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Who will the USMNT start vs. South Africa?

Alejandro Bedoya (

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Now that the roster is out, we can start to think about potential lineup combinations for the U.S. national team against South Africa.

Figuring out a potential lineup from such an inexperienced field won't be easy, but it will be a good exercise to think about which way Bob Bradley will go.

He has called in some very young players, but that doesn't mean he will start any or all of them. For some relative veterans like Clarence Goodson and Brad Guzan, the match should allow them a chance to serve as leaders.

So who might we see take the field in Cape Town? Here is one possible combination:

Projected USA Lineup vs. South Africa








Bedoya can play centrally, though he hasn't yet for the national team. If Bradley wants to play it safe, he could go with a more standard 4-4-2, like this:








What do you think of this lineup? Which lineup would you trot out against South Africa?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i completely agree, i like my CB’s 6’4” 200lbs. Spector just doesnt have a position that he completly fits into esp not CB. I say keep him at LB but maybe in the future try him as a holding mid or CDM. I just dont know if hes got the nose for the ball or the service to play out wide.

  2. WOW!!! cant belive my comment was removed??? thats pretty weak/lame? all i was saying is that Pause and Carroll are old? im not ragging anybody. im just dissapointed we didnt call up either younger guys or more experienced guys. Carroll, Pause, and Borchers are all old (29 yrs old) and never have played in a meaningful game. these guys are just fill ins, thats 3 spots we could be taking a look at other guys that actually could help us in 2014.

    for youth why not call up Geoff Cameron? nathan sturgis? brad evans? i liked what mike seamon did this year. Chad Marshall? Jack Mckinerney? Babajide Ogunbiyi? Chris Pontius? Andy Najar? Freddy Adu? and tons more!

    for experience why not call up gooch onyewu? kyle beckerman? Damarcus Beasley? Carlos Bocanegra? Sacha Kljesian?

    Alot of yall are “ragging” Robbie Finley but i dont see those posts being removed??? Atleast Finley played in the WC. Pause and Carrol didnt even make the 30 man roster. and plus Finley is only 25! hes still got room to grow

    (SBI-Your post was removed for being in all caps. As much as you may love all caps, we don’t.)

  3. He did look good. Against Honduras, Holland, and the Czech Republic. He has ONE bad performance against Brazil on a field full of bad performances and all of a sudden he’s not good enough and hasn’t proved himself? I know form counts but every player is allowed a bad performance. Sometimes it’s not them. Sometimes another team’s tactics nuetralizes them. Let’s get over it and if poor performances become a habit then we’ll leave him off and say he’s not good enough.

  4. He is 6 feet tall and of what I would describe as an average build. I think his build is better suited out wide. Having a pretty good aerial ability at six feet tall is fine when pressing forward trying to score, I’m not as convinced he has enough leaping ability to make up for a lack of height consistently enough as a central defender. I’m a big fan of some heighth and size at center back if you can’t tell.

  5. With all due respect, i think that applies to rogers much more so then bedoya. the kid beat out rogers to a spot on the wc squad for a reason.

  6. i’ll never understand why you guys can’t forgive Bullard for simply taking a contract that offered him a bit of a future. Your club let Jimmy know they weren’t planning with him. What you (Fulham fans plural) stay where you’re not wanted?
    That’s similar to the venom Alan Smith was faced with when he signed with Man U. Completely unwarranted.
    Nevertheless, thank you for the support.
    We want Bullard! (Yes… I know I’m taking some poetic license here.)

  7. I would of probably taken Beckerman over Carroll, but im sure Bob has his reasons. Michael Stephens is one for the future. Great looking young kid, but i think he has a ways. If he can really become a factor in a midfield with the likes of Donovan and Beckham, it would be something. If the galaxy don’t keep Juninho and dont sign a major dp player, i think he has a chance to shine next year.

