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USA to face Chile at Home Depot Center on Jan. 22nd

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As the U.S. men's national team prepares for the final match of 2010 against South Africa on Wednesday, U.S. Soccer has announced the first match of 2011.

The United States will face Chile at Home Depot Center on Jan. 22nd.

The match will take place at the tail-end of the U.S. national team's upcoming training camp in January. MLS-based players and Scandinavian League-based players.

Chile was one of the most exciting teams at the 2010 World Cup, but most of the team's stars are likely to be playing in Europe at the time. 

What do you think of the match-up? Which players are you hoping to see face Chile?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. That’s Bull Sh*t. if you think Wondo can do anything for our side, then your clearly not thinking right. Braun has potential. Has had some wonderful goals, playing with a completely disoriented, identity-less, Chivas team.

    He’s a 23 yr old, 3rd yr player. Wondo didn’t show as much at that kids age.

  2. last cycle, bob had a history of rewarding players who did well in MLS during the season (Brandon McDonald?).

    Its clear he doesn’t have the talent though. It was a good season.

  3. With all this talk about horrible prospect CB’s in the playoffs, then i’d say you’ve all unintentionally made a very good case as to why George John should be called up. Can you really disagree?

    The dude, i’d say, has the potential to grow into the best player out of FCD’s three Nats prospects. Those being McCarty and Shea. You can argue that. But come on, the guy, was in the right place at the right time on every place vs RSL and LA.

    And its not like he has the frame of Parkhurst

  4. What are you talking about? He’s played in four games all year. And he didn’t play at all this past weekend. He doesn’t deserve to be called in.

  5. I agree x100 with a Ryan Smith callup…if he wants to represent America. Could it be a Zakuani-ish situation where he wants to represent England or no one? (Legitimately asking because i don’t know).

    But yeah Ryan Smith is a creative talent that the pool could definitely use.

  6. Gonzalez’s issue is his focus. You can read it all over his play. When he’s intense and focused, he can make the lateral movements just fine. When he’s off in la la land i.e against Dallas, he gets smoked left and right.

    He needs to mature, but he’ll get there.

  7. Supposedly, the Chile players will arrive in the mine shaft rescue cage….one by one…from beneath the stadium…coaches waiting to kiss players instead of wives.

  8. Everything you said is correct, but he is “new” and thus, undoubtedly more skilled than any other US player, past or present.

    We would have won the World Cup if he, or any number of players playing the lower divisions of Norway, Germany or England been included in the side.

  9. Wait, we’re supposed to read the articles before we comment?

    Freddy Adu!

    I hate Bob Bradley!

    Where is Klinsmann!

    The next game should be in St. Louis!

    We should wear green jerseys!

  10. I want to see Daniel Williams as a sub and I want to see Davies come in as a sub I know he is not getting minutes,but I just want to see him play he needs to get better we need him in 2014. I would like to see a Buddle and Altidore pairing, or Gomez and Altidore pairing.

  11. Gonzalez looked pretty bad last night against FC Dallas, especially on the first goal. What CB lets an offesnive player control, turn, and then strike the ball yet still be more than 5 yards from the player. Comments re lack of lateral speed seem apt.


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