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Whitecaps introduce DeMerit as first signing

Jay DeMerit (Getty)

Jay DeMerit finally has a team again.

Four months after starting all four games for the U.S. national team in South Africa, the former Watford defender was introduced at a press conference today as the first MLS signing by the Vancouver Whitecaps. There was no indication if DeMerit signed as a Designated Player.

Since parting ways with Watford at the end of the 2009-10 club season, DeMerit hasn't played on a regular, save for his World Cup appearances

He'll be the first piece of the building process of expansion side Vancouver as they continue their preparations for their 2011 debut. Next year will also mark DeMerit's MLS debut, as he went unsigned and undrafted out of college.

What do you think of the news? Glad to see DeMerit join MLS? Who will Vancouver sign next?

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  1. I have heterosexual man crush on Jay DeMerit. He was one of my favorite players during the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. While he may not be the most athletically gifted or the greatest player, he was tenacious, physical and tough as nails. Did you guys know he played most of the Algeria game with a split tongue!? How the hell does that even happen?

    I’m disappointed he couldn’t find a club in Europe, but I’m excited for him to be playing in MLS. He’ll easily be in the MLS Best XI, and will probably be a favorite to win MLS Defender in the Year. I’m a little disappointed that he’ll be playing in Canada, and not in the United States, just because I feel like he’s “ours” and we appreciate his accomplishments more. I’m sure Vancouver fans will learn to love him though.

    I do wonder what this means for his USMNT future. Obviously at age 31, he’s not gonna be playing in the 2014 World Cup, but he might still be part of the team that goes to the Gold Cup. I could see him being called up the January Camp to serve as a mentor for the young CB’s (Ream, Opara, Gonzalez, John). I want the young guys, especially Ream, Gonzalez and Opara (forget about Boss for now until he gets his playing/contract situation figured out) to get as much playing time, but our main objective for the Gold Cup is to win it. And if Ream/Opara/Gonzalez/John, aren’t ready yet (although Ream was great against S.A. and Gonzo was pretty good against Brazil) then Bob has to go with DeMerit, Bocanegra, and (possibly) Onyewu.

    Whatever happens though, I’m happy to see one of our stars playing in MLS, and this really completes his phenomenal story.

  2. I’m still surprised no bigger Euro clubs did not want one of our best players from the World Cup. I assume its his age, and not his play. I am happy to see he didn’t retire!

  3. Looks like the NCC Toronto-Vancouver games just got a whole lot more interesting next year. The Voyageur’s Cup will be won or lost in Edmonton or Montreal me thinks!

  4. I mean, Ream and Gonzalez play in MLS too, no?

    I think Bradley will try and call in the best players he’s allowed to call in every time.

    Demerit could still help at the Gold Cup, I’d think, at least, if he’s showing well in MLS.

    Beyond that, who knows?

  5. Whitecaps FC colours are BLUE & WHITE! Check out their website: and you’ll see a sweet pic of Demerit in uni holding up ‘Caps scarf. GO CAPS!

  6. Same.

    The only thing I can think of is unlike a lot of positions, it is pretty important that central defenders can speak the language. Of course it’s not absolutely necessary, but it helps.

    Jay is used to being a leader (captain of Watford) and I doubt being pushed around like an indentured servant (even a highly paid one) would have seemed like a pleasant way to spend his last few years of top soccer. All players want to know what the coach is saying (without an interpreter), even more so for defenders.

    Sure I’m grasping at straws as to a reason, but I’ve heard stranger things.

    Would have liked to see him at a team like Sankt Pauli, Kaiserslautern or even Anderlecht with Sacha.

    Definitely one of my favorite players.

    What are Vancouver’s colors?


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