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Adu heading to Turkish side Rizespor

Freddy Adu (

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American midfielder Freddy Adu's long and winding path through Europe has taken him to Turkey.

According to Richard Motzkin, his agent, Adu is set to move to Turkish second division club Rizespor on loan. Portuguese club Benfica, which bought Adu from Real Salt Lake in 2007, still owns Adu's contract.

The move to Turkey is the latest in a saga that has seen the former youth national team star and one-time U.S. national team midfielder go from Portugal to France to Greece and now to Turkey after trials in Denmark and Germany failed to produce moves.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed to see Adu going to a Turkish second division club? Wondering when, if ever, he'll make it back to MLS?

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  1. the players are looking out for their business interests. why should anyone accept below-market pay for their work? MLS offers pennies to young talent and treats those why try to return from Europe with hostility. why bother ever coming back?

  2. +2

    Also, I don’t know anything about any of the guys in question, but I can’t help wondering about drugs or alcohol being a problem. Two of the HS aged players on my youth teams developed serious drinking problems and they were only 17. They even turned up at practice pretty much well into the evening’s binge. One spent 6 weeks in a treatment facility and missed his senior year soccer season.

    I was clueless! It is hard to know even if you are there!


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