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D.C. United deals Perkins to Portland


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The second go-around for Troy Perkins in Washington, D.C., ended up having a surprisingly short shelf life.

D.C. United traded the veteran goalkeeper to Portland on Friday in exchange for Timbers goalkeeper Steve Cronin and an undisclosed amount of allocation money.

A year ago, D.C. dealt Fred, allocation money and the seventh overall pick in the 2010 MLS SuperDraft to Philadelphia for the right to move up in the allocation order and select Perkins. The move didn't pan out quite how D.C. United had hoped it would.

The veteran goalkeeper had a tough season, playing in back of an injury-prone, ever-changing and vulnerable back line and eventually losing his starting job to 19-year-old Bill Hamid. He replaces Cronin as the only keeper currently on the Timbers' roster and figures to be the team's starting keeper entering its inaugural season in MLS. For Cronin, the move signals a return to D.C., where he spent a brief time on loan in 2009.

What do you think about the trade? Do you see Perkins bouncing back and starring for Portland? Think Hamid is ready for a full-time starting role?

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  1. He is hardly in a position to dictate where he will and won’t play at this point. If he wants to play he has to go somewhere he get minutes, especially with his bloated contract.

  2. Speaking of wearing pants, wasn’t it Troy’s ole lady who dragged him back to the States for her career, as well? I guess she knew Troy’s upside had transitioned to downside

  3. Please, “troll” is like the most nerdy word ever. do not use it. If you can’t recognize criticism or sarcasm and you can’t handle it then do not post in the first place. Not everyone is going to agree with you.

  4. I think this may be a good trade for both clubs. Cronin looked good in his brief stint with DCU in ’09, and the change of scenery may help Perkins regain his form. He’s still relatively young for a keeper and you don’t forget how to play the position. He just a bad final season with DCU, but he was one of the best in MLS for several years, and they loved him at his Norwegian club.

  5. DCU seems to have really been guilty of the Act II scenario. Sometimes it’s worked out (Santino Quaranta, Jaime Moreno) and other times…ugh (Raul Diaz Arce, Carey Talley, Troy Perkins, Christian Gomez, Luciano Emilio).

  6. Perkins was once keeper of the year. And played 2 years in Europe. And was in the pool for the WC at GK. That said…he was terrible last year. Not just bad, but “deer in the headlights” bad…at least at the beginning. You have to figure he’ll bounce back. I also wonder if the new ball (which debuted in MLS and then the WC–where keepers had so many problems with it) contributed to his misery–he was particularly bad early at crosses and balls in the air.

    I think it’s anyone’s guess as to the relative quality of these players. Perkins at one point was arguably the 2nd best GK in MLS. Cronin was very good in USL and in a one month loan at the tail end of 2009 was superb for DCU. Both teams could be getting starting GKs who play well. But most MLS fans will remember Cronin from his time with the LAG (where he was bad on a bad defense).

  7. I have no idea what is wrong with people. What happened to Perkins is he came back to a back line that was horrific. Perkins is INDEED a big upgrade over Cronin. There is a reason Cronin played in USL after faltering in MLS. And there is a reason Perkins was keeper of the year. I don’t get where people say this isn’t a significant upgrade. This move is pulling on people’s hearstrings.

  8. Good deal for DC. They overpaid for Perkins and I thought he had a subpar year. The defense was bad, but so was Perkins. He started the year poorly and never recovered, in my opinion.

  9. You understate the fans elation. We knew when Cronin was signed in November that he was not a lock #1 and we would need to find better talent in the GK position. We’re shocked that a class guy is leaving, but we’re glad to see a greater talent take his place.


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