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Davies to dress for Sochaux on Sunday (match will air on Fox Soccer Channel)

Charlie Davies will be in uniform for French club Sochaux for the first time since being badly injured in a deadly car accident 14 months ago when Sochaux takes on Bordeaux on Sunday.

The club announced the news on Saturday, and Fox Soccer Channel will air the match on Sunday (11am). FSC was originally airing Chelsea vs. Manchester United in that time slot, but with that marquee match-up postponed by heavy snowfall in England, FSC has made the switch and will air Sochaux-Bordeaux.

What do you think of this development? Will you be watching?

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  1. Everyone? Are you everyone?

    Obviously, you haven’t read the posts of people (like Aubie4prez) who seriously believe that Charlie Davies should have been at the World Cup and that not taking him was a blunder by BB.

  2. I think CD9 will sub in the 2nd half. The next 45 minutes is must watch TV.

    Right now it’s 1-1 at the half.

    I don’t think the coach would have dressed him if he had no intention of playing him

  3. Maybe for this game but Sochaux are roughly in the middle of the table with the season roughly half over.

    If they lose that badly they drop closer to the bottom which means Davies is less likely to see time as they will want to use their best players.

  4. “it was tongue-in-cheek.”

    Sure, if someone follows your every post on SBI religiously and then develops a feel for your “style” . Otherwise,on a site like this that almost never translates.

  5. Im hope Sochaux are loosing like 5 to 0 in the 60th Minute and the coach just has to put him on the pitch for some valuable running time!

  6. With all due respect, Mr. “Male Prostitute”, don’t accuse me of “self righteous BS” that isn’t in my post. In no way did I suggest he “beg for forgiveness”, or suggest that “the after effects…have not struck deep[sic] enough into his life already”.

    CD is inspirational to all of us because we are familiar with his story. I am merely suggesting that he spread his inspiration to a broader base.

    His message of the consequences of “One. Bad. Decision.” would resonate louder with today’s youth than if it were to come from the whole lot of us put together.


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