desire to see them as world-class clubs and that’s outlandish at the moment. I’d love to see Dempsey at Tottenham or abroad at say Atletico Madrid or say Napoli. He would never start at Liverpool though neither would Donovan.

  5. Well Dempsey has the talent to join the likes of say AV or Everton. He could be a constant starter there. I think it’s good he stays at Fulham for another season though.

    by the way those 2 are big Clubs

  6. Well, if you are going for it then Landon should try to get on Man U. He could hook up nicely with Park and Nani.

    Besides Pienaar is not long for Everton and I can’t see Moyes hanging around much longer. Villa should have tried harder to get Moyes. Imagine Moyes replacing Hodgson?

  7. Charlie Davies had a very heavy first touch. Still does as far as I know.

    The only thing that matters is can he score goals consistently for the US. If he can, it doesn’t matter how “unskilled”(by the way, scoring goals is the rarest skill of all) he is you have to play him. There’s really only one way to find out about Wondo. And Gomez may not be done yet.

  8. It is funny there is so many american players abroad struggling to find playing time but, the few guys who are settled at a club people immediately say they need to move to a bigger club.

  9. I’ve been saying this for years… Chelsea and United are so clearly favored by the officials its sickening.. good to see a team giving Chelsea a game at the bridge. Come on black cats!

  10. I am fuming mad right now. I am sick and tired of seeing Manchester United and Chelsea play by different rules.

    Sick and tired of this crap. Cheating crap.

  11. Wow, that is 100% the denial of a goal scoring opportunity.

    That is a red card ALWAYS. How does Chelsea continue to get away with crap like this?!?!?!?!?!?

  12. There is something to be said for wanting to go to an organization that you are familiar with, that has players you enjoy playing with, and an atmosphere that appreciates your contributions.
    Landon would not be going over, necessarily, for a permanent move, but for a loan spell that would take him up to the start of the MLS season. Why not play for a team you like?

  13. Bolton is in 5th place and Holden is starting and playing every minute. He is doing very well there, as evidenced by his several assists as well as his goal yesterday. No reason for him to go anywhere. You think if he went to Arsenal he’d be getting the minutes he’s getting now?

    And saying Everton is a horrible team is ridiculous. They tend to start slowly and get better over the course of the season. They’re a solid midtable team.

    Yes Fulham is struggling a bit at the moment but that doesn’t mean Dempsey needs to get away from them. They’re still not in a relegation fight and I would be surprised if they ended up in one.

  14. I don’t see why Landon would want to rush to play with this team they are horrible, its one thing to play in the epl but when are American players going to set the bar high and play for bigger clubs. Stuart would fit in great at arsenal,Dempsey needs to get away from fulham. I guess I just dont understand the allure of losing, and playing to not finish in the bottom three.

  15. what a chance for Saha at the back post, as the half ends

    what is up with Arshavin these days? he seems to be frequently sulking or pouting or hanging his head. he doesn’t seem happy on the field….

  16. I hope not. He doesn’t have the skillset to play internationally, heavy touch. Scores goals but so did Hercules Gomez and he didn’t exactly light things up. I say lets see what he can do next year, or he may just be a one-hit wonder like Gomez.


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