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Big names poised to go in second MLS Re-Entry Draft

JuanPabloAngel (HowardCSmithISI) 

The first MLS Re-Entry Draft was relatively uneventful last week, with just two players being taken. The second Re-Entry is scheduled for Wednesday and is promising to have at least a few big names taken.

So who might go? Established stars like Juan Pablo Angel and Guillermo Barros Schelotto stand a good chance of being selected by teams hoping to find the missing piece to their championship puzzles. They're just a few of the well-known players available.

So why will players be taken this time around? Teams won't be obligated to sign players to their old contract figures, meaning they can work out more reasonable salaries with draft players assuming those players are willing to take paycuts.

Here are some of the players who could be picked up on Monday:

Juan Pablo Angel, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Frankie Hejduk, Jeff Cunningham, Jaime Moreno, Cory Gibbs, Jimmy Conrad, Josh Wolff, Fred, Chris Seitz,

D.C. United has the first pick in Wednesday's draft, followed by Chivas USA, Philadelphia Union, New England Revolution, Houston Dynamo and Toronto FC.

Where do I see some top players going? Juan Pablo Angel and Jimmy Conrad are good bets for D.C. United, Chivas UA could definitely use a player like Schelotto,while Philadelphia might find it difficult to pass on grabbing either Angel or Jaime Moreno.

Who would you like to see your team grab in the Re-Entry Draft?


  1. D.C. United selects Josh Wolff with the 1st pick.

    Chivas USA selects Jimmy Conrad with the second pick.

    LA selects Juan Pablo Angel

    Chicago Fire select Cory Gibbs

    Sporting K.C. select Frankie Hejduk

    Seattle Sounders take Chris Seitz.

    Columbus Crew select Jeff Cunningham.

    Colorado select Tyrone Marshall.

    New England selects Fred

  2. HA ..I hope all the FO’s think like you. He was the leading scorer on arguably the best team in the league last year. A team with GREAT chemistry!! He is overpriced and that is the only reason he is in this draft.

  3. @JoeW — GBS would make sense in a 4-2-3-1 or even a 4-3-2-1, but as you note it requires that the team come up with a real scorer up top.

  4. Wow.. This is an ironical, crazy post, even better than the childish one attacking the Dude who pointed out the weakness of the Timbers’ side. I might add that expecting a lot from Gilbert, who has been cast out of England is reminiscent of all the optimism a year ago surrounding DC United’s signing of N’Galula, a former ManUtd prospect. His contributions to United were amazing. He couldn’t even get into preseason matches.

  5. I know last week’s draft was boring, but you’d think we could at least get some coverage on the MLS homepage for all of us MLS fanatics (some time of pick by pick tracker).

  6. From MLS: “Players not selected in Stage 2 of the Re-Entry Draft will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis to any team in the league.”
    I take that to mean they are essentially free agents.

  7. Seitz is at least as good as Boss. And his potential is way higher. 1 year behind Keller and 2 behind Hahnemann, he’ll be world class in 3 years.

  8. DC United has to pick up a solid central defender to partner Jakovic. Conrad or Gibbs should be on their list of must-haves.

    If they pick up Fred, I’ll quit watching soccer.

  9. If Seitz goes to Seattle he is going to have to take a big paycut. Right now, Terry Boss is the #2 behind Keller.

    Now if Keller retires (maybe I missed an announcement), then they will probably offer him #2 money but as things stand, we are probably talking #3 money.

    Or he could just head South. try to play for Puerto Rico Islander, get some confidence and try to make it back to MLS.

    Right now, I am not so sure if there are too many coaches who want to enter the Seitz reclamation project business.

  10. Only mock that I have seen was Zman’s one on Big Soccer – here is the 1st round:

    1. DCU – Jimmy Conrad – D

    2. CHIV – Guillermo Barros Schelotto – M

    3. PHI – Juan Pablo Angel – F

    4. NE – Jeff Cunningham – F

    5. HOU – Chris Seitz – G

    6. TOR – Cory Gibbs – D

    7. CHI – Josh Wolff – F

    8. KC – Ryan Cochrane – D

    9. SEA – Marcelo Saragosa – M

    10. CLM – Nico Colaluca – M

    11. NY – Nick Garcia – D

    12. RSL – Khari Stephenson – M

    13. SJ – Fred – M

    14. LA – Richard Mulrooney – M

    15. DAL – Luke Sassano – M

    16. COL – Frankie Hejduk – D

    17. VAN – Dema Kovalenko – M

    18. POR – Adrian Serioux – D

  11. Jamie Moreno is older than Sepp himself. Maybe we should re-enter John Harks, Cobi Jones, Carlos Valderama,… Just to name a few

  12. no. it’s the one position where letting a player feel out a learning will almost certainly cost you multiple results. Philly would have been a playoff contender if he hadn’t gotten the lump and the best thing for him is a fresh start as well. Stick with Knighton and this Columbian dude.

  13. Or Schelotto for that matter. They have both had their share of injury problems that would make playing on turf at home questionable. Not to mention the Krafts are in charge meaning that, even though they can negotiate a contract, they still won’t shell out enough money.


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