  8. Issac really has a point there. And i would say Parkhurst would be a fine example to counterpoint that argument. Although, Specs has looked weak defending 1v1, it has all been on the outside. I would of loved to see Parkhurst here too btw. Borchers is a great player, but with the up most honesty, going forward he isn’t gonna be playing for us, even at the Gold Cup. We have just too many prospects at CB to give him chances, this being the exception. There’s been rumors of Parkhurst being able to play RB for the nats. That is something that intrigues me greatly. Lol, better then playing Brad Evans there

  9. He only keeps holding on to “crap” players at positions where there is not much quality or depth at. Bornstein and Findley keep getting caps because there is not much in our pool at those positions.

  10. Your point about the necessary speed of a FB to succeed at the national level is very valid. Boca has certainly had his hits and misses at that position. But i guess my point was being more applied to club level then anything else. Boca spent time at LB, CB and Def Mid at Fulham, but went on to continually have success at the lb spot at Rennes and now St Etienne. Maybe he is better suited to be CB, but his distribution with the ball can not be denied. I think, like Boca, once he finds a club that invests in him, he’ll flourish at which ever position. And then maybe, by that time, he’ll have matured some, and we can start talking about him playing a bigger role with the nats again.

  11. To answer your rhetorical question off the top of my head: Beckerman,Clark,Michael Stephens would all be more exciting than those two CDM we called in.

  12. As a Fulham fan obviously I don’t like Bullard but yea he is still a good player as long as he’s not injured. Could be a hit/miss DP

  13. True, but Bocanegra hasn’t exactly been killing it at left fullback. He’s got experience as an advantage over Spector, which makes a difference despite what people say. That being said, Bocanegra has only had one or two great performances at left back, Turkey to name one. Other than that, he’s had trouble dealing with pacy wingers and the huge stature of our center backs made it easy to deal with the crosses he might let in, particularly in the Confederations Cup. This is kind of why Bornstein and Cherundolo were doing so well at the World Cup, because teams like Ghana, England, and Algeria were putting an emphasis on getting up the flanks and they managed to stay with them. Moreover, they offered the offensive ability and pace to pin the other teams’ wide players back.

  14. I COMPLETELY disagree about Spector. I think he should have played centerback a long time ago. He’s got a great positional sense and marking so that he can cut out passing lanes and angles, which is what made him good against Spain. However, teams that put emphasis on attacking from the wings found success because Spector simply isn’t a great 1v1 player.

    On top of that Spector is fine size wise. He’s physically gifted and his aerial ability is pretty good as well.

    This is of course just my opinion.

  15. Who the hell does that we didn’t call in?!

    Ragging on the players we called in is fine if you can come up with better options.

    People clearly don’t understand that the timing, distance, and intentions behind this friendly make the choices a LOT slimmer. Not to mention the fact that our choices aren’t exactly amazing anyways.

  16. Left back is where I envision Bobby Convey’s ticket back into the A team with such a crowded midfield. Hopefully we’ll see come January.

  17. Ugh, can we please force Bedoya to actually look good on the international pitch again before automatically penciling him in as a starter?

    Just start the Columbus Crew midfield + Logan Pause please.

  18. Bradley will go for this:





    What he should go for is this:





    Of all the centerbacks the U.S. had, including Gooch and Bocanegra, Goodson and Ream are the best with the ball at their feet. They can make the good pass–not just the necessary one–that can open up the midfield and break pressure.

    I like Carroll and Pause as MLS players–I just don’t see them on the International level. I would much rather see Carroll (the better of the two) as a holding midfielder who covers for Mix and for Ream/Goodson.

  19. I’m not sure I agree with Spector starting at cb. IMO he isn’t really built for the position, he’s a little on the small side for it. I’d like to see a little more physical of a presence in the middle. Goodson is slender, so the pairing to me wouldn’t exactly strike fear into the SA strikers. I know he is really young, but I would start Agbossoumonde along side Goodson.

  20. I think that if Boca can succeed at an outside back position, then i see no reason as to why Specs couldn’t. Boca has more bite to him. He just needs a change of scenery, away from a club that expects so much and who’s ownership and fan base has more patience. Not to mention a coach who actually wants him.


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