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Americans Abroad Ticker: Blackburn eyes Jones, Spector open to move and more

Jermaine Jones 3 (Getty Images)


Jermaine Jones' troubles with Schalke 04 could soon come to a close, and Blackburn may be the club to help solve them.

Jones is reportedly being looked at by Blackburn Rovers as a potential target in this winter transfer period. Blackburn is looking to acquire the U.S. men's national team midfielder on loan for the remainder of the season, with an option to buy him outright at season's end as part of the deal.

The last time Jones played in an official match was in late November, when he played 45-minutes as Schalke was defeated 5-0 by Kaiserslautern.

Here are more Americans Abroad stories to help get you through the day:

Spector open to move away from West Ham

The list of suitors interested in Jonathan Spector is about to grow.

Spector's unsettled situation at West Ham United has left him open to a move away from the club, where he has been at since 2006. Spector's contract runs out at season's end, and an extension appears unlikely, so the club could sell him in order to avoid losing him for nothing.

Findley hearing to be held on Friday

Robbie Findley's future with Nottingham Forest is soon to be determined.

Nottingham Forest will attend a hearing on Friday to see if Findley's work permit is approved. Findley has already agreed to a deal with the club, pending the work permit.


What do you think of Jones possibly joining Blackburn? Think he'd thrive in the EPL? Where would you like to see Specor go? Expecting Findley's work permit to get approved?


  1. “And I also am waiting to see how his attitude holds up.”

    Really? So every time you’ve ever disagreed with your boss he’s been right and you’ve been wrong? Anyway, why worry about his attitude? We have so many fantastic international class midfielders, if he doesn’t toe the line we can just drop him no problem, right?

  2. The only “key” players for this current group are Dempsey and Donovan. That should be true for a little while yet. 0

    However, even with all these new names in play for the USMNT talent pool,Jones is still someone who the US needs to consider very strongly. You’d be amazed at how quickly your depth evaporates at the national level.

  3. But far more Germans remained in the BL last season, and look where they ended up in the World Cup compared to England. Bottom LIne: Germans are strategits, and they understand that the Ends, Ways and Means to a successful end is Germans playing together in one league and undertsanding each other’s game after playing by, with and through each other all season long

  4. MB plays so much because he deserves a starting position, not because someone else is injured.

    And I have seen a lot of Jones’ play. He’s very good, but I don’t think that he is “key” to US success. I think that his impact also depends heavily on him getting playing time at the club level. And I also am waiting to see how his attitude holds up.

  5. If you’d seen more of him playing and then seen how the US plays you wouldn’t say that. The US can get along without him but they sure aren’t in the position where they can just turn away guys with his ability so flippantly.

    When the US midfield gets through a year without anyone suffering a big injury let me know. That’s why MB plays so much. He’s the only one, besides LD, who doesn’t miss time through injury.

  6. It seems to me, while Americans may have moved him as a teenager to the back, Manchester United compounded that awful error by keeping him there.

    He’s been a right back since 2004 and somehow managed to fool an awful lot of people ( including SAF, that fool)for a long time that he could play right back. It’s a good ting he hurt his shoulder in 2006 or that fool Arena might have brought him as a defender to the World CUp.

    So an awful lot of coaches, Americans and otherwise, sure must THINK wrong.

  7. Far more players were based in the EPL than the Bundesliga from the past four World Cup winners. Reina, Cesc, Torres from Spain Leboeuf, Viera, Lama and Petit from France were based in England when they won their World Cup. Only Lucio from Brazil and Lizarazu from France were based in the Bundesliga.

  8. I really can’t see those teams all that interested in Spector at this point. Seems like moving down a level to play with a club that will allow him to play in the midfield on a regular basis would be ideal. Plus he may be able to stick to the hammers when he plays them next year.

  9. Agree–he’s good, but we’ve been fine without him and would still be okay if we hadn’t been able to play him, particularly with Stuart Holden stepping up to such a high level in the center midfield for Bolton this year.

    It’s also going to depend a lot on which way his attitude swings. He was probably on his best behavior in October, should be interesting to see if that changes at all.

