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2011 Gold Cup venues and dates announced


The 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final will take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on June 25th, CONCACAF announced on Thursday.

The full schedule for venues and dates of matches has been released by FIFA and while the matches are well spread out throughout the country, the West Coast has just two matches (including the final) while the Pacific Northwest received no matches.

The opening match will take place on June 5th at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas while both semifinal matches will be played at Reliant Stadium in Houston on June 22nd.

The New York/New Jersey area will feature a pair of matches, with Red Bull Arena playing host to a group match on June 13th and New Meadowlands Stadium hosting two quarterfinal matches on June 18th.

Here is the full schedule for the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup:

2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup Schedule and Venues

First Round
June 5 – Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, TX)
June 6 – The Home Depot Center (Carson, CA)
June 7 – Ford Field (Detroit, MI)
June 9 – Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)
June 10 – FIU Stadium (Miami, FL)
June 11 – Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL)
June 12 – Soldier Field (Chicago, IL)
June 13 – Red Bull Arena (Harrison, NJ)
June 14 – KC Soccer Stadium (Kansas City, KS)
June 18 – New Meadowlands Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)
June 19 – Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (Washington DC)

June 22 – Reliant Stadium (Houston, TX)
June 25 – Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA)


What do you think of the venues? Disappointed the final isn't on the East Coast again? Wish there were more West Coast dates?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Not sure if you can necessarily blame FIFA or CONCACAF on this one… sounds to me like everyone knows that Seattle would be a good place for a game, so there must be another reason, i.e. Qwest Field not being accommodating or something.

  2. The poorly attended game in the 2009 gold cup was on the 4th of July weekend against a push over like bremuda with our c team. No town would have been there in full support.
    It is not the USsf but rather concacaf, that is insuring high attendance for the latin teams.

  3. There’s a legitimate reason for that. It was on the 4th of July. The USA also sent a C squad for that game and it was played against Grenada.

    According to US soccer attendance was still 15,387, which is way more than the USA A-Team drew against Columbia in the fall at the brand-new Philly stadium.

    Other USA games in Seattle have always been well-attended.

  4. The greatest sporting event known to man? The mythical Copa del Oro, sought by sportsmen for centuries. The pulse quickens at the mere thought of seeing a doubleheader in June @ RFK — perhaps Guadaloupe-Jamaica and Costa Rica-Panama, renewing their heated rivalries?

  5. Portland’s just a poor man’s Seattle, right? If Seattle couldn’t sell tickets why should we trust Portland?

    Actually, I’d say the fact that Seattle’s getting that Argentina-US match knocked out the Northwest for any big matches the rest of the year.

  6. So MLS pushes all of these so called soccer specific stadiums and then the Gold Cup sticks all the games in big NFL stadiums that will be at least half empty for most matches with the exception of when Mexico is playing. Thrilling!

  7. It’s not a sure thing on the Argentina friendly being in Seattle. Ives has reported that it’s leaning toward being elsewhere.

  8. btw when will we just have 1 Gold Cup every 4 years instead of 2? I feel that would give us more prestige. Have the next 1 in 2015 and work interest into promoting the heck out of that. Makes no sense to have it every 2 years when the USA and Mexico only brings their B squads to the 2nd

  9. I would love to see Canada or Mexico host the next edition followed by perhaps Central America. Surely Costa Rica/Honduras could split hosting or maybe 3 nations at 1 time.

    CONCACAF needs to pull more in from the Central Americans. Get some more solidarity for this championship.

  10. Absolute BS that Seattle is overlooked. Although I can’t be too upset since we get Argentina.

    This would have been a great opportunity for Portland’s new stadium. I hate ’em of course, but with only 500 away seats in MLS a USMNT game seems like the only way to see their stadium.

  11. June 19 will be a big day for sports in D.C. Gold Cup quarters and the final round of the U.S. Open.

    Of course, the Nats will already be mathematically eliminated from the post-season by then, but it’s at least conceivable that the Caps will still be alive.

  12. Unbeliavable that the Pacific Northwest (in particular the new and hot market of Portland) will receive no games. Warranted that Seattle had the NT for hte last Gold Cup and the attendance was poor but still Portland should had been given a chance or even Seattle a second chance. Florida will be a bust especially Tampa. So will Detroit and Charlotte if Mexico doesn’t play there will be a bust.

  13. Mexico sold a ton of tickets in Charlotte when they played a friendly against Iceland.

    Who else is in Group A? I do not see it on the Gold Cup website.

  14. If by “west coast” you mean LA, which ALWAYS gets the love, then no I am not glad. I personally wanted games in the bay area, but there’s also no pacific northwest, which has surely shown it would be a good place.

  15. The US would sell out and get home field advantage at Ford Field, Raymond James, and KC. Not sure what you’re talking about.

    In any case, the Gold Cup isn’t about insuring home field advantage for the US.

  16. Matches in the new KC Stadium! SUH-WEET! I don’t even care who plays, I’m going for the atmosphere. But if USA does play there then all the better.

  17. I think the US is in group B at the Depot, FIU and Red Bull. They are sure to sell those out and have at least a close to home field advantage.

    Mexico is all about group A. They are paying the bills for this tournament.

  18. Mexico definitely playing in Group A going to Dallas, Charlotte, then Chicago. USA should be playing in Group C going to Detroit, Tampa, and Kansas City. Canada in Group B going to HDC, FIU, and Red Bull.

    This of course assuming it’s the same structure as 2009, which looks likely.


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