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List of MLS Combine senior invitees revealed

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Major League Soccer has finalized its list of senior players to be invited to the 2011 MLS Combine and the teams in the upcoming NCAA Final Four are well represented.

A total of seven seniors who will take part in this weekend's national semifinals will play in the MLS Combine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 8-11, where MLS coaches and scouts will evaluate the incoming talent ahead of the 2011 MLS Draft, on January 13th in Baltimore.

SBI has obtained the list of 58 seniors invited to the MLS Combine, a group that includes North Carolina playmaker Michael Farfan and Akron standout Anthony Ampaipitakwon, as well as Michigan striker Justin Meram and Louisville fullback J.T. Murray just to name a few.

The invitees will compete in a series of scrimmages that will also include members of the Generation adidas class (underclassmen) and select players from lower division schools.

Here is the complete list if senior MLS Combine invitees (a list expected to be released officially by MLS later this week):

2011 MLS Combine Senior Invitees 

Eddie Ababio, North Carolina, Defender

Anthony Ampaipitakwong, Akron, Midfielder

Jalil Anibaba, North Carolina, Defender

Jeff Attinnella, South Florida, Goalkeeper

Rich Balchan, Indiana, Midfielder

Jimmy Banks, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Midfielder

Philip Bannister, Loyola (Md.), Forward

Michael Boxall, UCSB, Defender

Matheus Braga, Penn State, Midfielder

Blake Brettschneider, South Carolina, Forward/Midfielder

Jeb Brovsky, Notre Dame, Midfielder

Efrain Burgos, Cal Poly-SLO, Midfielder

Ernesto Carranza, Sacramento State, Forward/Midfielder

Servando Carrasco, California, Midfielder

Billy Cortes, Maryland, Midfielder

Juan Cruz, SMU, Defender

Tommy Drake, Clemson, Midfielder

Bilal Duckett, Notre Dame, Defender

Michael Farfan, North Carolina, Midfielder

Josh Ford, UConn, Goalkeeper

Colin Givens, Michigan State, Defender

Cole Grossman, Duke, Midfielder

Matt Gold, Ohio State, Midfielder

Jason Herrick, Maryland, Forward

Levi Houapeu, UMBC, Forward

Hector Jimenez, California, Midfielder

Greg King, UConn, Midfielder/Defender

Daniel Keat, Dartmouth, Midfielder

Greg Klazura, Notre Dame, Defender

Christopher Korb, Akron, Defender

Tyler Lassiter, North Carolina State, Defender

Brayan Martinez, Seton Hall, Midfielder/Forward

Jimmy Maurer, South Carolina, Goalkeeper

Stephen McCarthy, North Carolina, Midfielder

Dustin McCarty, North Carolina, Midfielder

Ashley McInnes, Tulsa, Forward/Midfielder

Justin Meram, Michigan, Forward

Bryan Meredith, Monmouth, Goalkeeper

J.T. Murray, Louisville, Defender

Jon Okafor, Brown, Midfielder

Demitrius Omphroy, California, Defender

Davis Paul, California, Forward

Steven Perry, Notre Dame, Forward

Lebogang Pila, St. Peter's College, Midfielder

Karl Reddick, Boston College, Midfielder

C.J. Sapong, James Madison, Forward

Indy Smith, UNC-Wilmington, Defender

A.J. Soares, California, Defender

Josue Soto, SMU, Defender

Curtis Ushedo, UAB, Defender

Amani Walker, UC-Urvine, Forward

Bobby Warshaw, Stanford, Midfielder/Defender

Konrad Warzycha, Ohio State, Midfielder

Joe Willis, University of Denver, Goalkeeper


Surprising omissions? Three that come to mind initially are Virginia goalkeeper Diego Restrepo, Michigan State midfielder Spencer Thompson and Monmouth striker Ryan Kinne. It should be noted that players missing from the list could be missing due to injury or could have turned down an invitation to pursue other opportunities.

The group is comprised of players identified by MLS coaches and scouts as potential draft targets.

What do you think of the list? Who is missing from the list that you think should be on it? Who are you happy to see get an invitation? Who is your darkhorse pick to do well?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. diego doesnt want to play in the mls..he wants to go elsewhere. he has had looks at respectable professional clubs in many different countries and he is continuing to do so as we speak.

  2. I think it was more so because hes not that fast and the MLS is looking for fast strikers. Also consider the fact that Eliason played center mid this year for northwestern, one of the reasons his goals went down this year. But still he deserves a look!

  3. avery is horrible, worst soccer mind, makes too many mistakes, would fail in the MLS, surprised thompson isn’t in there thoug. hes big (fat) pretty athletic (for a 230 lbs guy) vocal (if he’s with 12 year olds) and strong on crosses (let in 7 goals in 1st 2 games, lost to penn state and ohio state on a cross this year and got chipped from half against michigan in overtime)

  4. Eliason was penalized because he score very few goals this season and the team was average. Besides which, there was a better player on Northwestern that was ommitted as well as I am sure is the case with many other programs.

  5. Matt Eliason (Northwestern): 31 career goals – no invite really? I think hes being penalized for a lack of style points..What do you guys think? Ives?

  6. What surprised me was that some of the names that were selected were not selected on a regional basis by the NSCAA and there seen as a viable MLS player. One player was not even starting for his team this year and came off the bench, how will he compete in the MLS?

  7. CJ Sapong will suprise and will join the list of JMU Dukes in the MLS. Following in the footstep of Kurt Morsink (D.C. United) and Nick “I run Highlawn” Zimmerman (Philly Union).

  8. Sometimes “homers” need to take the blinders off and be realistic. Hayden didn’t even merit NSCAA All Far West Region honors.

    IMHO, McClain was the best GK in the BW – bar none.

  9. We had 7 seniors this year, one of the best classes in the past 4 years as well, will be sad to see them go, but upwards and onwards!


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