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Conrad, Schelotto and Angel highlight inaugural MLS re-entry draft list

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The list for the latest mechanism of MLS player movement has been made available. The re-entry draft, which was designed to disperse players out of contract or unwanted by their clubs to teams around the league. The draft will take place in two stages with the first stage starting next Wednesday at 2pm ET. The second stage will take place on December 15th.

In the first stage of the draft, veteran players who had their options declined by their clubs or are out of contract will be available. Should a team pick a player in this first stage, then they would be required to pick up the option on the player or present them with a "Bona Fide Offer." D.C. United will have the first pick in the draft with the order going in reverse from where teams finished the 2009 season. The expansion Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers will have the two last selections. 

The complete list of players available for the re-entry draft is available after the jump.


Claudio Lopez, Ciaran O’Brien and Peter Vagenas


Dario Sala and Jeff Cunningham


Dema Kovalenko and Jovan Kirovski


Khari Stephenson


Frankie Hedjuk, Duncan Oughton, Gino Padula, Guillermo Barros Schelotto 


Juan Pablo Angel, Luke Sassano, and Carey Talley


Tyrone Marshall


Josh Wolff, Jimmy Conrad and Aaron Hohlbein


Chris Seitz and Fred


Nick Garcia


Preston Burpo, Nico Colaluca, Cory Gibbs and Khano Smith.


Ryan Cochrane, Richard Mulhrooney, Joseph Ngwenya, Pat Onstad and Adrian Serioux


Jaime Moreno


Marcelo Saragosa and Alex Zotinca

Who do you believe D.C. United will pick up with the first pick? Is Jimmy Conrad a clear number one choice? Prefer Juan Pablo Angel, Guillermo Barros Schelotto or even Jeff Cunningham? Do you hope that any of these players are picked up by your club?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Huh? IF they want him back, they just have to offer him a deal. They already own his MLS rights. You don’t draft your own player.

  2. With Findley leaving, Saborio still recovering from surgery, and Paulo Jr. still in the negotiating stage, I think RSL will keep Campos as long as there’s a chance they’ll need him. When Saborio is healthy and Paulo is signed, you can expect Kreis and Company to waive or trade Campos away, and hopefully sign a new (better) forward to take his place in the rotation. The acquisition of Arturo Alvarez was basically the kiss of death for Campos. But we won’t see him waived for a month or so.

  3. Who is older, Conrad or Olsen??? Better yet, if he drafted Hejduk, a player would be older than the coach, correct?

    That would be hilariously entertaining. Hejduk round one for DCU!

  4. I love Jaime. I worship the turf he played on, but…

    He’s gone. If Cunningham could help DCU at the right price they would be fools to pass on him.

    But they will, and should, and that has nothing to do with not wanting to “slap” Jaime in the face.

  5. I’d be willing to bet DCU passes on JPA in round 1 at $1.6M. JPA will have suitors, of course (he still has skills) but I predict he signs with someone for $500-600K (still pricey for MLS but JPA is worth that).

  6. Any insight into why more teams didn’t trade these guys? You’d think that some of these players could have at least gotten allocation money or something instead of nothing. I assume teams are allowed to trade a player even if they can’t come to an agreement on a deal or if they just don’t want them.

  7. Wait…the Earthquakes are considered to have finished as the 4th best team last season? It’s so weird not getting one of the first shots at loser incentives. Still, that’s pretty cool.

  8. I’ve been a fan of DCU since the inaugural MLS match. If they have any class left, they should take Moreno back on the first pick!

    I don’t care, make him a player/assistant coach, make him a late-game sub in Open cup matches, let him oversee the equipment! The guy has earned the right to wear the Screaming Eagle until he is ready not to!

    Damn shame…

  9. I can’t see DCU going for Sala–no way, no how. Good guy, good leader, lousy GK. Cunningham is not a great guy for the lockerroom, won’t pass the ball, he’s good for how Hyndman used him–a reserve to run at people and snatch goals. That’s not what DCU needs. Angel is a clinical finisher. Conrad and Gibbs provide leadership and organization (though both didn’t impress last year). While I’d like to see DCU grab Conrad in round one and Angel in round two, it’s more likely the team gets just one player.

  10. I don’t expect a lot of business in the first round. DCU has publicly said that they expect round two to be very busy. That said….I think it’s very possible to see a few players go in round one. The reason why is this: some of these guys are still wanted by their team but at a lower salary. For instance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy attempt to re-sign Kovalenko to a lower amount. So this is an opportunity to “steal” a player (even if it’s at a higher salary). Now, I completely agree with you that there are a bunch of players…like Kirovski, Garcia, Moreno and others that no-one is going to take at their existing salary. I think DCU might like Angel–but not as a DP. Conrad might be worth taking at his current salary right now.

