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Edu helps Rangers reach League Cup final with splendid strike

Maurice Edu 9 (Reuters)

Maurice Edu closed out January with arguably his best outing since recovering from a knee injury, playing 90 minutes and scoring a beautiful goal as Rangers reached the Co-operative Insurance Cup final.

Edu opened the scoring in Rangers' 2-1 victory over Motherwell in the Scottish League Cup semifinal by blasting a left-footed shot from distance in the 20th minute. The goal was Edu's third this season across all competitions and second this month. The U.S. national team midfielder's 90-minute performance in the victory was his first since November.

The win sets up an Old Firm final as Rangers will play Celtic on March 20.

Here's the goal:


What did you think of Edu's goal? Expecting Rangers to win the Co-operative Insurance Cup?

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  1. Altidore?

    Great goal vs. Poland but what did he do at the WCup? the only 2 things he did was head the ball for Bradley’s goal and completely miss an open net goal opportunity… Let’s find another striker yea?

  2. Last I checked the Villians werent exactly in top four form these days. But here’s to hoping Bradley is able to give them that edge they need to start winning some games.

    As for the argument between Bradley or Mo, imo, those two proved during the WC they are our best options in the center. With Jones and Holden now playing their way into the conversation, we have plenty of depth in the center and I’m not too worried which 2 or 3 we start.

    Now we just need more quality elsewhere on the field to fill in the ?s up top and in the back!

  3. Edu’s been top shelf ever since he was playing a couple age groups up on his youth club team (Cal Heat). Same Alta Loma based club Landon played for as a youngster (different age groups). The IE has plenty of reprensentation on the nats. Bocanegra’s another (Alta Loma high), and I’m sure there are more

  4. Edu regularly scores highlight reel goals go check out youtube. Bradley is hated on because there are better midfielders on the national team which dont get a fair shake for obvious reasons.

  5. Reyna’s vision was also exceptional. Just a very, very smart soccer player.

    His 2002 WC game against Mexico was a masterpiece.

  6. How long has he been back? MB has been our best and most consistent center mid since at least the confed cup. Wherever he goes, he becomes an automatic first choice. People get far to dazzled by the occasional brilliant strike, Feilhaber anyhow?, and miss the strong play of MB. He got plaudits at the Cup, scored an important goal, starts at BMG, and continues to improve, but people just hate on him.

  7. Great Goal. But all those throw Edu in and leave Bradley out people, remember, Maurice is on the best team in his league and Bradley is on the worst team in his league. I expect Bradley to be much better now that he is on a quality team. In the summer, I think it will be clear who should start. Again, Great Goal

  8. They mostly really hate BB and see the nepotism issue as a vulnerable point which they can attack.

    I find it amusing that the biggest negative is MB’s omnipresence, as if always being ready, willing and able to play were a bad thing.

  9. The highlight showed a pretty empty stadium.

    Attendance was given at 23,432 (probably optimistic)

    And my guess would be not all of them were Scottish.

  10. All three are great but Reyna did a couple of things the others did not:

    He won league championships in Europe

    (2 with Rangers when they were a very good team and teh SPL wasn’t as bad as it is now)

    He captained Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga (he was only 24)

    He was was named to the 2002 FIFA World Cup all star team ( though I think Freidel should have been there as well)

    The other two, while invaluable, are not central players. The US needs someone who can take charge from the middle of the field. Jones would be my pick.

  11. The problem isn’t if he did well in the world cup, it’s that he never seems to be taken out when he is playing horribly. The US is very fortunate to have the “problem” of too many good DMF’s. I would just like to see a Jones Edu tandem, but I don’t think it will happen.

  12. Is he left footed?

    I love how people immediately throw Edu into the starting lineup for the national team after scoring one 30 yard goal.

  13. What’s with the MB haters? The kid plays in the Bundesliga and before that Holland, scoring bags of goals, and yet the nepotism idiots never change their minds. If hid dad was a postman Bradley would start for the USMT. It really is a very strange obsession, impervious to all empirical evidence.


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