  10. He did play both in the midfield and as striker when training with the U-17s in the US. Man United just happened to see him on a day when he was filling in for a defender, and Fergie signed him as a right back. So it’s not so much the US’s fault…they couldn’t stick him in as a midfielder if he’s playing as a defender year-round.

    Agree though that it’s kind of refreshing that Grant actually considered the fact that Spector was just not making it as a defender and made the decision to switch him. It’s a slightly risky move that a lot of managers probably wouldn’t make. It’s too bad that if you’re looking for playing time on the USMNT, though, center midfield is probably not going to get you anywhere.

  11. Jones in the EPL is a natural fit. Just hope he’s under a good coach.
    Spector needs a move so badly it hurts. Anywhere but West Ham…

  12. Definitely not “key” for the US national team. He’d be a great player for us, but we’ve gotten along without him and will continue to be able to do so if he doesn’t get his club situation sorted.

  13. I agree… post Gold Cup, and ONLY if some of the younger guys aren’t showing signs of stepping up AND if he’s actually playing well AND scoring goals at Forest. I’m worried he’ll be like EJ… just getting caps because there aren’t any other options while he sits on various benches around Europe.

  14. I wish Robbie Findley well. I don’t hate him, I was/am just upset with Bob Bradley for repeatedly selecting him. If Findley can score some goals for NF I’d be interested in seeing him called up again, post-Gold Cup.

  15. Jones needs to move very soon. With three very big friendlies coming up, plus some tournament thingy in the summer, he needs to be playing regularly. Jones is a dominant defensive midfielder and the EPL fits his physical style perfectly. But any other club would suit me just fine.

    Same for Spector, he needs to move soon. I wouldn’t mind him making a move to a club who wants to use him as a central midfielder. He has shown courage and creativity in that spot for West Ham.

    And Robbie Findley was absent from his work permit hearing, because he was still running out of bounds…

  16. I’m not sure about moving to the Prem. After all, of the last four World Cup winning teams, how many players were based in England? How has England done in international competitions?

    In terms of being able to watch and follow US internationals, I want them going to England. In terms of having US internationals become “world class,” I want them going to Spain and Germany, or even Italy and France.

  17. Personally I would like to see Spector & Jones join team that already have USMNT players. Send Jones/Spector to Fullham or Bolton to pair with Dempsey/Holden. Really think that would help with the team dynamics and improve the players understanding of one another.

  18. i have to say i agree, as ridiculous as it might sound. he’s got a finishing touch that none of our strikers have had in the past 6 months or so

  19. Jones in the EPL would be awesome. I think he is key to the next few years at least for US National Team. He needs playing time. Plus, if he were in the EPL I would get to watch his games more often. Double bonus.

  20. Spector is what happens when some coach THINKS he knows what position you will better fit in.

    Welcome to the world of American futbol, where your forwards are the tallest players on the team, the midfield the workhorses, and the defense is anyone somewhat capable of proper positioning.

  21. he was a striker for the U-17s I believe and filled in a game at fullback in a tourney. Man Utd saw him, and the rest is history. Maybe he can come back up but I doubt it

  22. Seems that sentiment has shifted considerably on Spector though as a peruse the West Ham boards. The fans, at least, view him as a squad player rather than someone they’d like to unload on the Championship or Germany. If West Ham drops, it seems like they’d almost certainly want to keep him.

    Specs is giving himself more options….that is indisputable.

  23. Jones in the premiere league? wow, his style of play warrants it.

    Specs is improving so much and scoring goals I’d love to see him play for a team like Newcastle United, Everton, Bolton or Fulham.

    Finding the right position might be the solution for Findley. If spector can come out and play impressively, no to mention scoring goals in midfield after doing poorly in defence….then there is hope for Findley too

  24. Love Jones to anywhere but Schalke. I don’t know Blackburn’s CM rotation, but I’m sure a guy like Jones can find some PT there. Plus, he could improve his English.
    Love Spector to anywhere but WestHam.
    Findley? Who knows if he’ll get approved.


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