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Morning Ticker: Donovan undecided, Putin skips presentation and more

Donovan-Everton (Reuters)


The offseason may have begun for Landon Donovan in November, but that doesn’t mean the Los Angeles Galaxy attacker gets a break. After last week’s friendly in Australia, Donovan is a part of the USA World Cup Bid presentation scheduled for today.

Rumors of another January loan move for Donovan also persist, with a return to Everton listed as a possibility. However, Donovan insists he isn’t sure what he’ll do, indicating that he’s going to take his time to make a decision.

Donovan has played soccer for almost two years non-stop, and an actual break during the MLS offseason is another option.

Here are a few other stories for Wednesday:


In a move that is seen to strengthen England’s hopes of hosting the World Cup in 2018, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin confirmed that he will not be in Zurich during Russia’s bid presentation that will take place on Thursday. Igor Shuvalov, the deputy prime minister, will submit his country’s bid as previously indicated.


Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, who is out with a hamstring injury, said that he will take his time returning to the field for the Gunners. Arsene Wenger addressed the issue after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Wigan Athletic on Tuesday, explaining that there is no specific timetable, and that the Spaniard won’t be rushed back from his hamstring problem — an issue that has hampered him this season.


Just a day after the Italian Players’ Association indicated that a strike will be set for the weekend of December 11-12, the Italian FA remains confident that a work stoppage could be avoided. The Players’ Association is upset over new practice and transer rules in Serie A and below. Hearings are scheduled today by the Italian Olympic Committee high court in an attempt to resolve the situation.


Think Donovan will move overseas on another loan move? Will Putin’s absence hurt Russia and help England? When will Fabregas return?

Share your thoughts below.



  1. I don’t imagine Putin’s decision will affect Russia’s chances as much as it reflects his own uncertainty abut the bid’s prospects. He doesn’t want to risk losing face like what happened to Obama with the Chicago Olympics bid. If he thought Russia was a strong bet, he’d be there.

  2. Hey man. A bruiser and a poacher is no insult. Dempsey also has some mad skill (JUVENTUS?) But I don’t think Demps is cut for Liverpool. Donovan could do well but I don’t know if he’d feel the love like he did at Everton. Seems to be a tough locker room at Liverpool.

  3. Everton needs to just come up with the money and buy him. These loans wear you out. Fork over the money, you Blues, and he’s yours.

  4. Donovan looks good in an Everton kit. From various clips on YouTube, he seemed to really like Everton, and I think they have a very decent team (Tim Cahill is one of the leading goal scorers in the EPL this season). He should definitely take his time, and while I would be sad to see him leave the MLS, I think Donovan would excel at Everton.

    As for Putin not showing up, he’s probably playing mind games or bribing FIFA officials. I think England should get the bid, but I’m pretty confident Russia will get it.

  5. Obviously Demspey can shoot from distance too, but if I had to guess, I’d say that the majority of his goals come in the box.

  6. He’s skilled, no doubt, but how many of his goals come off his head? and how many from scrambles in the box? A lot, I think.

    maybe I’m using the word wrong, but this sounds a lot like Dempsey to me, and it is very far from disrespect (Van Nistelrooy is a famous “poacher” – hardly an insult):

    “a goal poacher is a type of forward primarily known for scoring ability and movement inside the penalty box.”

    “Most of these players rarely score from outside the penalty area, and are more well known for their close range finishes. They are generally good at poaching goals due to their excellent off the ball movement; this allows them to lose defenders and gain space to shoot. Many goal poachers have powerful and accurate shots and usually able to score with both their left foot, right foot and their head.”

    – wikipedia

  7. did you just call dempsey a bruising fearless poacher?? have some respect, dempsey has scored most of his goals playing from the midfield and i certainly would never call him a poacher, though he is fearless…

  8. If he’s not decided by now, I don’t think he’s going. Bianca’s got him hooked again… or have I missed something since the WC?

  9. Financially and tactically speaking, NESV would do well to buy Demspey too. But Hodgson probably won’t get anyone else from Fulham, and Liverpool probably needs quickness and cleverness on the wing more than they need a bruising, fearless poacher. They could probably use both.

  10. I never understood why he was so adamant about “never playing for anyone else, blah blah blah”. He was there for a couple months. How much loyalty does he really owe Everton? I don’t get it. Regardless, Donovan – the US “captain” – should be reaching higher than Everton. Liverpool is a storied, but struggling, club. It is a realistic destination for him.

  11. Am I alone in thinking Liverpool makes a lot sense for Donovan? They need an offensive burst, and could especially use someone on the wing. If Buddle could score more than a dozen with Donovan feeding him, what Torres do if matched with Gerrard and LD? Plus, new American owners looking to capitalize on their investment would be smart to tap into the American market. This makes all the sense in the world. They should pay MLS $10 million or whatever it costs to buy him outright. They’d make that back in jersey sales in a couple months!

  12. Agreed, he should take his time. He has to really want to go, otherwise it would be hard to perform. Nothing like a good break away from playing to make you want it again.

  13. i think Donovan needs to either go on a permanent transfer or don’t go at all, stop wasting your time(and energy) with loan spells, when he could either rest and wait until the MLS season, or can join Everton now and get some rest after the season like most Euro players do

  14. Donovan should take all the time he needs and there is no need for him to rush. Brotha needs a break from the game both mentally and physically and I’m sure if he does decide to go on loan somewhere else this is a great way for him to up the price it’s gonna cost to get him.


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