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Cal Goalkeeper Bingham signs with MLS as Generation adidas player


California goalkeeper David Bingham has signed a Generation adidas contract with Major League Soccer and will be made available in a special draft lottery before the 2011 MLS season, sources told SBI on Monday.

Bingham was regarded as one of the top two goalkeeping prospects heading into the 2011 MLS Draft, but was left out of the 2011 Generation adidas draft class after failing to reach an agreement. Sources tell SBI MLS and adidas were wary of having two GA goalkeepers available in the same draft, but negotiations between the two sides had been going on for several weeks.

Bingham will be made available in a special draft lottery, similar to the lottery used in 2010 when Luis Gil signed as a Generation adidas player after the 2010 MLS Draft.

A Top 12 player on the SBI MLS Draft Big Board before the 2011 MLS Draft, Bingham is regarded as a comparable prospect to Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Zac MacMath, who was the fifth player taken in the 2011 MLS Draft. Some scouts actually think Bingham is better and the more pro-ready goalkeeper of the two.

A second-team NSCAA All-American and first-team All-Pac 10 selection, Bingham posted a 0.77 goals-against average and eight shutouts.

What do you think of this news? Hoping your team lands him?

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  1. Vindicated by Ives chat:

    “Europe was an option for him, and I think MLS was also wary of signing two GA goalkeepers for the MLS Draft for fear that it would saturate the market and force one of the two to slide in the draft.”

    = underestimated the demand

  2. San Jose could certainly use him, and I’m guessing he would be thrilled to stay in NoCal. However, it will cost the team something to get him — I’d guess maybe next year’s 1st round pick. Perhaps some allocation dollars.

  3. Neidermeyer? He had a great game.If not for that, none of us would ever have heard of him. I was wondering about his progress and his ranking in the US system — He’s not even the top schoolboy goalie in Virginia.

    I would wait about 5 years before we start talking about him for the DC United job,

  4. All y’all can suck it. Messi himself is coming to the Mississippi Mavericks for an undisclosed fee.

    YES this team is not real, and completely in my imagination.

    However that does not make this deal, or team, anymore less real to me.

    However, what is the difference between Forlan and Henry? I mean, it coiuld happen (not just with us crazies)??

  5. I’m not saying the Earthquakes are the only team interested in Bingham but here are some facts:

    1. The SJ Earthquakes publicly stated they would take a GK with their first round pick.
    2. Most experts assumed they would draft MacMath 15th overall.
    3. Philadelphia Union drafted MacMath 5th overall.
    4. Earthquakes traded away the 15th pick, and didn’t draft any GKs in any round of either draft even though non-GAs were available.
    5. Bingham is a comparable talent to MacMath.
    6. After MacMath got drafted higher than anyone expected him to, Bingham is now a GK and will be available in a special draft lottery.

  6. What part of a salary cap don’t you get? Except for the DP salaries, teams have approximately the same budgets to spend on salaries (some variance based on allocation money). Also the teams don’t actually pay anyone except for the DPs. MLS negotiates the contracts with the players and pays the salaries. “Cheap” doesn’t really enter into it except for the DPs that teams are free to bring in or not — and it’s not even that simple in the DP case. If you’re KC, NE Colorado or even Houston, it’s hard to even get a worthwhile foreign DP. The best European players aren’t lining up to play for Houston or New England. Consequently some MLS teams would rather have two really good players for the same cap space as a not much better DP takes up.

  7. Seems simple to me. We had a Super round and a Supplemental round in the same order. We should have a Supplemental-Supplemental round in the same order with Vancouver going first. If this were done, it would quickly put an end to these kind of shenanigans. I propose this solution though I am not a Whitecaps fan. In fact, I am a supporter of the Timbers, a Pacific NW rival. Fair is fair.

  8. Not to offend, but what are you talking about?

    You “don’t think”? Are you privy to some inside information on the negotiations? “Underestimated” the demand? What demand? MacMath was the only goalie that did go high. As for MacMath, a lot of people thought Philly would take him — the only questions arose because they were signing Mondragon at the same time.

