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Five teams opt out of Bingham lottery


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And then there were 13.

Sporting Kansas City, Chivas USA, D.C. United, the Houston Dynamo and Philadelphia Union have all opted out of Wednesday afternoon's lottery for the rights to Generation adidas goalkeeper David Bingham, leaving 13 teams vying for his services.

The New England Revolution have the best odds (23.6 percent) to win the lottery, which will be conducted at 3 p.m. Toronto FC (17.9), the Chicago Fire (15.3) and Seattle Sounders (10.8) are the teams with the next-highest odds of landing the Cal standout.

Which teams would be solid fits for Bingham?

New England could definitely use insurance for Matt Reis, though the team has entrusted backup Bobby Shuttleworth in the past.

Toronto would be an intriguing fit, considering Bingham would be an ideal understudy for another Cal product, Stefan Frei. Should Frei secure an offer overseas, Bingham would be able to step in and replace him.

As for Seattle, the Sounders acquired the services of two collegiate goalkeepers in the draft process by adding Monomouth's Bryan Meredith and Connecticut's Josh Ford, but Bingham would be an upgrade over either and could be eventual the successor to Kasey Keller.

Bingham's talent is considered to be on-par with that of Zac MacMath, another Generation adidas goalkeeper that was taken with the fifth overall pick in the SuperDraft by the Union.


Who do you hope wins the lottery? Where do you think would be the best fit for Bingham? Surprised at any of the teams that opted out?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Quite a coincidence that my local team got the local keeper. With MLS’ spotty history it’s hard to immediately think this wasn’t rigged. That being said it’s good pick up for the Quakes.

  2. I think San Jose needs him the most. Plus, if he is still finishing school there is no better situation for him than playing for the Quakes and then making the short 35 minute drive to Berkley.

    C’mon Quakes!

  3. He wasn’t eligible, I guess. There’s some question whether the ‘Caps own his MLS rights, since they had him last season. MLS has insisted they don’t. I believe that he’s headed to a lottery.

  4. New England probably has the greatest need, so it’s understandable they want him. I would still like to see some discussion of what other players might be headed to the lottery route.

  5. I would be interested in the writers’ insight here. I can see teams deciding to pass on Bingham, if they believe there will be other players they might prefer in future lotteries. My question is are they just keeping their options open, or are there other players in the lottery ‘pipeline?’

    Specifically — is Cody Arnoux headed to a weighted lottery? Are there other players, perhaps on the U20 side, that are expected to to sign with MLS after the Cup? Kory Veeder is out of contract, and there are a handful of players with lower division teams (Miami seems especially stocked)…..IS there any discussion about what palyers tehse teams are hoping to get instead of Bingham?

  6. there is commentary, and there is news reporting. This falls under news reporting. You might forget, Ives now needs to split his stories between Fox and SBI, so if it’s not here, check fox soccer. I’m sure Ives will have something delving deeper into the story.

  7. Luis Gil is an american prodigy #10 from the U-17s (not saying that he’ll make it neccesarily) that was a possible Arsenal signing. definitely different.

  8. sounds like the trade value for a young inexperienced keeper is not high. And consider that each team starts 1 keeper with no subbing as opposed 5 midfielders or 3 forwards. Especially in a salary cap league in the nation of goalkeepers.

    I am more curious about future lotteries that may occur than this one really.

  9. Reading this blog IS paying attention. It’s where I come for this kind of information. I make lots of complimentary posts on SBI. Sorry if my opinion offends you so “freaking” much, JL.

  10. ill be a bit surprised if a) TFC gets him and b) they keep him. We currently have David Monsalve whos regarded as the future Can Nat keeper as a trialist in camp as well as Kocic as a back up keeper. If anything im curious to see what we trade him for if we get him. Granted we could dump Kocic for him…

  11. Why are you acting like this is the first lottery? Gill went through this last year, was won by KC, who then traded him to RSL for a draft pick. Instead of complaining, why not try paying attention, or doing research of your own if you have this many freaking questions?

    Personally, I don’t see why all clubs don’t get in on a GA. Even if you have other young keepers on your team, the salary is paid for, so why not let them battle it out in the Spring, loser is cut or traded? There may be one more of these this season, but perhaps there aren’t any, then you just sat out for no reason.

  12. I’m a bit disappointed with SBI’s coverage on this. Virtually no analysis of why a team might or might not opt out? How about some pros and cons?

    If a team wins the lottery do they have to put him on the roster? What’s the potential trade value, if any, for a rookie GK with a Gen adidas contract, if any? Can he even BE traded?

    I love SBI but this post is lacking.

  13. There are only a handful of lotteries a year, perhaps three or four. It doesn’t make much sense not to grab him even if only for trade value.

  14. We got a kid from Guadalajara (Sergio Arias) who played in the U17 World Cup in 2005 on trial.

    He played on the Mexico side that won it all with some “other guys” named Vela, Dos Santos, and Chicharito.

    I kind was hoping to land bingham so we can build an AMerican spine at Chivas USA

  15. Houston has Tally Hall, who did pretty well save for a few momentary mistakes like vs Columbus last year when he had to play in place of the injured and now retired Onstad. Plus they also have a home grown back up goalkeeper in Tyler Deric, who I am guessing can compete with Hall one day for the starting spot? All they really were looking for was a 3rd keeper, which I think they addressed at the supplemental draft.

    My guess is they saw enough from Hall in the games last year specially in the SuperLiga where he was phenominal for them as their defense was weak last year if you all remember? That they don’t see it as worth it to bring Bingham who most likely is ready to start as well?

    I think Seattle has to be praying they get him? I thought Chivas would stay away as well, but now I’m not so sure they are for SURE 100% signing the kid from Mexico who use to be the GK for the 2005 U-17 WC Champion team? He came up in Chivas Guadalajara and now they were going to bring him over to MLS after bouncing around Mexico’s 2nd division, Ives any info into that?

  16. What the hell are the Fire going to do with another young goalkeeper? They must really, really be down on Dykstra. How does this affect future lottery chances? Do the teams that opt out get improved odds on the next lottery?

  17. I was thinking the same thing – perhaps whomever ‘wins’ MUST take him on the roster and certain teams don’t want/need a young keeper.

    The article does mention this:

    If a team lands Bingham in the lottery, they will be precluded from participating in future lotteries during the 2011 MLS season.

    So, perhaps they hear rumor to a future lottery(ies)?


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