Should Donovan stay or should he go?

Should Donovan stay or should he go?

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Should Donovan stay or should he go?


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Should he stay or should he go?

No, this isn't another Landon Donovan transfer question because, let's face it, the general consensus is that Donovan should move to Europe if a team is willing to pay the asking price.

No the question here is whether Donovan should really consider making another loan move this winter like he made last winter. He is coming off the busiest year of his career and while he is surely resting up right now, you have to wonder whether it would be wise for him to jump right back into action on January, with no rest for him until a year from now.

I touched on the subject in my latest Fox Soccer piece and my theory is that a longer loan move through to the summer would make more sense than another brief loan for just two months or so.

Give the story a read and feel free to offer your take. Think he should take an extended break? See another short loan to Everton making sense? Like the idea of the extended loan to the summer?

Share your thoughts below.

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