    I don’t see any connection to Bingham’s signing, but your attempted connection makes no sense. Fair to the 2-3 teams who were hoping to draft a GK in the mid-to-late first round? How is this fair to them? They have almost no mathematical shot of winning the lottery. Instead, a team like DC or Chivas is likely to get him — and those are teams that chose to pass on MacMath. If DC gets him, they may opt to trade him, but that would be their choice and would require something of value in return.

  9. These magic lotteries allocate players unwilling to spend money and rely on MLS handouts. You can be a crappy team and have money like Toronto or you could be a good team and be cheap like the Revs used to be. Now they are crappy and cheap so their lottery odds just tripled. Sal Zizzo magically ending up with Chivas a team in desperate need of players and conveniently located in California where he wanted to go makes me lose any credibility in these weighted lotteries.

  10. Re: some of the comments above…

    I don’t think it’s that they couldn’t reach an agreement because MLS had a price they wanted to pay, I think they underestimated the demand for top GKs. Sean Johnson, last years GA keeper went in the 4th round, a round that doesn’t even exist anymore. Even though MacMath is an incredible talent no one thought he would go that high, so when Philly took him 5th overall, there were other teams looking for a GK who were s.o.l.
    This is only fair to Bingham, who wanted to come out as a GA, and to the 2-3 teams (eg the Earthquakes) who were hoping to draft a talented young GK in the mid to late first round.

  11. I”m not sold on Hamid or Cronin, so I would welcome Bingham to the DCU fold. However, my guess is DC would put him up for the highest bidder if they got him.

  12. Presumably you’re replying to me? So your point was that he’ll go to Chivas, NE, Colorado, or Houston? They allocation lottery odds are based on how crappy your team was last year. 3 of those are certainly possible, but I bet he won’t end up with MLS Cup champion Colorado unless they really want him and trade for him after the allocation draft. Since he’s not a 16 year old kid, there isn’t likely to be a Luis Gil situation where whoever lands him is more or less forced to trade.

  13. Uh, what? I suppose if the richest teams were also the most successful, then you could make some correlative connection between “cheap” and the teams most likely to land a player in these special lotteries.
    And why on earth would actual “blue collar folk” be offended by your crude analysis? This isn’t England. The supporter base of specific MLS teams aren’t made up of some socioeconomic class.

  14. Really? I thought it was the case that MLS would sign GAs if teams presented a strong desire to have that player. Now that may have been an older incarnation of the system, or it may just have been something I heard that was only a myth, nevertheless it makes little to no sense that there wouldn’t have been demand for the player during the draft but there is after the draft. In the past, I can name at least one case of a talented goalkeeping prospect that decided to go to Europe instead of MLS (Dominic Cervi). Has the league suffered for it? Not one bit.

    However, had this player participated in the draft and gone first or high second round, that would have changed the in-draft strategies and outcomes for a number of teams. As a NY supporter, Bingham’s inclusion could have resulted in NY drafting a position of need rather than best available players, for example.

  15. These drafts are BS. They just allocate these guys to blue collar teams aka “Cheap”. Pencil him in to land at Chivas, NE, Crapids, or Houston.

    Nothing against blue collar folk, but this is how MLS will spin it.

  16. Your solution means MLS would lose out on more players like this. Yes, it’s an odd situation, but what in MLS isn’t? MLS obviously had a price they wanted to pay and either that changed, or the kid finally gave in. In some respects, it’s nice that MLS has the freedom it does to make things up on the fly (this specific move makes the league stronger).

  17. Forlan!? HA HA HA! I love that Sounders fans are actually talking about that as if there was a chance. HA HA HA! And guess what? The Timbers are going to bring in Wayne Rooney.

  18. So what do you think DC (which has the best odds) could get for him?

    And just for clarity, CUSA, Philly, NE and CUSA would be the teams with the next best odds (based on order of finish).

  19. Seattle better pray they get this kid and if they don’t trade for him, GA contract is priceless and that will help if they bring Forlan on board

  20. I agree with JohnC, this after-the-draft signings of GAs is bullish!t — his inclusion in the draft could have changed the outcome of players available for many teams, let alone Philly’s choice. Now it comes down to random chance who gets him? In the future, MLS should be firm on having players sign before the draft or wait a year in college.


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