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Americans Abroad: Spector’s West Ham and Dempsey’s Fulham fall, Onyewu hurt

 JonathanSpector (GettyImages)

Jonathan Spector was in the starting lineup for West Ham yet again, but he couldn't duplicate his past Carling Cup magic as the Hammers lost to Birmingham, 3-1, in overtime of their second leg at St. Andrews on Wednesday. The loss sent Birmingham to the Carling Cup Final.

West Ham came in with a 2-1 lead on aggregate, but Birmingham forced extra time with its own 2-1 regulation scoreline and clinched the victory at home courtesy of a Craig Gardner goal.

Spector played 105 minutes in central midfield, solidifying his place in Avram Grant's lineup, but the loss means West Ham can now turn its full attentions to escaping the bottom of the Premier League standings. Here are match highlights.

Spector wasn't the only American in action:

Clint Dempsey had a strong game, but couldn't find the net as a John Pantsil own goal doomed Fulham to a 1-0 loss to Liverpool in league play at Anfield.

Oguchi Onyewu earned another start for FC Twente, in its Dutch Cup tie against PSV Eindhoven, but Onyewu left the match in the 26th minute with a back injury. No word yet on the severity of the injury.

It wasn't all bad news for Americans Abroad on Wednesday. Maurice Edu came off the bench and played 23 minutes in Rangers' 2-0 win against Hibernian.

Here are highlights from the Liverpool-Fulham match: 

Liverpool 1, Fulham 0



What did you think of Wednesday's action? Impressed with Spector's performance? Amazed yet again at how well Dempsey is playing? Worried about Onyewu's health status?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. ANDY JOHNSON: the Robbie Findley of the EPL. (ton of speed…and nothing else!!)

    That being said, damn, Clint is so damn slick with the ball. Easily the most skilled (but not necessarily the best) U.S. player. He had a tough game with the giveaway that led to the Liverpool goal, but I felt sorry for him playing next to a bum like Andy Johnson. Clint, please go to a super skilled team like Arsenal or the Serie A!

  2. Wow, Pantsil touched the ball three times after it came off the post, and all three forced the ball towards his own net. One of the more panicky own goals I’ve ever seen.

  3. Kol, i’m not sure what formation we should play and the coaches will tell you the formation doesn’t matter “that” much. However, i think you’ve hit the nail on the head with whom should be on the field…to start… things may change as the game(s) progress.

    Here’s my line-up: Whatever will get my best XI on the field at the same time. Too simple i guess.

  4. I think Bradley should play a 4-4-2 with this formation


    Dempsey is a better striker than he is a winger and would be the best striker in our group. Holden is a very good winger who can cross.

    I just see problems playing a 4-3-3 or a 4-5-1 even with dempsey playing a reserve striker role. Dempsey is good at playing winger but he’s not being used to his ability. Holden playing as a winger would honestly be better than Dempsey as a winger in terms of their abilities(not as a player overall obviously). Also, Dempsey is better suited for being infront of goal and making things happen, something Altidore has failed to do so far.

  5. Ives – Just bc Spector plays 105 minutes in a cup game does not mean he has solidified his place in the regular league ine-up. JS has been getting more playing in the mid, which is great, but he has a lot more to prove before becoming a regular.

  6. Speaking of Americans Abroad… does anyone know if the Egypt friendly could be cancelled due to the political situation there?

  7. I think we should probably ease up on the labeling of Gooch as “injury prone” and instead opt for some patience.

    Dude is playing his first “real” club matches since the injury. If you were to site the World Cup, I’d refer you to my posts on here that he looked well below average and his general standard.

    It’d be niave to believe his body is back to match-fitness conditioning, considering, the only way to get that back is via actual matches.

    There should be no doubt Gooch is likely working his tail off to get to 100 % but rehab & training sessions only go so far.

    Tweaking the back (which I’m guessing it’ll be the lower region), is very much related to his legs in terms of compensation with the VMO(around the source of the injury), Quad, Hammy & Glutes and general game-type conditioning.

    Gooch is getting older which makes bouncing back from a serious injury a bit more complicated. I’m eager for him to get back, too, but let’s try to use SOME patience.

  8. Thought Spector played very well, although the second half + extra time was just a bummer to watch as a WHUFC fan. My stream wasn’t in English, but from what I could tell, the commentators were talking about him every five minutes, and from their tone of voices sounded like they liked him.

  9. Announcer said it was Dembele at the end of the clip there, clearly it was Dempsey who made contact with his head on the ball off the free kick?

  10. despite his poor pass, clint played well in attack. time and time again this season i have watched fulham and he is hands down their best attacker. everytime he gets tha ball in a slightly attacking position he makes something happen. didn’t work out for him or the team today, and it’s unfortunate that a slight sloppy backpass led to the liverpool goal. he almost had a superb goal from a volley at the top of the box just minutes after the opener, would have been brilliant

  11. Clint had a few chances, but couldn’t convert. I thought he played pretty well overall. His backpass did lead to the only goal of the game though. Keep up the hard work, Clint. More goals and wins to come.

  12. Are you seriously gonna try to tell me that ONE play defines his whole game? It may CHANGE the whole game and be a detriment to his grade, no doubt, but JEEZ there are 90 minutes plus to a game. Watch ’em.

  13. clint played well, sloppy pass led to liverpool goal but really can’t be held accountable for paintsil desperately trying to make sure stockdale couldn’t grab it. in other news, sucks for gooch hope it isn’t serious. also, is this mo edu’s last year in the SPL? have the injuries kept him from moving on?


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