  11. It is kind of weird that Peter Vagenas is on this list. I thought Colorado just made a trade to get him. Maybe they are hoping no one else wants him and they can renegotiate his contract for a really low price. But that is still an odd tactic to get a player.

  12. this team will kick butt if it was 2007.

    the problem with many of these players on this list is that their form has dipped big time

  13. Thanks for the info. I gotta pay closer attention. I heard Houston had a combine and that Kinnear was scouting around the college scene, but nothing about Brazil. Its great that Houston is trying to improve with the league rather than allow itself to fall back. Some of the current squad were good a few years back, but they have aged and MLS talent is blossoming.

  14. i should have said that a player must be resigned plus 5% if their option year was declined, i believe that that rule does not apply for players out of contract (such as Fred from Philly)but I could be wrong. If a player goes through both stages unsigned, then they become eligible to sign with anyone.

  15. remember, this is a mechanism negotiated by the players union. Now, with the re-entry draft, players are not bound to one mls team like they were in the past. Stage one will be used if a team REALLY wants a player because they would have to sign the player to the same terms, plus 5%. 1st stage is for manuevering, 2nd stage, teams can renegotiate for lower price. You will see plenty of movement…. this is mls style free agency (sort of)

  16. I’d like to see the Sounders get Marshall back at a reduced price. He is a fan favorite and good for the club house. We kept Ianni, and Hurtado is coming back so I can’t see Marshall getting playing time no matter what.

    All the other tempting players (Angel, Schelotto, Conrad, Cunningham) cost too much. I’d be surprised if any of them are taken with their current contracts.

  17. I think that salary is the key. If a team like DC, Chivas, Chicago, or NE are desperate enough, there could be a few good options here. I think maybe 10 of these guys are in the MLS next year. The rest are done. Salary and age our to big a factor. The only thing that puzzles me about this list, is why RSL’s P.Campos isnt on it?

  18. You got it. THis is all about cap space. Kinnear has been down in Brazil for most of this offseason so far. I think he is lookin to land some upper tier players from the 2nd division there.

  19. I wonder what Houston is going for with these moves. Those players had quite a few minutes between them, and Onstad is an institution. Maybe just trying to clear out the cap space or force contract negotiations?

  20. I think their going to find a way to get rid of Perkins and Hamid still needs time. I agree with you on the JC situation…but with our FO one never knows.

  21. What happens if a team does not want to draft anybody from this list, let alone make a “bonda fide offer” to the player???

    This whole re-entry draft seems a little silly to me.

  22. I do not think DC will go after Cunningham – it would be a slap in the face to Jaime Moreno. Also, Why would DC look at Sala if they are locked in with Perkins and Hamid? I do agree with Angel, Conrad, and Gibbs. I would even take a look at Hedjuk for the RB position.

  23. Because before the second round their current team can negotiate a lower salary as well. So a player you might want may sign with his old team before stage 2, and then you are out of luck.

  24. Found it:
    1. D.C. United
    2. Chivas USA
    3. Philadelphia Union
    4. New England Revolution
    5. Houston Dynamo
    6. Toronto FC
    7. Chicago Fire
    8. Sporting Kansas City
    9. Seattle Sounders FC
    10. Columbus Crew
    11. New York Red Bulls
    12. Real Salt Lake
    13. San Jose Earthquakes
    14. LA Galaxy
    15. FC Dallas
    16. Colorado Rapids
    17. Vancouver Whitecaps FC
    18. Portland Timbers

  25. You could build a team off that list that would be in first place at the end of April…

    In the middle of the pack by July….

    And in oxegen tents come October

  26. my prediction is that no player will be picked in the first round…. why would a team pay current salary when they can wait until the 2nd round and negotiate and possibly get a better contract (from a team’s perspective).

    Does anyone know of a team who will pay any of these current players their current contract during this 1st re-entry draft?

  27. Ives, in response to your twitter comment on Philly protecting Seitz then no renewing the option. I firmly believe Philly wants him back and that he wants to stay in Philly. The problem is that his option year is at least 135k, and there is no way that he can command that given how he has played. No one will pick him in stage 1 of the re-entry draft and he will resign with Philly at a much lower salary before stage 2. But since you can’t re-negotiate until after stage 1 it was necessary to let him into the draft.


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