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Evening Ticker: Keys quits Sky, De Jong called up by Netherlands and more



In what was a near-inevitable move, Sky Sports has announced the resignation of Richard Keys after the commentator made disparaging comments about a female lineswoman this weekend.

"I am deeply sorry for my remarks and the offense they have caused," Keys said in a statement. "It was wrong and should not have happened. I have thought long and hard and reached the decision that is time to move on."

Keys also said that the decision was influenced by the fact that he would no longer be able to work with longtime partner Andy Gray, who was fired after previous instances of sexism were discovered. Keys has been with Sky since 1991.

Here are some more stories to finish off your Wednesday.


Manchester City midfielder Nigel De Jong has been recalled by the Netherlands to face Austria in a friendly next month. This comes after Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk dropped De Jong following a horrific challenge on Newcastle United's Hatem Ben Arfa and the midfielder missed Euro 2012 qualifying fixtures over Moldova and Sweden in October.

Arjen Robben was not called in to the squad due to a lengthy absence due to injury.


Manchester United mainstay Paul Scholes said that he is uncertain as to whether or not he'll play another season at Old Trafford. Scholes, 36, has been with Manchester United since 1991 and has more than 450 appearances with the senior squad, scoring 102 goals. This comes just a few days after Ryan Giggs said that he plans to play one more season.


Chelsea teenager Patrick van Aanholt will go on loan with Leicester City until the end of the season.

Italian midfielder Mauro Camoranesi has left Stuggart after only five months.

Paul Konchesky is in line for a move from Liverpool to Fulham.


What do you think of today's stories? Agree with Key's sacking? Does De Jong deserve another shot with Holland?

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  1. But it’s possible that the US announcers did exactly that behind the microphone. Not saying they did, but we’ll never know. What people say off the air shouldn’t be made public fodder. At the same time, the comments made were in poor taste… particularly being in a media work environment. This can be viewed at from so many different angles.

  2. They didn’t get fired because they were just “calling her out,” they got fired because they were calling her out because she is a woman ref. It would be like if the US announcers said Coulibaly’s no-goal call in the World Cup was because he was black, not just because he was a bad ref. There is a huge difference. There is no room in the football world for sexism or racism.

  3. Uhm, the officiating that match was dreadful… Where the comments necessary? No. Were they warranted? Maybe. Were the offsides calls questionable? YES. But since its a woman, calling her out is utter blasphemy, apparently. If you cant take the criticism, then find a new profession. I would for Gray to officiate MLS.

  4. How splendid! Carrying the banner of the political correctness! Yay for the thought police!!! However I prefer to buy FIFA 12 and any other video game that gray and keys are on.

  5. +1000! Great post I’m in total agreement. There remarks were off the air and among themselves in private. There once was a concept called FREEDOM OF THOUGHT and more and more people are being penalized by the thought police for thinking that’s not politically correct. I hope Andy Gray sues the stuffing out of Sky Sports and hopefully the sneaky rat who released the video footage.

  6. HAHA Richard Keys, you SCUMBAG! Footballers are such egoists, add sexism to the mix and you’ve got yourself one hell of a jerk.
    add homophobia: see Jermaine Jones

  7. Sorry, you need to grow up. Sexism, racism, etc are not acceptable. They didn’t rip on her abilities as a ref, they said all of the things they said before the game even started. Even behind closed doors, this crap is not acceptable. Welcome to the 2000’s.

  8. They have a history of disrespecting women, this isn’t an isolated incident. They basically said that no woman understands the game or can appreciate it. Can they go to rehab for that? I don’t give a crap if women give as good as they get. I don’t see anyone suing anyone. I am a consumer and I don’t support anyone that doesn’t respect me or my abilities. They basically said that despite the fact that I have played for over 25 years, am certified by FIFA that because I am a woman I don’t understand the game. Words have consequences and as a consequence of what they said…they lose my money. If you don’t think sexism impacts anyone, did you not hear that the female AR is being pulled from the EPL for awhile because it would be a distraction? How did these jerks not totally screw her over? All she did was her job and now…she’s out of work. Yet, we feel sad for these entitled guys.

  9. This is all BS. They said what they said off the air. What they said wasn’t meant to be outed in the way it was. Commentators rip on the refs all the time. And for all of you who say you won’t buy FIFA or listen to any more of his games, need to grow up. In 3 months no one will rememver what he said.

  10. I’ll get slagged for this but…

    I totaly get your response and respect your position. But what should be their future? To never be employed again, soccer or otherwise?

    I keep hearing that America loves a comeback story, will give a person a second act. Michael Vick, who did horrible things to dogs, is a classic example. He is now speaking out about respect for animals (from what I am told) and is allowed to continue to make a living.

    Countless former drug addicts (including many celebrities) go to schools all over the country to tell kids not to do drugs.

    Couldn’t Gray and Keys get work with proper, sincere words and action?

    Why don’t they get a second chance? The hurt they caused was verbal, not physical. I was taught about “Sticks and Stones” but now it seems our “Sue Everyone” culture grants words equal measure.

    I have been in work environments where women gave as good (or better) than they received. When will these women bear a similar cost?

  11. Of course NOT AT ALL trying to sound condescending but thats good to hear the passion and involvement you have with the sport! Mainly you only see men (at least during my days when I played).

    I agree on all accounts but I can easily see the MLS looking for ‘a voice’ of the league.

  12. As a female MLS season ticket holder, soccer player and ref…I would certainly hope not. There are a lot of us who will remember and would be pissed.

  13. 90% sure the game is already pretty far into completion and they wouldnt want to spend the extra money to hire another commentator.

    that said it does come out in Sept/Oct. area and if they feel more fans of the game are like you they might be willing to shell out the $ for the talent/production fees.

    nonetheless I will buy it either way, but agree that Gray is wrong on all accounts

  14. I’m thinking on the same lines as Crispy. If anyone is deterred from FIFA just because of the english commentary, there are plenty of other languages to select from instead of english

  15. For those of you in Atlanta, Houston Dynamo, Columbus Crew, and New England Revolution will be playing preseason matches in Kennesaw at KSU Stadium the second week in March. Chance to get out and support soccer in Atlanta and see some MLS games.

  16. Well, I’m so glad Keys gets to decide when it’s time to “move on,” and not the woman with whom he and Andy Gray were referring to. All I know is that if Andy Gray is on FIFA12, I’m not buying it.


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