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Chivas USA announce sponsorship with Corona



Changes are in the air for Chivas USA.

New Coach, new General Manager, a host of new players and now a new sponsor.

Chivas USA announced on Tuesday an agreement with Groupo Modelo, a Mexican beer conglomerate. The agreement will lead to the Corona Extra logo taking a prominent place on team apparel. It is the second time that a beer company has sponsored a Los Angeles team in a prominent way. Budweiser had a prominent place on the jersey sponsorship of the Los Angeles Galaxy in the past.

Chivas USA will unveil the sponsor officially at an event in Downtown Los Angeles on February 16th. 

What do you think of the sponsorship? Hoping to see Corona girls at Chivas USA matches?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Yeah, they all say that. New England and Colorado have “been in talks” for YEARS with various companies. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Dang, did that just come out? I bet you $100 people in Philly are gonna complain and say they won’t buy it. Oh and also, women are going to say they’re offended, but I bet the Union FO will say they focus grouped it and found no problems. Mark my word.

  3. Actually Budweiser owns 50% of Grupo Modelo. Which I agree is a better beer.

    For all you haters, the shirt has been avaialbe on thanks to me.

    In regards to the MLS rule on Beer sponsors on jerseys, that agree with budweiser ended on 12/31/2010.

    Man, you people know nothing about Chivas USA. You call yourselves MLS fans? 🙂

  4. No, it’s definitely on the gameday shirt. There were some leaked images of both home and away kits a few weeks ago with Corona on the front.

  5. Good for Chivas USA, and this is coming from a Galaxy fan. I know they had problems with jersey sponsorship after Comex backed out last year. I hope NE, Colorado, KC, Dallas, Chicago, and Columbus feel real silly right about now. A team in disarray like CUSA manages to get a shirt deal done and those lousy FOs can’t? Shame.

  6. If it’s such a sure bet why didn’t they say that? And nobody is suggesting they’ll have multiple sponsorships on the shirt. However, many MLS teams have sponsorship partnerships with more than one company.

  7. I think it’s a sure bet that is a shirt sponsorship. I don’t think MLS is going to do what the teams in Mexico have done with their Jerseys where there is like a Soda, a Beer, a dairy brand, a bread, a bank and a random product on just about every jersey?

    Now, if only we could get FC Dallas, Colorado and maybe even KC a sponsor? I am sure New England would follow suit eventually? Oh and I guess Chicago and Columbus need to find new deals, heck even the 2 new teams are coming in with a sponsor and I’m sure Montreal will too!

  8. More money for the team and the league is good. However, I do not condone the drinking of alcohol or approve of it so I could careless.

  9. Is this not a shirt sponsorship?

    “The multiyear agreement will see the logo of Corona Extra, the leading brand in Mexico and the top imported beer in the United States, on Chivas USA team gear, as well as having a significant and visible presence at Chivas USA’s home games and other events”

    They seem to avoid saying it will be on the front of the shirt.

  10. It was always hard liquor, not beer. As Ives said, back in the day the Budweiser logo was on a team shirt (though they didn’t do the front-and-center sponsorships back then).

  11. I guess they couldn’t put their better beer, Negra Modelo, on the shirts. Heck, we’re going to have enough trouble with “Bimbo”.

    Nice sponsor, though…


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